Synesthesia: Experiencing Amritsar in a day & a half.

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This travelogue recently got published at Tripoto is an amazing platform to discover destinations, read about them and even book your own trip! Once I posted this article there, I couldn’t help but planning another trip to Amritsar.

I wanted to share my previous experience with you all, so here’s the post 🙂


My grandmother, while narrating her stories of Amritsar to me exuberated with emotions and memories about this golden city, which she used to visit as a child every weekend from Lahore. Amritsar to her, is more than just the city of Harmindar Sahib or Jalianwalah Bagh. It is the city where her numerous childhood memories are attached before and after partition. When she was my age, she traveled yet another time to Amritsar, this time from Jalandhar because of the Partition. Her experience this time was definitely different as compared to the earlier ones. This story gave me the goose bumps as I listened to her patiently telling me about the partition, the Golden Temple, Hall Bazaar, Lawrence Road and the food, which cannot be sidelined. Listening to these memoirs, I couldn’t help my self booking a ticket for the early morning flight to Amritsar that lands straight at the Sri Guru Ram Daas Jee Airport.

Amritsar, approximately 460 kms away is easily commutable by the Amritsar Shatabdi as well. However, if you are looking at spending just one night, taking a flight saves a lot of time in hand to explore the city.

As soon as we touched ground, I knew the first thing I had to do was visit the Golden Temple or popularly called Darbar Sahib. I had pre-booked a taxi from Delhi itself, but to get a pre-paid taxi from the airport is also another great option. As I sat in the cab with my small bag, Itinder Singh (the taxi driver) symbolized all what is ‘Amritsari’. He had so much of pride for the city and started telling me a number of interesting facts about this old walled city that is encompassed within 12 gates. It was then, that I realized I have the perfect guide for the day. We reached the Golden Temple in about 20 minutes and the taxi had to be parked, since no cars are allowed in the narrow gullies leading to the Gurudwara. The rickshaw to the Darbar Sahib, from the Parking area took Rs.10 where he rickshaw puller insisted that he waited for me till I return.

As I entered this spectacular spiritual shimmering temple, I somehow felt at peace. I washed my feet at the climbed up a couple of steps, excited to catch a glimpse of it. I walked closer, and had to climb down a couple of steps, slowly, this magnificent façade came in to my sight. I was truly left stunned as I saw it sit up beautifully on the Sarovar (lake), while thousands of followers, all with devotion in their eyes either took a bath in the Sarovar with their sons, knelt on the floor to pay it respect, enjoyed the Langar which is available all day round or just stared at in awe. As the pilgrims, first pay their respect to the number of small shrines while they walk around the parkirama and the Harmindar Sahib , it is only after they complete this round, they do genuflection before the Akal Takth and que up in hundreds to enter the main shrine. With devotees from various backgrounds, engaging them selves in the Kar Sewa together, I couldn’t help but point out the sense of equality I experienced during this visit.


If you were to visit the Golden temple at night, just like I did after ending my day in Amritsar, there would still be thousands of pilgrims paying their respects. At night, with the temple lit up , it’s an experience that one cannot let go of. It is one of those sights that you would cherish forever, as this the Darbar Sahib at night offers nothing less than a phantasmamagoria.IMG_2181

Post this spiritual visit, I decided to grab a big glass of lassi with a samosa as I was famished since the morning. Lassi, which is available in almost every nook and corner around the Harmidar Sahib is a must try with an inch of Malai on top and beautifully whipped ,cool ,sweet yogurt below. One can also try the varieties of Kulchas for a quick snack yet sumptuous before heading to the Jalianwalah Bagh.IMG_2277

The Bagh is a 5 minutes walk from the Golden Temple itself. As I entered the narrow hallway from opening up to this huge garden, the first thing I noticed was a marking stating “This is the place where the bullets were fired from’. It was then, when I could entirely visualize the gruesome event that  took place on April 13, 1929. As I approached the bullet marks on the walls, this eeriness surrounded me. It is hard to think how, from a lane, where even three people can walk next to each other comfortably, one man managed to perpetrate a massacre, leaving a reported hundreds dead and thousands injured. As hoards of tourists surrounded the martyrs well, this space still had it’s own sense of silence that lets you recapture your thoughts and pay your respect to all those who lost their lives.

