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If there’s something I’m a sucker for, it’s got to be success stories made from scratch. Today, I wanted to share with you a really interesting platform that I am a part of on Facebook. Crowd sourced platforms on Facebook, especially related to food such as Food Talk India  have been popular for a while now and this is one such group that has gained it’s share of recognition in no time.
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indian film hub
The Indian Film Hub, to put in a nutshell is a is a self sustaining two pronged platform for film discussion, Film appreciation and Film  criticism all from the perspective of the viewer.What struck me most about this group, other than it’s ever growing self sustained user based content (of course) is it’s growth! With 500 members in 5 days, 5000 members in 20 days and approx 9000 members in 50 days, this platform has got to be one of the fastest growing forums I have come across.

The CEO, Gautam Raj Anandwith Operations being handled by both him and Karan Adam Jain, gave me  some interesting insights as to why he started his group in the first place. 
“Being a film lover all my life , I could never shake off the irony and contradiction in the fact that films, being possibly the most democratic entity in existence , where a film will only do well if people go and watch it had no voice in this country for those hold stake in its success. All we are subject to are reviews and points of view from the eyes of the maker instead of the viewer , which from our perspective comes across as – 
1. Not relate-able –  Truth be told, only 1% of us actually care whether the lighting and landscape cinematography within a film are good 
2. Condescending and  patronizing – We are almost made to feel bad for not being on the same wavelength of a film maker and their point of view
3. Unreliable –  Since a film like ‘Kick’ can simultaneously get 4 stars and 1 star on different platforms solely based on which one has been bought out. 
 With the intention of seeing whether more people felt the same way as I did , I ( soon after joined by Karan Adam Jain) decided to start a Beta test Facebook group with 50 people and named it The Indian Film Hub.”
Being a film lover my self, I am constantly on the lookout for new films to watch. With a universe of films varying across all genres, I must admit that I often get confused as to what to start with. Though Websites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes do help to an extent, they don’t give responses that I need there and then. Since a platform like IFB is user generated, not only does one get reviews of films immediately, but also multiple opinions on the same post along with other options that you didn’t even think of in the first place.
Having gotten a viral a few weeks ago, I was glued on to my bed and hence watching tv shows and films were my source of constant entertainment. All I simply did was write down my query, and BOOM, within a couple of minutes, I got responses from so many people 🙂
the indian film hub
Other than user generated the content which range from tv shows/film reviews, recommendations, queries, articles, the admins Gautam Raj Anand and Karan Adam Jain too keep posting reviews, trailers and fun film games! {this has got to be my favorite bit}
With their ever growing group, the admins have now decided to make the forum more fun and interactive, by launching their very  Indian Film Hub Show named ‘The Little Red Garage’. The show will be casual coffee table or a bar like discussion, in a  democratic setup, consisting of six panelists where they discuss  a particular film from the perspective of the things you actually  care about. What makes this entire concept interactive is that any member of The Indian Film Hub who is in town and feels like being part of a particular show is most welcome and just needs to write in to write to the admins of the group.
So, if you’re not a part of this platform and love watching films/tv shows, I highly recommend you consider joining 🙂 Till then, here are some films that should keep you sorted over the weekend! Have a filmy weekend everyone!
If you would like me to do more posts like these where I talk about the things I’m browsing on the net or currently loving, do let me know 😀
PS: This is NOT a sponsored post. I happen to love films and find this forum really helpful. All opinions are my own.

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