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If you have been followig me on social media, you would have seen that I visited Tamra at Shangri-La Hotel, Delhi a few months ago. I was extremely keen to do a review then itself  but I got diagnosed with Gasteritis and hence couldn’t go ahead with it! Now that I am back to blogging, lets jump right into it!

The lovely people at the hotel invited as for the Sunday brunch (with Champagne and Cocktails) to simply enjoy the meal and give our feedback. Of course we couldn’t say no to one of the most sought after meals in the city and decided to try it out!

Disclaimer: I have NOT been paid to write this review but the meal was on the house.

Champagne Brunch

Tamra, located in Shangri La Hotel, Delhi is a gastronomical bouquet, offering authentic South East Asian cuisine as well as Japanese, Indian and European fare from its five interactive cooking theatres. The cooking theaters at Tamra each featuring a different culinary style showcase the restaurant’s ‘world on a platter’ concept as well as stages for our talented Chefs’ engaging performances! The experience is not only a treat for the stomach but for the eyes as well. From comfort Italian food , shawarma grill,, Indian, Golgappa Station, Biryani Counter,, Japanese Sushi Station and Teriyaki Grills.,Live Seafood counter to a Dessert Bar; the options seem endless.

Though you could visit the restaurant on any day you like and go ahead for the usual buffet of even an a la carte meal, I would highly recommend the Sunday Brunch. Winter might be over, but that shouldn’t stop us from our ritual Sunday brunches, right? Especially if it looks like this! An advice I have for you if you plan to go with the Sunday brunch is to come into the restaurant with a completely empty stomach. If you’re like me, I know it’s really hard to not eat anything all morning, especially if breakfast is your favorite meal. However, the brunch is definitely not cheap and you would not be able to do it justice if you don’t try out at least 4-5 counters out of the 9 counters to choose from!

I won’t go into detail about every single dish we tried out and every single counter on display since that would make the post never ending, but are some of the highlights from one of the best brunches in the city.

1The Golgappa Counter

I love me some chaat and till now I was a firm believer of the fact that if you truly want to enjoy golgappas- go local. I would look down upon hotels serving “authentic” chaat and very honestly didn’t even try them out half of them. From prior experiences, chaats in hotels didn’t end up having that perfect zing and balance of flavour that is absolutely crucial. However, the lady guiding us through the buffet really recommended the golgappa counter and so we politely decided to give it a shot. Oh my god, I was definitely in for a huge shock and I can say this confidently: THEY MAY JUST BE THE BEST GOLGAPPAS I HAVE EVER HAD (OR ATLEAST ON MY TOP 3 LIST). The golgappas were absolutely perfect- crispy with a lovely fresh filling, a really well flavoured saunth and paani.

2The Asian Counter

From the Asian Counter, we ordered a custom made Khau Suey and it was absolutely delicious. What I loved the most was the use of fresh ingredients along with the customizations that the buffet offers. The chef stood there preparing your dish right in front of you as you could direct him with all the different vegetables, noodles options , condiments you want.

3The Strip Loin Roast & Italian Counter

I can’t talk much about this section since I didn’t end up trying the strip lion roast or a pasta. However, just look at how beautiful it looks. I didn’t face a single disappointment in the whole buffet so I am pretty sure this was perfect as well. Right next to this section, there was a shawarma counter as well, and you must, must try that out. The shawarma was seasoned so well and melted in my mouth. It was cooked to perfection and honestly, I could see my self having multiple servings of just that!



Seafood BarThe Japanese Station with the live Seafood Counter

Live seafood stations are definitely my go-to in any buffet and I absolutely loved the freshdisplay of seafood and sushi that looked so appetising. If seafood is something you enjoy, you must head to this counter and you’ll be in love. You can simply tell the chef what you’d like to have and he’ll prepare soemthing for you there and then. We decided to go in for teriyaki prawns and pork chops straight from the grill!



A part of the Dessert Bar & showstopper: The Chocolate Fountain

The dessert is a part of a buffet that one is never full for. Wit one of the largest selections of desserts, we were in absolute awe. We decided to try out their classic Tamra Chocolate and take my advice and try it out! You will not regret it at all.  If you like nutties, you would enjoy this dessert. PS: who doesnt love a bit of theatrics with their meal, right?



4Who can say no to Cold cuts with some Champagne?

14Shrimp & Pork Chops from the Japanese Teriyaki Grill Station

12My personalised Khao Suey from the Asian Counter


The famous Tamra Chocolate

Overall Verdict: I was really happy with the meal and in complete honesty couldnt pick a single flaw. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of options and even though we really tried our best, we just couldn’t do justice to it. Next time I go, I would definetly want to try the Biryanis and Pastas as well! I would suggest going to Tamra with a group of 4 people (minimum) since you all would be able to enjoy more number of dishes and can taste from each other’s plates! We went as a couple and so we tried to do justice to the meal as much as we could!


Rs. 2750 plus applicable taxes (includes free flowing cocktails, beer and mocktails)
Rs. 3500 plus applicable taxes (includes free flowing Moet & Chandon Champagne)
Rs. 1500 plus applicable taxes for kids buffet
Incase you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment here and ask me anything you like! You can follow me on Instagram for daily updates!
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