What’s in my bag? {Travel Edition}

IMG_4659Hey guys,

I AM BACK! I am so sorry for being MIA for so long. To be very honest, I had too much going on past two weeks, from taking exams, graduating to finally taking a vacation after months. Plus, I faced some serious technical issues and hence couldn’t post for a while and almost reached a point of giving up, until I realised how much I love blogging and can never let go.

So, today I have for you one of my favorite posts to shoot- What’s in my bag// Travel Edition. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I just came back from Calcutta {Expect a blog post to be up soon!}, since my feed is flooded with travel photos. So, this is exactly what I carried with me. Some of the items aren’t photographed since I took them out of my bag or simply used them up, so I am really sorry for that!

India Circus  sent me some goodies and of course I had to start using me them the day I received them! I have worked with India Circus before and I am sure you know by now how obsessed I am with them! Check out the first India Circus post here, if you haven’t already. Now, when it comes to this post, my friend Madhavi and I shot something super fun for you all; something I have never done before. However, that little experimental project would be part II of this post, so stay tuned for that. We faced MANY technical glitches and I really wanted this to be up ASAP, so here is PART 1 for you all 🙂

DSC08239 To my own surprise, my travel hand bag/backpack is not overly cluttered (unless my luggage is overweight and I am trying to squeeze in as many things as possible in the carry on). So here’s what all you would find in my carry on bag before getting on a flight>

A neck pillow: 

This might not seem as an essential item to some but I cannot hop onto a long flight without this baby. I don’t actually carry in my bag but instead just clip it on to my carry on luggage. I am the kind of person that can sleep ANYWHERE and hence the pillow is my best friend on long flights, especially while flying economy.

Wallet/ Card Holder/Passport Holder

India Circus sent me the cutest passport holder ever! Now, I must admit that I have never used a passport holder and this was my first time! So what I did instead was to de-clutter my wallet and make use of this passport holder as a card holder too (it has a couple of slots for cards). That worked amazingly well since I didn’t need to carry my whole wallet as I don’t need it anyway when I am travelling. Some cash, important cards, my id and passport, all fit it in perfectly in one little folder.

Sunglasses and Chewing Gum (Now shown here)

I always, always carry my sunglasses in my carry on backpack/tote cause I know I will need them as soon as I am out of the flight. When it comes to gum, my ears hurt quite a during landing and chewing gum really helps. I finished mine on the flight- oops.


Ipad: (Cover by India Circus)

I usually have my laptop or Ipad, depending on the duration of the trip. If I am going with my family, my dad usually carries his laptop so I skip carrying mine. My ipad however is always with me since it works as a mini laptop, ipod and even a kindle! PS: How beautiful is the green elephant cover? I am absolutely in LOVE with it! It’s on a 30% off on the website right now so you should get it too and we can be besties heheh

PS: I do usually carry a book but I took it out from my bag after travelling since I wanted to complete reading it (my bad)

Camera (Mini DSLR/DSLR)

No matter where I am going or for how long, a camera makes it on top of my list. This shouldn’t be a surprise since I blog afterall haha. Just like the other things in my blog, the camera I carry depends on the duration of my trip. I recently bought a Sony a5000 which is basically a mini DSLR and OH MY GOD, ITS AMAZING! I hate saying this, but it does work well as a replacement for the good  old big camera. However, I will be going to Europe in two weeks and hence I see my self carrying the Canon DSLR as well.

Cell phone and Portable Charger

If you have an iphone and its more than 2 years old, you know the importance of a charger. No, seriously, my phone dies every two hours and its ridiculous. I usually have TWO portable chargers on me, though one does the job. When I am on vacation (internationally) I  use my phone on wifi only and never really switch on international roaming. Nonetheless, the phone refuses to cooperate when it comes to battery life. The phone cover by India Circus matches my ipad cover perfectly teehehee and I love it!  The  portable charger is from Amazon and you must get it! It charges the phone atleast 2 times, fully.


This is a fairly obvious item. I am that person who has my headphones on throughout the flight. I highly recommend these Sony headphones (look how pretty they are) as they are super comfy and the sound quality is amazing for the price.

Beauty Essentials: 

All my inflight essentials serve atleast one purpose: RE-HYDRATION. Flight’s are the worst when it comes to making your skin feeling disgusting and it’s really really important to make sure you do take one little extra step before and after the flight. Always make sure your skin is hydrated and is not loaded with makeup- it may break you out if you cake up.

Lip Balm and Lip Tint

I hate the feeling of chapped lips and you will always find a lip blam in my bag. I love this one by Nivea and it has a beautiful tint to it too! So it looks like your lips, just better! haha  Since I don’t apply any makeup on a flight, I do like using a lip tint (NOT GLOSS) over the balm. It makes me look more put together , I am not too sure why. My lip tint is by Revlon and is called Revlon Colour Burst Laquer Balm in the shade 120.

Eye Cream and Face Cream

I find my under eye area becoming really puffy during the flight and skin completly de-hydrating so two things I just cannot do without are my eyecream and facecream. I apply these two before getting on the flight and before getting off. I don’t know if thats the correct way to go ahead with it, but it does work for me. Before getting off the flight, I wash my face or use wet wipes and then apply these two products. my eye cream is by Nuetregna and my Face cream is by Kiehls (Ultra Facial Cream). Both these products are AMAZING and you must get them.

Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

I haven’t shown a picture of the wet wipes since I shot the post after I came back from vacation and had run out of them 😛 I do however, carry wet wipes and a hand sanitizer in my bag at all times.  Not really picky about the brand for either however when it comes to wet wipes, I prefer any ‘cooling makeup removing wipes’ which are by Nuetrogena, if I am not wrong


A perfume or a deodrant is an absolute must while travelling. Even if one is simply sitting in their seat for hours, its always good to smell good?! I carry my Michael Kors Sporty perfume!

Hair Brush and Mirror

We all know what happens to our hair after a flight. When it comes to my hair, its basically a mane of grease. My hair gets intenselt tangled and icky during a flight and ofcourse brushing it is really important. A mirror on the other hand helps when you want to apply the eye cream without moving your bumm and heading to the restroom. When I used to have long hair (sigh..) I woild ALWAYS tie my hair on a flight to avoid any tangles but now that my hair is too short, I simply take a bobby pin and clip away my side part away from my face. Last thing I want is my oily hair breaking me out on my fore head.


India Circus passport/Card HolderFullSizeRender_1


India Circus Cell Phone CoverFullSizeRender_2



India Circus Ipad Cover



 The Outfit:

I thought I’d show you my outfit while travelling. I usually find my self wearing my comfiest jeans or leggings while taking a flight! My jeans are from Westside, Top is from Zara, shoes from Adidas (Stan Smiths).

I am so excited for a part two of this travel series. It’s an experimental project that I have NEVER ever done on this blog. To give a little hint- its an animation! WHAAA?

Thank you Madhavi! for clicking me and bearing me during our shoot! 😀

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