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Having been struck my the flu, I have been in bed binge watching television shows and youtube channels so I decided to share so some of my favorite YouTube Channels currently {Food, Fashion, Fitness, Vloggers}. I have been watching YouTubers (religiously) for a couple of years now and in fact they have played a huge part to inspire me to start my very own blog. The YouTubers I have mentioned here are the only ones I enjoy but instead are the ones that I have been watching way more than the others for over a year. If you all like this list, I could go ahead and write another one! Trust me, there are over hundred channels that I really love watching.


  • When it comes to Beauty, I really watching channels that aren’t too technical. Instead, I do prefer channels that go beyond the tutorials and instead do fun tags as well. My favorite beauty channel that I have been watching for about 2 years now is  Essiebutton. Estée is a canadian youtuber who lives in London with her boyfriend (Aslan) and dog (Reggie). Though her channel primarily is a beauty channels and she claims to know nothing about fashion, I absolutely love her chic style. She also has a really great sense of humor which comes out in her beauty videos too, adding a fun element. If you have ever watched her channel, you’ll know about #DACLIP. Other than her beauty channel,  Estée also have a blog and a Vlog channel. If you’re new into YouTube or want to start watching channels, you should definitely go ahead and start watching her Vlog channel! She updates this channel pretty often with her usual day trips to a Sunday Market or simply her spending time with Reggie (#reggieCam).  She tops my list for one of my favorite vloggers as well.

First video to watch: Weekend Morning Routine

Channels: (Beauty) (Vlogs)



(image source:

  •  Sweet, bubbly and down to earth are some of the words that describe the YouTuber Tanya Burr. Through her videos she comes across as a lovely person! Having reached a point where she as her own lipgloss and nailpolish collection, her videos haven’t dropped down in quality one bit. If you like watching makeup tutorials (celebrity inspired) but don’t want the videos to be too technical and she’s one YouTuber who you must start watching! Burr also uploads some fun recipes once in a while which are really fun to watch too! Finally, if beauty videos are not your deal then watch Tanya Burr for her vlogs where she takes you around a day in her life. Oh, and her fiance Jim Champan does some love vlogs as well!

First Video to watch: My Night Out Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial



burr(image source:


Handsdown, my favorite Fashion youtuber has got to be EvelinaFrom perfect styling, shooting and Editing, though Evelina’s videos are mainly about fashion, she has a lot to offer a youtuber! Her short fashion films are such an inspiration for anyone who wants aspires to enter the world of Fashion. She also does a series called Evelina’s Fashion Cafe where she simply sits in front of the camera with a cup of coffee and talks to her viewers about a specific topic whether it may be body image or styling tips.

First video to watch: Getting Ready:: Evelina Style

Channel: (Fashion)

Second Channel: (Life with Evelina)



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Décor and DIY

  • Though I discovered the channel LaurDIY only recently, I can confidently say that each of the videos are worth trying out. From Kimonos, unique halloween costumes (Loofa, for example), Lauren proves her self in each project! The instructions are really crisp and for some videos and she even draws the DIY for you for clarification!

First Video to watch: DIY: Easy Kimono




  •  Though Andrea from AndreasChoice does all sorts of videos which range from Beauty,Haircare to fashion, my favorite has got to be her DIY videos. Her DIY hair masks, lip scrubs and basically all her videos where she teaches simple tricks related to all things beauty are worth checking out! The frequency of her uploads isnt too high, but each of her videos is worth the wait!

First video to watch: Pinker lips: 10 different ways 



  • Okay, so if you’re like me, you probably browse through boards and pins related to decor and interior design on Pinterest. Leah and Mary are two individuals who make all this fun decor come to life! With the most fabulous room makeovers to simple tips on how to amp up any space, A fab Life is one channel that you need to watch if you’re obsessed with Design. They also have tons of organization tricks for all of those working with smaller spaces.

First Video to watch: How to Create an Easy Gallery Wall



a fab life


Image source :


  • Four British men, mouth watering food and an entertaining videos ; is there anything else you can ask for? Sorted Food is an extremely fun channel where the boys teach you the easiest way to make the most fabulous looking dishes. Whether you’re a beginner or a master chef, this channel will get you hooked. A little warning: If you intend to watch their #EyeCandy playlist, make sure you’re not sitting on an empty stomach! All the recipes with exact quantities and ingredients are posted on their blog which is accessible by simply clicking a link in any video you’re watching.

First Video to watch: Best Cooking Show Ever: SORTED





  • These channels over a wide range and sicne they can’t be grouped into only beauty or fashion, I have simply categorized them under the broad spectrum of Lifestyle. One YouTuber  that covers all ground ranging food, fashion to beauty is  missglamorazzi by Ingrid Nilson. Ingrid, just like Estee displays a variety of videos other than technical tutorials (which to be truthful really bore me). Her videos too are beautifully shot and edited extremely well! I love watching monthly favorites which are extremely helpful to those who are on the lookout for trying out new products! Oh, and she’s obsessed with donuts.

First Video to watch: TMI tag


Vlog Channel:


  • If you’re a hard hard Aeropostale fan, then you’ve most likely heard of Bethany Mota. ‘Beth’ is one of the most popular youtubers with a whopping 6.8 million subscribers. With some of the cutest outfit ideas {back to school/summer/halloween} Bethany’s talent is clearly visible through her videos. If you also happen to invest some time recreating tumblr-ish room decor, I highly recommend you watching her Roomspiration playlist!

First Video to watch: Summer Girls Night Party


Vlog Channel:

Bethany Mota.

  •  Zoella j A,K.A Zoe Sugg from the U.K, just like Bethany is not far behind with 5.4 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos range from fun YouTube Channels to Chatty videos about anything and everything! Her monthly favorites are really worth watching along with her vlogs which are always fun! Oh, and she’s writing her own book too.

First Video to Watch: Cotten Wool Ball Challenge 


Vlog Channel:




  • If you’re new to working out and don’t know where to begin: you should start watching Blogilates. With tons or various pliates routines, dance workouts (these are lots of fun) and super healthy recipes, this channel has you covered to get fit! You can do Pop Cardio workouts or body focused ones while it all being fun. I have used tons of the workout routines my self and guarantee you that they really, really work!

First Video to watch: 5 minute Fat Burner


Blog (For all recipes, meal plans, videos) :


 Vlogging Family

There are tons of families that daily vlog on YouTube and watching them is exactly like watching a daily soap opera! If you’re a reality TV buff then watching Vlog Channels would be right up your alley!  The Sacconne Jolys is handsdown my favorite Vlogging Channel. Based in London (recently shifted from Ireland), the family consists of Jonathan Joly, his wife Anna Sacconne Joly, their daughter Emilia, son Eduardo (not in the picture) and SIX maltese doggies! They upload an episode everyday at 6 pm GMT.

If you love watching the family- Anna and Jonathan have their own channels too, which are worth checking out.



 Other channels that I absolutely LOVE watching;

Fleur DeForce


Meghan Reinks

My life as Eva

Scherezade Shroff 

It’s Grace

Jim Chapman

Tess Christine

Thats Heart



Byron Talbott

It’s Judy’s Life







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