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Hey guys!

Debasree and I are back!!!! Woohoo. Are you excited? We surely are! In today’s post, I will be talking about things that bloggers must NOT do aka big blogging mistakes that must be talked about!

So let’s begin,

1.  Copy Pasting Content 

As the title suggests, the very idea of copy-pasting means that your content not original! Sometimes you may want to talk about certain topics that really interest you and you have read the same on other websites. In that situation always, always simply LINK that website. Write a line or two in inverted quotes or italics and say “To read more, click here”. It’s always nice to re-direct audiences to the real content creator.

2. Clicking on “Reply All” with your Rates

This is honestly the stupidist thing you can do. Most people wouldn’t do this intentionally but just don’t be careless. If a PR company is ridiculous enough to CC bloggers in one email, that’s your hint: run in the opposite direction. If the collaboration genuinely interests you, reply to the sender ONLY with your media kit. Though blogging rates aren’t a secret, but it’s just really weird for the others who receive the mail. Would you click on reply all with your salary amount? Think about it that way.

3. Irritating and long urls

If you see my blog posts when I link them all across my social media, the urls are short and to the point. Long urls can be really annoying especially when they’re a mix of numbers and characters. Always, customise your blog post urls and keep them short. If you write your blog post urls on your Instagram profile, make sure they’re crisp since this really helps since your audiences know exactly what the post is about. If you don’t want to change the permalink since that may affect the statistics of your blog, go ahead and use Bitly URL Shortener to shorten your urls.

4. Text Only Blog Posts 

This of course varies from one blog to another but if you’re a lifestyle, fashion or beauty blogger, trust me when I say this – your blog posts should always have photographs. At least one! Sometimes the post may be very informative, like this one so putting one visually appealing photograph is enough but when you’re posting an outfit, haul, recipe etc- make sure you click as many photos as you can. It’s definitely easier to connect to a post with pictures rather than reading pages of content.

5. Spamming Other Bloggers

This is the WORST thing you can do. I’ve mentioned this in my pet peeves post and it’s truly something that ticks me off. Bloggers who comment on others posts saying , “cool stuff. Check out my blog”, are the most annoying kind. What’s the point of even saying “cool stuff” when your sole purpose was to publicise your blog on my hard work. If you have some information to share, have a healthy discussion or even want to collaborate, always send an email! Compliments and criticisms are always welcome publically so long as you’re not trying to publicise your self on someone else’s work. 

6. Private Social Media

Social Media is called social for a reason. If you’re going to have a private profile on Instagram, what is the point? I just don’t understand bloggers with private social media profiles. If you’re the kind of person who wants to post their personal photographs of friends and family and share them only amongst people you genuinely know, you can simply have two profiles. One as your private Instagram and the other one for your blog. It really depends on your comfort level but irrespective if you want to push your content, you need to have a profile that’s public!

7. Don’t constantly apologize for your hard earned money 

I must admit that I have made this mistake many times but over have realised that it just doesn’t make sense. If you’re a blogger who’s earning from your blog and is buying new products to try out and review (since that’s what you do!), please don’t be constantly apologetic. Yes, be humble and thankful since that is important but you don’t owe anyone anything. Don’t make the mistake of your viewers being angry at you just cause you managed to buy that many palettes from money that YOU EARNED! You don’t need to apologize for how much you make so long as the work you do is honest and genuine. 

Untill next time, have a lovely Diwali! xx


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