Having completed my morning to-do list, I decided to check-in in to the hotel and start by day exploring the city as it was still in the fine hours of the morning. I stayed at Hotel Golden Tulip which was extremely comfortable and probably the best option in Amritsar if you’re looking at a tariff of INR3,203 – 5,158 per night.

Incase, you want a true 5 star, top of the line experience, Hotel Ista is where you must check in with tariffs ranging from INR 4500 – 7,700 per night. Various other options, which are worth looking up, are Hotel Country Inn, Best Western Merrion and HKClarks inn.

After having a quick shower, my stomach growling with hunger, I went for a hearty meal at Makhan Restaurant. Truly living up to it’s name and Amritsar’s pride, this small AC restaurant offered the best Amritsari fish I have ever tried with butter naan. For vegetarians, the best option would be to try the tomato paneer with any bread that they offer.The list of items on their menu weren’t many, but it absolutely aced when it came to parameters of taste and authenticity.IMG_2187

Now that I was satiated and refreshed, I decided to visit the Attari station, Kanjiri Pull and the Wahga Border. Attari station is about 30 minutes from the old city and only abour 3.5 kms from the Wahga Border .The Samjhauta Express or the Attari Express leaves Old Delhi railway station, and then travels to Attari, where the Attari Express changes formally into the Samjhauta Express. After the customs and immigration clearances at Attari, the passengers start their journey to Lahore in Pakistan through the Wagah border. This quaint station is a must visit ,being oldest train link between India and Pakistan since partition in 1947.IMG_2212

From the Attari Station, before visiting the Wagah border, I visited Pul Kanjiri ;a historical site that hasn’t been given it’s due share of publicity that it deserves. This fascinating and charming site is a based on one of the numerous legends from Mahraja Ranjit Singh’s time. The legend states that a young muslim dancer (Punjabi word Kanjiri for concubine) Moran, hailing from Lahore, once was on her way to dance at the Maharaja’s Baradari, her sandal fell into the water channel on the way. The piqued dancer refused to dance until a pul (bridge) was built hence the place became popular as Pul Kanjri. In fact, what is interesting about this site is that the Pakistan border is less than 2 acres away, with absolutely no hoards of people swarming the area, unlike the Wagah Border , which is where I went next.


Wagah Border , the only open border crossing India and Pakistan and which is officially accessible by both the nations hosts a closing ceremony as ‘lowering of the flags’ ceremony. It is a daily martial custom that the security forces of India (Border Security Force) and Pakistan (Sutlej Rangers) have mutually followed since 1959. This interesting ceremony takes place every evening before sunset around 5:30 pm. I had a VIP pass and hence access to the gates was much faster where I also got seated to the area closest to the ceremony. If you are not planning to acquire a VIP pass, then you must make sure you reach way ahead of time by at least 3:30 pm to grab a seat and stand in the long, almost never ending ques.


As I sat at the stands, I could hear thousands of people screaming and cheering right before during the beating the retreat ceremony. Crowds screamed ‘Jai Hind’ and Vandematram with an incredible energy and a nationalist fervor. On the other side, there were hoards of Pakistani nationals screaming ‘ Pakistan Zindabad’ with as much energy and zeal. It was here , at I realized that these lines are political because there was absolutely no difference between the people on either sides. This 45 minutes ceremony ends with a aura of celebrations along with loud shouts of patriotism. During the ceremony however, one could sense silence as the soldiers marched, so clinically that I could hear their boots tap on the ground with each step they took.

Post the ceremony, I decided have an early at the famous Surjit Chicken House at the very elite area, Lawrence Road. As Amritsar is a land of foodies , it was very pleasant to see all kinds of people, coming together and enjoying the heavenly food at this humble restaurant.

I woke up in the morning and went for an Amritsari breakfast to the famous Bharawan Da Dhaba , est. in 1912. This restaurant offers top of the line north Indian cuisine. I tried the stuffed paranthas glistening with desi ghee, offered here.They were of course were out of this world and I felt I was already ready for a siesta.Other places that you must try as Kesar Dhaba (Highly Recommended), Beera Chicken Corner, Brijwasi, MK Hotel and All India Famous Kulchas.


