Life Hacks you simply can’t ignore.

Hello! I wanted to share some of my favorite life hacks which solved so many petty problems which I’m sure we all face! Some of them might already be well known but they definitely do work and couldn’t stop my self from including them from this full proof list! If you all like this post, I’ll go ahead and makes this a series and do regular posts like these.

For all those who didn’t know- Life hack – “Together the words “life” and “hack” create a phrase that describe any hacks, tips and tricks that get things done quickly by automating, increase productivity and organizing.”

So here I go,

1)  Organize Necklaces in straws. This tip is really helpful while traveling. Necklaces getting tangled very easily and it can be extremely annoying to detangle them when you’re in a hurry.  Incase the necklace is too short – the straw can be cut into half! IMG_0496


2) Screw earrings onto buttons. This hack is perfect for you if you keep losing one earring out of a pair. What could be better than having your studs pinned down to one place saving you time.IMG_0483


3. Loop your rings on a bracelet while traveling. This is one travel hack that I swear by while traveling! This hack is definitely helpful to those who really love their rings( statement and midi) but don’t have the patience to look around for them in a jewelry pouch before getting ready. Looping all my rings into one bracelet makes it much easier to choose what to wear as well. The day I intend to wear the bracelet, I simply loop them onto another one. A ribbon can also be used for the same.





4. Break into your shoes in no time! I’m sure we all have at least one pair of shoes that we couldn’t stop our selves from buying and convinced our selves that fit perfectly even though they dont. We all have have that one pair which we outgrew long , long ago but cant seem to part with it. If that’s so, then this life hack is very helpful! All you need to do is stuff your shoes with atleast two pairs of socks (each) and blow dry  the area where you want them to expand. Since I have a broad foot, I like to blowdry all across the front so that they open up a bit!

Another way to do this is to wear a thick pair of socks , slip for foot inside the shoe and blowdry them to know the next amount you’d want to expand the shoe!

(This works really well for men shoes too, all the boys out there!)



5. Organize your sunglasses to save space. I keep buying sunglasses and often lose their cases and so this tip really works well for me.  I like this in my closet which has my coats or soft sweaters so that they don’t end up getting scratched. Hanging them also keeps them all stored in one place making them readily available while picking out an outfit.



6. Separate the egg white from the yolk perfectly.

Step One : Break an egg onto a plate.

Step Two : Take an empty bottle with a wider mouth. I used an empty Heinz Ketchup bottle for this DIY. Hold it a few inches over the plate.

Step Three : Squeeze the bottle and immediately bring it downwards right at the yolk. The yolk will be sucked into the bottle. It can then be transferred perfectly onto another plate and you will be left with the egg white.


7. Use old cassette cases for your phone stand. This life hack is definetly the simplest yet very useful. If you have any old cassette cases then why not put them to use. I personally use this as a stand while I’m reading or listening to music!



8. Store all your wires in a shoe box and avoid tangling. This life hack is much simpler than it looks! I hate having all the wires for various gadgets lying all over the place and hence stacking them in shoe box makes for easy storage but also helps in them not getting mysteriously tangled.

All you need to do is , get an old shoe box/ small carton (depending on the number of wires you want to store). You will also need some thin cardboard sheets that are easy to roll! I used the lining which comes in whiskey bottle tins! I rolled up the sheets and stapled them to each other so that they are fixed in one place! I also left some empty space for my camera charger which couldn’t fit into the little compartments.



Hope you find any of these useful! 🙂

Thank you Madhavi & Somya for helping out with all the hacks!

Till we meet again!


(All photographs are owned by Sara Suri)

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