10 steps to increase your BLOG traffic

Hey guys,
Debasree and I are back with another post in your #BloggingBasics series! This time, I am sharing with you ten steps to increase your blog traffic. If you’re a blogger, always remember, your blog is what should be your key recognition element. Of course Instagram is important and it’s great if you’re a social media influencer, but if your blog doesn’t get views, whats the point?


1. Regular Content/More frequent content
The first and easiest step is to post good quality content regularly and frequently. Having a posting schedule can be tough but take it from me- it’s worth it! I have slacked in the past and my blog traffic has suffered cause of that. You want consist views? Post consistently! It’s really as simple as that. Fix the number of days of the week you want to post, the days of the week you want to post and constantly remind your followers that those are your posting days. This will ensure at least that  minimum number of people who know that you post on those particular days to visit your blog then.
2.Blog Collaborations
If you have blogger friends and look up to each other’s content- why not just collaborate? Very often, you and a fellow blogger may have very similar interests and writing styles but very different sets of people following each of you. What collaborations does is- re-directs each others audiences to the other person’s blog! Chances are that if your readers like your content, they may just like the fellow blogger’s content too vice- versa. If you don’t have any blogger friends, make them! It’s really easy to tweet/email another blogger talking about what you have in mind! Trust me, you lose nothing
3. Network Parties
 Too shy to randomly email a fellow blogger? Here’s where Blogger MeetUps, PR Parties, Launches or any other sort of Networking Parties help. If you want to meet new people, go and these parties- increase your network base. You may find some really cool people who love your blog and wanted to collaborate with you! Whether it’s brands that you can work with or other individuals with similar wave lengths, I guarantee you that networking isn’t all that bad.
4. Regular Social Media updates
 This step is one of the most obvious but tricky. Social media plays a key role to help you be in the loop and stay connected with your blog readers. You may post on your blog on Mondays and Fridays but make sure you post on Social Media every single day! Always reply to comments, post pictures re-directing traffic to your older post, share moments from your everyday life with your blog readers
5. Leave something for the Blog
This is where the tricky part comes. Your Instagram account is NOT your blog. I have made this mistake earlier and still see tons of bloggers doing the same. Your blog is your your asset so at least leave some content for the same. If you are planning to post an outfit on the blog on Monday, DO NOT upload 20,0000 pictures of that outfit on your Instagram profile saying “sneak peak”. No, thats not a sneak peak. You’re giving away everything about the outfit before you even posted the actual blog post. There needs to be a balance between what you post on social media and what you post on your blog. The ideal situation would be to post exclusive content on Social media and upload just enough posts on your social media to push traffic to the blog but not replace the blog.
6. Unique Content
If your blog views have dropped dramatically it could be cause you’ve stopped posting content that you you were looked up for. Every blogger has their niche and though you must expand, try and be as unique as you can. Offer something to your blog readers that you know others arent. There are hundreds of bloggers doing the same sort of posts so why should someone go ahead and check out your blog?
7. Pinterest and Other link backs
 Pinterest is an amazing platform to get views towards your blog. If you don’t use Pinterest, use it! Create different boards for various themes that you post on/ that inspire you. Pin posts that you would love to read and your own posts too which would link back to your blog. If you’re a food blogger, submit your blog posts to FoodGawker and if you’re a style blogger, submit them to StyleGawker.
8. Amazing photography 
 Needless to say, images are what catches a readers eyes first. You may have some amazing content but if you don’t have an inviting picture to click on the post- you’ve lost the plot. Your blog post’s primary picture- whether on Instagram or Pinterest should be of really high quality. Most people would click on a  pretty looking picture which will re-direct you to a blog post.
9. Make use of the Subscribe button on the Blog
The Subscribe button is just not given enough credit for driving traffic. It is an amazing tool if used well. Urge your readers to subscribe/register by email/follow your blog. Each time you upload a post, they would be notified. In fact, you can also send pretty newsletters with a roundup of all your posts for the past month. Sometimes, readers may subscribe to a blog, but forget to actually read the posts. Clicks to your blogs via email work really well since the reader doesn’t have to go wait for a post while browsing through your Instagram profile. They simply receive a notification on which they need to click.
10. Host Meaningful Giveaways
Giveaways these days have lost their charm that they used to have. The whole point of a giveaway is to give-back! Giveaways work as a really nice gesture towards your blog readers- no matter how small it may be. Try your best to do giveaways that actually link back to your blog. If you want to gain social media followers- sure, go ahead and go a giveaway where you can tell your already existing social media followers to tag with 4 friends in the comment. Though that works well, does it actually lead to people reading your blog? Is it driving traffic back to the blog?
If you’re trying to set up your blog and are have heard a lot about Blogger, check out Debasree’s post where she talks about setting up a custom domain and self hosting with Blogger! 
PS: Blogger is a blogging platform very similar to WordPress. I have written a post on WordPress recently, so read both the posts to make an informed choice of what software you want to go ahead with!

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    1. I would love to read a similar post too! We need more Indian lifestyle bloggers giving tips to newbies like me, it gets difficult to get your blog noticed even if you are sure of your content. Thanks. 🙂

      1. That’s true..I am a new blogger too and being from a city which is neither Mumbai or Delhi makes it even more difficult to attract PRs and brands. Would love to read something that can give some to-the-points tips on this topic

  1. hey can you please tell me how to choose winners for giveaways like i have heard about random.org widget how does that works.I have started a blog myself but i really know nothing about it sad sad

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