Amritsar is known for its Jutis, Phulkaari work, Papad’s and Wadiya’s, which I personally had all intentions of picking up .An advice would be to definitely carry a bigger suitcase even you are traveling for a day as there as no way one can resist the temptation of the abundance of items available in this shopper’s paradise. I went to Raunaq Jutis in Hall Gate, which was recommended to me Mr. Itinder Singh. From here, I took a rickshaw to Hall Bazaar where I went to Raja Exclusive to shop for Phulkaari Chunnis. Other markets that I glanced through and that one should definitely visit as the various Katras. Katra Jaimal Singh and Katra Aluhwalia for their clothes, Katra Sher Singh and Guru Bazaar for the numerous gold smiths and food items such as papads, wadiyas and pickles.3


IMG_2281When my shopping spree ended, I was loaded up to the brim with numerous types of shopping items and completely satiated with my wonderful Amritsar experience. When I reached the airport and boarded the flight back for Delhi, I realized that how this ‘Golden City is truly timeless.

(Note: I wrote this travelogue of the Golden City for GoNow Magazine (April 2013) before submitting it on Tripoto and posting it here).

At the Hub


Cyber Hub in Gurgaon has become an instant favorite for not only for those working in Cyber City but also for people living in and around Gurgaon. This ‘hub’ has numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs/bars to choose from and is the ideal place to hang out for a long laid back evening or even a quick meal. Since, it’s an open air complex and most restaurants have outdoor and indoor seating, it’s absolutely perfect during Delhi Winter. Some of the places that I cannot help but repeating in are Dhaba by Claridges (Love their innovative cocktails or tharras), Wine Company (more for the wines than the food) Soi7 (they have GREAT beer!)  and Sodabottleopenerwala (A Mumbai & Parsi food restaurant). I have talked about it here –

Post by Melange of Musings.

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Since I live pretty close by, I decided to try out the Olive Bistro which opened up on the 26th January and hence is only 5 days old. Keeping up to it’s name, Olive Bistro (OB) is gorgeous with it’s vintage yet casual decor. The food menu is definitely is limited sticking to a section of eggs, appetizers, mains, desserts and non alcohol drinks. In terms of it’s pricing, it’s much cheaper as compared to it’s counterparts in Mehrauli and Chanakya Puri. A meal for two will cost no more than Rs.1500.


Revolving around the garden theme, there are tons and tons of flowers at every nook and corner of this bistro giving a very pleasant and romantic vibe.


I absolutely loved the quirky accents in the indoor sitting area that made your use pastel colours sticking to white, blues or florals. Whether it may the chandelier of plates, the little hot air balloon decor pieces or the vintage bath tub with a shower watering plants, this little cafe is extremely charming at it’s first site.


Coming to the food ; we ordered the classic Chicken Caesar’s Salad, crispy fried prawns (appetizers) and the OB special Pepperoni Pizza. I had no complaints from any of their dishes other than the fact that serving size could have been a bit bigger. The food was served at the perfect temperature and was yummy too. All the dishes were just right but not spectacular. The service was good as well! Sadly, we wanted to have the chocolate fondant for dessert but they weren’t serving it then.

Two things to keep in mind : 1. Olive Bistro doesn’t have a liquor license yet and should be getting it in about 2-3 months. 2. They day I visited the Bistro (28th Jan’14), they were facing issues with their credit card terminal and hence were accepting Cash only. 3. They don’t take any reservations.

Overall Verdict : You must try it out! Olive Bistro is not disappointing for the price you’re paying for the meal. It definitely not as great as the Olive Bar and Kitchen at the Style Mile but it’s ambience gives it very high points!

photo (9)

Two more places the same evening were Soi7 and the Wine Company. Soi 7 is typically a bar which catches your eye for it’s beautiful wooden rustic ambience and dim lighting. During the day it’s perfect for a few beers before you head out for a meal at CPK or Sodabottleopenerwala. Soi7 is known for it’s self-brewed beer, lovely cocktails, good music and occasional boxing matches which are really fun to watch! This bar is a favorite amongst the Cyber Hub frequent visitors and hence most likely you’re going to find it full! They do take reservations so it’s best to book your self a table especially during peak hours (Wednesday/Friday/Saturday evenings). The service depends on how full it is and hence that may be a downside to the experience. I am not particularly a fan of the food there, but their Slow cooked chicken is definitely their best dish! It’s decently priced  costing about Rs.1500 for two (for alcohol and appetizers). They also have corporate discounts during the day where their Lunch Buffet is Rs.550+ taxes.IMG_3533





