For the love of Old School

Hey guys,

If you know me by now, there’s one thing that I absolutely cannot forego and thats comfort. By comfort  I dont simply mean comfortable clothing, but also the little things that keep us in a happy place. Ever since I was a kid, I would go to the Delhi Gymkhana Club and Delhi Golf Club with my parents every weekend and sometimes more often. There’s something about these clubs that lets me eat my cup of tea, yummy chicken sandwiches or even the endless array of sumptuous food {Sunday buffets YUM} without feeling guilty. Both these clubs being a century or less old are quaint and magnificient at the same time. Whether it may be the formal winter lunches, the simple relaxed tea hour or the crazy thursday/saturday nights, I can see my self spending hours there and not keeping any track of time {#truegrannyatheart}

Recently, Madhavi and I decided to visit the Delhi Gymkhana Club {a good place to go when the pocket is a little light}. Though we couldn’t make it for the lunch hour, we decided to sit down in the lawns have some tea with ‘snacks’ {Ofcourse!}. We ordered two cups of tea, my favorite- chicken sandwiches and one portion of cheese balls. Now, we cant go wrong with the former too, but if you’ve had the cheese balls then you know they exemplify addiction+weirdness in a whole. Though they taste strange, you can’t just more than one. Maybe its only me, but I have always felt that way since I can remember.

On an ideal situation , especially if it was a Thursday, we would have stayed on and moved to the bar by 7 pm, but since time wasn’t really in our favour, we decided to stick to tea and conversations. However, we did manage to go to the bakery (within the club) and pack some bread! {granny moment again} Trust me when I tell you that it’s some of the yummiest bread, ever!

Moving on to the outfit, I kept it as classic as possible with a white midi dress and moccasins. What I loved about this look is it’s versatility.  With a couple of accessories and a bright lip, one could easily transform this look from day-to-night. Now that its getting a little chilly, I can also imagine my self adding a leather jacket {to make it a  little edgier} or adding a blazer to keep it formal! A midi dress such as this should definitely be on the list of top 10 must haves. The moccasins on the other hand need no introduction. Yet another classic pair, you just cannot go wrong with them. Though these particular pair arent everyone’s cup of tea cause of their androgynous element, I just cannot get enough of them.








Details: Dress and Shoes- Zara, Rings- Forever 21, Bag- Found in mom’s closet.

Fitness 101: Workout & Eat Clean

Hello everyone!

Now that summer is here and we finally don’t feel the perpetual need to be tucked into our winter cozy beds, I thought it would be fun to do a fitness post.  In this post I’m going to share my favorite health tips, some quick snacks and basic workout that I LOVE to follow.

A little disclaimer: In no way are these ‘expert’ opinions! These are simply some tips that really work for me to live a healthy and happy lifestyle without entering any strange and mythical fad diets. So let’s begin!

My Workout Routine

I’m usually pretty strict with my self when it comes to working out but to be very truthfully, during exams I too slack and need a push. Assuming that I am sticking to my schedule I follow a five- day workout routine. Listed below are different types of workouts that I enjoy doing. I DO NOT follow all of these workouts everyday, but instead try and make permutations and combinations. So the day I’m playing golf, I’d like to do cardio or a home workout rather than hitting the gym 🙂


I play Golf at least three days a week (especially over the weekends). Contrary to popular belief Golf actually provides for a good workout especially if played on the course as there’s some serious walking involved. The game requires mental and physical strength, focus and patience. This sport not only helps with toning my hamstring, hips and arms but also makes me feel really uplifted all the day while increasing my confidence every time I play.

