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I’m so sorry for being MIA! If you’ve been following me on social media, you would have seen that I have been living out of a suitcase in a hotel room for the past 2 weeks since my room (+the rest of the house) was getting painted. It was a fairly big process and since paint and I don’t go too well when it comes to allergies, I decided to move out. It was definitely not easy not living at home and I must admit that I wasn’t really motivated to post. I shifted back home last night and cannot be happier! I would love to do a room tour post once everything is all done. Untill then, here’s a Q and A post. A while back, I asked you guys to ask me anything you like, and you did! So here are your most of your questions answered! If you like such posts, Ill make sure to do more. Tried keeping this one as compact as possible 🙂


What exactly is your source of income and what do you work for?

I work full time in NDTV GoodTimes and hence that’s my main source of income. Other than that, I do earn a little from blogging but not enough to do it full time.

What do you prefer? Waxing or shaving?

I prefer waxing, and specifically chocolate waxing (better for sensitive skin and removes super small hair easily). However, if I am on a long vacation, shaving just works out easier!

A brand approached me for a collaboration and told me to send a media kit… as a new blogger I am really new to this collaboration thing.. dont know how to go forward.. please help

First and foremost, make a media kit if you don’t have one. It is basically a list of the rates that you charge for each post/tweet/instagram post that you can offer. Along with that, the kit should include a small brief about your brand and following. I will go ahead and do a full post on this. Since you’re new to blogging, check out my entire series on Blogging Tips under the “Blogging” section of my website.

When did you start a blog? What inspired you to do so? and do you earn a decent amount from blogging?

I have answered all of these questions in my recent post: Confessions of a blogger. Do check it out to know more about my blogging journey!

What’s that lipstick shade? Next birthday gift for me Also how that beautiful? Want to friendship? Yah?

This is what it feels like when you have your best friends asking you questions. Madhavi, all I have to say to you is ” but did you die?”

Do you want to do your phD after your masters?

I completed my Masters in May this year (2015). I don’t really have any plans of doing a phD. However, when it comes to me, till date nothing has gone the way I have planned. So, you never know

Please suggest best winter night cream from India

To be very honest, I don’t have a specific night cream/day cream. However, my mom uses the night cream by Estee Lauder and it works really really well. I, on the other hand, like the products by Kiehl’s

What do you prefer: Hair oiling or deep conditioning?

I’d say I prefer hair oiling since that’s what I have been doing since I was a kid. I also really like using hair masks since they really, really work! You can check some of my tried and tested recipes here.

When will you be making your youtube channel?

Okay, this has got to be my most asked question, EVER. The answer is: very soon. Very, very soon infact. I tried starting one last year but things just didn’t work out. I don’t want to make any false promises, so when I start even, I’ll make sure it’s flooded all across my social media haha

Are you growing your hair long? If yes, please dont do it . You look super cute in short hair

Thank you, but yes! I am growing my hair long. I have had short hair from March till now and to be very honest, I miss my long hair now. I am trying my best to grow it out and maybe a couple of years later, I may just cut it again!

Skin Care routine please

I have many versions of my skin care routine up on the blog. You can check them out here and here.

That’s all for today folks! If you want to know more about me and read about some super interesting blogging secrets, you can check these posts:

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