Slow Cooked Chicken – photo 5

The last place we visited was The Wine Company which is known for it’s good collection of wines and  inviting ambience.  I didn’t get try out the food here that night but we did  have a glass of Sangria each. Both, the red and white wine sangrias were lovely and  were priced at Rs.280/glass. A regular White/Red wine glass would cost you around Rs.180 which is not bad either. Ordering Wine by the bottle (Indian/Imported) would be a smart thing to do here as it’s pretty cheap compared to a lot of places in Delhi. I did want to try out the ‘pizza by the slice’, however it was unavailable. Unlike Soi7 they open up at 7 pm which may be a disadvantage for those working in and around the area and may want to go directly after office.

photo 3

They also have an Unlimited Sunday Brunch which offers Unlimited Prosecco or Martinis for 1500/head.
photo 4

photo (8)
Sorry for the poor quality photographs at The Wine Company. My camera didn’t cooperate much and hence the photographs were taken using my phone.
Hope you enjoyed the post!
If you want me to review any cafes/bars/restaurants be sure to drop in a comment 🙂
Till we meet again,

A winter weekend in Dilli

Hello world!

My blog has shifted to . As the name of the blog suggests, Mélange of Musings is my personal space for me to talk about pretty much anything and everything! I do have varied interests which range from photography to fashion to sociology. I wanted this space to be a medium for me to express my self whether it may be my gastronomic adventures, travel tales or random thoughts. I hope you enjoy the blog hereafter!

IMG_0098Right before my second semester of my Masters programme started, I decided to explore my favorite Delhi markets! Even though Hauz Khas village, Khan Market and Meherchand Market have been visted and revisited repeatedly there’s something so charming about them that makes me happy, especially in winter. Delhi’s been extremely cold since the past few days and there was definitely nothing more inviting than bacon and sausages at Khan Market or fried oreos in Hauz Khas! It was at that thought that this fabulous weekend began!

Day 1 : I started off by visiting the ‘village’ as it’s popularly known. I couldn’t stop my self from entering this little vintage shop – House of Blondie. I absolutely adore the stuff here as much I love the decor of the store itself which makes me feel like i’ve  entered a fashion time machine. My favorite items at the store are definitely the accessories, especially the necklaces, hands down! Some of their jewelry is also available at

IMG_9999Details : Jewel embellished beanie from Forever21 

IMG_9996The perfect round sunglasses. EVERYONE, and I repeat, everyone needs to have a pair of these. Theyre extremely versatile and be paired but in numerous ways to pep up any outfit! These ones are available at the House of Blondie itself.

IMG_0007A little insight as to what I wore : I tried to keep the outfit chic while being extremely comfortable and warm at the same time. I ended up sticking to the staple all-black outfit while breaking the monochrome with the cream cozy snood and oxblood nail paint. Outfit details : Black sweater : H&M , Black Jacket : Forever21 , Black leather skirt : Forever 21 ,Black tights : Marks & Spencers

After the visit to House of Blondie, it was time for some coffee! I chose to go L’opera even though I haven’t ever tried their coffee as I’m usually too pre-occupied feeding my self macarons or croissants. I ordered the Americano and it was actually pretty decent! I would still like to stick to their french desserts but the coffee was a decent accompaniment.

details 1Details: Michael Kors Runway Edition – Rose Gold Watch

As soon as we got done with the coffee, my friend , Madhavi and I decided to head to New York Slice ,which is AMAZING! It’s  conceptualized around New York as the name suggests. The pizzas are named around areas in New York such Grand Central, Madison Square, Fifth Avenue and so on! This little diner lets you build your own pizza, buy a slice (which is what we did and it was really filling) or buy the whole pizza itself. We ordered a slice of the Grand Central – a classic pepperoni pizza and it was really yummy. It was no where close to being an authentic italian thin crust pizza but then truthfully it never claimed to be! It specializes typically in the American pan fried pizzas, which was (truthfully) what I craved for to beat the Delhi Winter. Along with pizza slice we ordered a portion of the Oreo Delight (Fried Oreos) which was simply out of the world! I havn’t ever seen fried oreos been ofered on any menu anywhere in Delhi and this was a pleasant surprise! They were served really hot , coated with sugar and when bitten into oozed of hot oreo chocolate and cream.


