vingt-deux {At Coast Cafe}

Hey everyone!

Firstly, thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes 🙂 It really means a lot. I had a wonderful day and felt so spoilt! I wanted to share some bits of day with you as I enjoyed one of the nicest meals in Delhi at Coast Cafe (HKV).Before I move on to the review, here are a couple of things that I got for my birthday and I’m really,really grateful for the same.

With baseball caps being a rage and me lovin’ the pineapple print, this cap fits the bill of being absolutely perfect for spring-summer. I’ve also been loving statement necklaces with faux crystals  paired with graphic tshirts which look casual yet chic. Next, who can say no to Polka dots? This pair of jeans has got to be my comfiest pair that I have in my closet right now. Another thing I am loving is the pink isntax mini that I’ve been wanting for a while. Absolutely love the picture quality as well. With all of us taking photographs digitally, I simply loved who you can print out a photograph on the spot and keep it with you for fun DIY projects.



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Moving on the the part I loved most – FOOD! No birthday is complete without the day comprising of yummy food and thats exactly what I got to enjoy (luckily!). Coast Cafe, which is fairly new in HKV is located above Ogaan on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Not only is the store easy to spot as it’s placed right as when one enters this urban village but it also has it has wall painted by the extremely talented Alina Vergnano. Coast Cafe stands out in in comparison with other numerous cafes in multiple ways. The decor is calming yet not dull.The cafe is extremely well lit cause of its glass window/door that acts as a well for one side of the cafe that leads to a balcony which can be used as a smoking area. Playing with greys and browns,the decor is chic and the little plants on each table add life along with the use of some really interesting art adds life to the dining experience.

Coast Cafe has a really interesting menu as it gives twists to the usual salads or pastas that may be provided anywhere else. The food has a touch of indigenous coastal flavors which is what makes it stand out. To begin, my boyfriend – Seehan and I ordered the Watermelon Cooler and the Classic Iced Tea- both of which were extremely refreshing and spot on (especially for the summer!) I loved how the ice tea was not too sweet consisting of packeted ingredients. Instead, one would actually taste the tea with lemon which made it absolutely worth it.

As a starter we ordered The Original Baja California Fish Tacos. Having seen this dish flooded on social media there was no way I could not try it out. I’m a sucker for tacos AND seafood, so this seemed like a match made in heaven. The fish was fried perfectly in beer batter, served with a cabbage salad and a piece of lemon for some zing to the dish. Along with the tacos, a salsa and a yogurt dip was served as well. As a whole even though the dish scores really high marks on the on the score card it could do with a whee bit more of flavors-maybe some more spice in the salsa? but we really enjoyed it none the less.

Next in our gastronomic adventure, we ordered ‘Our Garam Curry with Lamb, Malabar Paranthas and Appams’. This is hands down the best part of the meal. This Kerala Lamb curry cooked in garam masala did absolute justice to coastal food. Having been to Kerala in the past, I can positively say that is version is as good as the ones I’ve enjoyed there if not better. Packed with numerous flavors, there was a perfect balance of spices where the lamb melted in my mouth. The coconut was not at all overpowering and the the serving size was decent as well. The malabar paraanthas were divine along with the appams which bound all the flavours of the Lamb curry.

Finally, we decided to order the dessert and I went ahead with a classic- Tiramisu. It was really light though the rum content was a little towards the higher side (Oh, I have no complaints). Having finished this fabulous dessert in just a couple of minutes and being absolutely fulfilled, I was surprised with a little brownie and ice-cream which a friend of mine (Shirin) had pre-ordered as she knew I was planning to eat lunch here! The gooey wallnut brownie was served warm with vanilla iceream and a little candle. This was really a cherry on the cake (quite literally)! I did however wonder why the brownie was not served before the tiramisu as had I known that the brownie was going to be served, I wouldn’t have ordered the Tiramisu in the first place. Since we were already full, we couldn’t do justice to the brownie which deserved it’s share of appreciation.

Coast Cafe really did make me a happy girl on my birthday and I’m glad I decided to go there for lunch. Since it was just the two of us we didn’t get to order too many dishes so I highly recommend going in a larger group to enjoy even more items on their menu. From what I know, their salads and Prawn curry are really worth talking about as well.


Ambience – 4.5/5
Iced Tea – 5/5
Watermelon Cooler – 4/5
Fish Tacos – 4/5
Kerala Lamb Curry with Malabar Paraanthas and Appams – 5/5
Tiramasu- 4.5 /5
Brownie- 5/5

If you’ve eaten here, I would love to know what you ordered! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the photographs! (& a lovely meal ofcourse)













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