Day 2 : The next day I went for brunch with to Khan Market at  The Blue Door Cafe. Here, my friend Shirin and I ordered two dishes and decided to split them between us. I ordered ‘The Works’ which was a breakfast special and oh boy, it really did work! They served scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, hash browns , and bread! On the other hand, Shirin ordered the The Blue Door Cafe Hamburger which was a gastronomic delight! It comprised of a pork patty, bacon, bbq sauce, grilled pineapple and melter cheddar.I’d highly recommend going to this cafe and ordering something from their breakfast menu, the italian parma ham and cheese sandwich, the blue door house style crepe and the Blue door cafe hamburger. The cafe opens up as early as 7:30 am which is surely a plus point!IMG_0102


From Khan Market , we drove down to Mehar Chand Market which is just a few minutes away. We chose to have a cup of traditional turkish coffee at Kunafa which was perfect after our lovely meaty brunch. Kunafa, a confectionary run by Nasser Barakat offers innumerable Arabic delights such as 15-16 kinds of Baklava, 30 differents kinds of Kunefa, dates, figs and honey. Even though its towards the pricier side, its a must visit for anyone who wants to try out some traditional and rich pastry from the Middle East.IMG_0100




The final pitstop was Chez Nini , a french restaurant where we stopped for the last course : Dessert! We ordered Red Velvet Cupcakes which were rich and creamy yet extremely light.They were the icing to the cake ; an end to the perfect weekend 🙂IMG_0084Details : The red chairs and fairy lights at Chez Nini






Outfit Details – Dress, Oversized Cardigan , Snood : Forever 21 . On my lips : Colourbar – Take me as I am , Orchid Pink 012 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks a MILLION Madhavi and Shirin for coming along with me and clicking the outfit pictures on day 1 and day 2 respectively. Couldn’t have done with without you both!

Till we meet again, love you all


Wanderlust : Goa


I just returned from Goa and was going through the camera roll on my phone! I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the pictures that I took throughout the trip! Be ready to expect a lot of selfies (haha)! Even though we went for five nights, time passed by in a blink. Whether it might be the commercial beach Clubs in Baga or finding a secluded shack in Candolim, there’s no way one cant find their own happy place in Goa.  Hope you enjoy the post 🙂

picture 1

The top 5 things I recommend to do in Goa in December :

1) Eat the yummiest Goan food at Calamari (Candolim) , Brittos , Zanzibar ,Martin’s Corner

Top picks : Pork Vindaloo with rice  , Goan Sausages with pav (slurp) , butter garlic calamari , golden fried prawn fitters.

2) Club hop at Titos lane atleast once. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea since Baga happens to be extremely crowded at any given time,  but its worth a shot!

Top places : Mambos, Capetown Cafe , Titos

3) Go to Club Cabana and Love, Passion , Karma

These two super-clubs as they claim to be are absolutely gorgeous. Club Cabana is right on a hill and from a certain point, open air jeeps take you all the way to the top. Once you enter the club which is on three levels, it really does feel like once has entered an enchanted forest.

Love Passion Karma or more commonly known as LPK is a club right on the water front. By water front i mean, a section of it is also on a deck on the water! I went on a Sunday night and the DJ played brilliant EDM!

Tip: Male stag is exorbitantly expensive. Go to any of these clubs as a couple.Oh, and there’s no dress code whatsoever! (I did spot a man in his pajamas)

4) Water and Adventure sports

There are literally innumerable options for an adrenaline junkie! One can try water skiing , jet skiing , parasailing , water skooter , Banana Boat rides or even Scuba diving!

Tip  : For most of the water posts I’d  Calangute and Candolim. Since end- December is a really peak period the prices can range from Rs.400 to Rs.2000 depending on the length of time!

5) Go for a music Festival!

I went for Sunburn this year and absolutely loved it! I also managed to go for the Super Sonic festival after party which was great as well. Sunburn this year occupied a hill at Vagator and as one can imagine, it was massive!

Tip : Buy early bird tickets for these festivals as the prices can really hike up if you wait till december. Infact, most hotels and guest houses are occupied too so if you do plan to attend these festivals , book in advance!

picture 2Casually Chillin’ at Baga

picture 3Golden Fried Prawns & Tartar Sauce at Zanzibar, Baga

Picture 4The piggie face selfies

Picture 5

Picture 6 OOTD : Top – Forever 21 . denim shirt : H&M . Shorts – Forever 21 . Flats – River Island

picture 7Somya loving her Coconut Water 😀

picture 8Back to Zanzibar, Baga

picture 9Fort Aguada, Goa (Top: Forever 21)

picture 10Right off the Calamari Beach Shack, Candolim

picture 11The Neon Ferris Wheel, Sunburn Festival

picture 12Ummet Ozcan  at Sunburn Festival

Picture 13.jpg

picture 14#Jacked @ Sunburn Festival

picture 15

IMG_9722Got to love the cray tee. In the Goa-mode.

picture 16

Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

I really wanted to give you all and insight into my Christmas Eve traditions that my family follows for generations.

My mom has always made sure that more than anything, Christmas is about giving. So then what’s better than being Santa for little kids who really look forward to the small things which they may not be able to buy on their own.

Every year for Christmas and Diwali, my mother and I buy little gifts for the children of those who help us at home. I gift wrap them and place them under the three Christmas tree in the living room. On Christmas day, they come over and receive their goodies 🙂







The Trifle 

Another tradition we follow is to make the Christmas Trifle! This is definitely my favorite part of Christmas. My mother makes the Trifle every year following a family recipe which she wont let me post here.  Nonetheless, I did manage to take some photographs while she prepared the same! My mother puts in a coin into the Trifle that’s made for the family Christmas Eve dinner and that tradition is just so exciting (not like I ever find the coin). My uncle , since I can remember finds the c0in the trifle each and every year! These little things are what defines the essence of Christmas 🙂 Oh , and the Trifle tastes as fabulous as it looks, trust me pic7










Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 Untill next time! A merry Christmas and a happy new year once again!

The Style Mile


I wanted to try something different from my previous post on Dubai and this time thought it would be fun to an outfit of the day! I decided to visit “The Style Mile” and couldn’t resist writing about it! Under the shadow of the Qutub Minar , Style Mile , as the name suggests is one of the most fashionable and leisure- oriented streets in New Delhi. Inspired by European street culture, the style mile brings to you old heritage fused with high street style giving a new dimension to this quaint area in Mehrauli. It has an old world charm along with a non- omissible vibe of luxury. Starting from One Style Mile houses Olive, Kimaya and Crème Salon stretches to Steven Style Mile- also known as the Kila, this road is the perfect way to spend a wintery Sunday.


 The first course at Style Mile is definitely the fabulous shopping extravaganza and pure indulgence experience. Offering Indian ethnic apparel , footwear and accessories, you will be truly satiated with the collection at Kimaya (One Style Mile) or Evoluzione (The Kila- Seven Style Mile ) have to offer you. You name the designers and they’re all there under one roof providing you with one of the best Indian luxury shopping experiences in the city. Some of the designer collections that you will definitely spot are by Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Rimple & Harpreet Narula , Rocky S, Shantanu and Nikhil just to name a few. This destination is ideal for finding the perfect Bridal, Festive, Resort or in fact even semi-casual wear. You will also find extremely delicate and intricately designed clutches by Kalaraksha, which are a definite must buy for any wardrobe. Both, Kimaya and Evoluzione are very similar with respect to their collections, however, Evoluzione gives more space to client to explore outfits using colour palettes or browse through designers far more easily than Kimaya. On the other hamd, in Kimaya, the client can easily create an outfit from head to toe without moving an inch. Other than these two stores, Style Mile also houses Sabyasachi @ Carma. Carma Mehrauli, being a heritage property perfectly complements Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s traditional designs as the vintage interiors of the store also designed by him reflect and truly bring out his rich collection. This ASI site, has adopted a completely a traditional persona with rugged walls, chandeliers, old wall hangings, numerous antique clocks.



 As I continued my journey I came across  numerous restaurants, all having one definite thing in common, and that is:  the perfect fine dining experience.  Trishna , the restaurant for Bombay has a spectacular view of the Qutub Minar along with serving it’s signature sea food dishes under the shamianas accounting for a perfect romantic evening with your partner.  The prices do pinch the pocket as a meal will cost nothing less than Rs. 5000 for two excluding taxes and alcohol. If you do happen to try out the Trishna in Delhi, don’t miss their Butter Prawns as they’re an absolute delight to the taste buds. Thai High located in Ambawatta complex also offers a  open air seating (along with an indoor seating) with a direct sceneric view of the Qutub Minar. An authentic Thai restaurant in its essence, the ambience is breathtaking with its Buddha sculptures along with its terrace garden like ambience. Thai High has a private party area too where inviting a few friends for a pleasant and charming evening is a great idea. The most recommended dishes here are the steamed fish with lemon grass and the Thai red curry. Even though the Ambawatta complex does have valet parking, make sure you do have the patience to deal with the chaos of Mehrauli terminal just a few meters away .Finally, Cherie One Qutub, which is a comparatively new European fine dining restaurant, is located right after the Kila, down the road on style mile. The ambience is breathtaking with it’s canopies, hanging wine bottles being used as lamps at the entrance, large windows and plethora of plants giving it a rustic European feel.

 Le Dessert

 Olive Bar and Kitchen, the highlight of the course , is located in One Style Mile is highly recommended if you want to have a nice elongated Winter Sunday Brunch or even a romantic dinner date. The restaurant is absolutely picturesque where the white building almost pushes one into a meditative state. If you are a fan of pizzas, then the wood fired and milano paper pizzas are definitely worth trying. The Brunch leaves you in awe with its never ending fare of fresh grills of prawns and tenderloin, a live pasta station , board of cold cuts, wine refills and mouth watering desserts counter all for 2200 + taxes/person. If you’re not in the mood for lunch, and just want to enjoy a couple of drinks, Dirty Martini is a 1920 speakeasy themed bar that you can access from the back door of the Kitchen. Unlike Olive, the lights are dim and cocktails are served in vintage tea cups giving you multiple experiences within same building itself.

The Style Mile is the perfect spot for a day of indulgence and pampering. Not only is it stunning but also has an extremely romantic and cozy vibe to it!




ootdpicture 4.jpg





ootd picture8.jpg


Thanks a ton Madhavi Singh for taking all the photographs! You’re truly amazing 🙂

Also, Thanks a lot Neha for coming along with me an exploring this beautiful niche int the city!

Location Courstesy: Thai Hai Restaurant, Ambavatta Complex

What I’m wearing – Jumper : H&M , Leggings : Zara , Shoes : Forever21 , Bag : Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac , Rings : Forever21 , Hat : Forever21 , Sunglasses : Ray Bans . On my lips –  Amplified by Mac & Lasting Finish Matt (103) by Kate Moss- Rimmel London

The Desert Photo Diary – Six things


I went to this desert-state a few days ago for the holidays this winter. Even though Dubai is really newly developed with its tall buildings not more than a thirty years old, it’s definitely a must visit! I stayed at the Address Hotel, Downtown and its FABULOUS! This emirate has something to offer to everyone! Numerous restaurants from cuisines all over the world, cafes by Marina, the ginormous Dubai mall, water park and aquarium at the Atlantis, Dubai fountains, the desert safari , the Dubai creek , the gold and spice souks ;  the list is just ceaseless.

First , The Hotel

          The View from the Address Hotel, Downtown – Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain &  The infinity pool at the Address Hotel.

Second,  The old town


The spice  lanes in Diera, old Dubai.

Third, the Desert


The desert at Sunset ( You must tick off the Desert Safari off your checklist!)

Fourth , The Top


At the Top, Burj Khalifa (The tallest man-made building in the world)

Fifth, The FOOOOD



From Sushi , Pizza to the perfect Mediterranean  breakfast, one can never have enough of the in numerous options of food in Dubai!

Sixth – The Selfie


How can I forget the selfies with mom and dad 🙂

PS: I’ll be posting every week with travelogues, styling posts and of course, my personal favorite – food, so stay tuned 🙂

(The photographs are taken by an SLR 500D (18*200) and an iphone 5 camera )