Notes: Golf requires discipline whether it may following the rules and regulations of any Club you play, etiquettes to be followed on the course and dress code while playing. There are numerous clubs in NCR where some are for members only and others opened for the public. Most Golf clubs also rent out Clubs (golf sticks) to play with incase you don’t want to invest in a new set as a beginner.

photo 2 (4)

photo 3 (1)


I have a fixed schedule written that I try to follow every week. I will not be sharing the detailed schedule on this post as each of and will probably leave it for next time 🙂

Warm up (10 mins on the Arch Trainer, Planks and Stretching everyday)

Day 1- Arms Workout: Push ups, Chest press, Incline Press, Dumbbell Chest Fly, Cable Curl, Biceps Curl, Pully Push down, Dumbbells Arm Extension

Dy 2- Functional Workout or an Abs, Butt, Thighs Class

Dat 3 – Legs Workout: Half squats, Full squats, leg press, leg curl, calf raises, cycling

Day 4-  Arc Trainer, Rowing, Sit ups, laying jack knife, leg raises, side leg raises, walking

Day 5- Functional Training

Home Workouts

When I’m not in the mood to go to the Gym, I try and do my workout at my Gym at home. Here, instead of following my schedule I go ahead and do one of the workouts from my favorite Nike Training App. This app is SO, so helpful. It not only gives you tons of workouts for every body part but also tracks your progress. There are 15-45 mins workouts available on this app making it really convenient if one if on a time crunch. I do these home workouts really often during my exam time when I don’t want to waste too much time going to a gym. Most of these workouts don’t even require any equipment other than basic dumbbells, a medicine ball, a skipping rope and maybe a treadmill to warm up.

photo1 (1)

Eat Clean

An important part of any healthy lifestyle is to eat clean. A common misunderstanding is that healthy food is boring or simply just not yummy. To a great extent, I disagree with that. Eating healthy (most of the times) not only makes me feel fitter but also makes me happier and more energetic all day. Fatty and packaged foods are extremely yummy BUT they store fats in our body for hours making us feel down and out! I’m someone who’s just not into crazy detox diets which give a ridiculous weight loss outcome in no time. Not all this does weight bounce back quicker than you lost it; these diets have absolutely no nutrition that entering your system in a balanced way.


1) I absolutely LOVE food and if you read this blog, you’d know that.Whenever I go out, I try my best to pick the healthier option unless there’s something I am absolutely craving for. It’s really important to remember that it’s OKAY to eat what you want once in a while rather than constantly denying your self and then binging later on. This really works for me cause I never feel like I haven’t had a delicious ice-cream in years, or a steak and fries in months.

2) I try to substitute most unhealthy foods for their healthier alternatives. There are a number of ways this can be done:

Switch from refined Oil to Olive Oil/Coconut Oil

Have brown bread/multi grain bread instead of white bread,

Have brown rice/red rice/quinoa instead of white rice

Have brown pasta, instead of normal pasta! It tastes the same. Here’s one with fresh tomatoes and basil.


Make multi grain chapattis made of grains such as Bajra, Ragi, Jowar,flax seeds into the normal wheat flour.

3) I make it a point to eat every 2-3 hours ( 5-6 meals a day). I know that sounds quite a bit but when I say ” a meal”, that may simply mean some carrots with hummus or apple with peanut butter! The whole point is to not feel hungry and constantly keep your metabolic rate high.

4) The biggest meal in the day, of course is the BREAKFAST. Breakfast is the most important meal and it must be a nice sumptuous one with portions of carbs as well as proteins to kickstart a day! If you just can’t live without your paranthas, have them for breakfast! So long as that food is entering your system in the first part of the day and you’re working out, no harm done.

5) I always start my day with a fruit and green tea. In summers, I absolutely love Watermelons and Mango and during the winters, I love having apple or cherries. Along with the fruit, I’ll have a hot cup of green tea and then 15 minutes later, have a nice heavy breakfast.


photo 1 (3)

Must/Try to Avoid:

1) Fruit Juices: Yes, even fresh fruit juices aren’t as healthy as they’re portrayed to be as the pulp of the fruit is what contains must of the vitamins! Stick to Smoothies instead. Packaged Juices are of course not good for you for their added sugars and flavors.

2) Sweeteners: Artificial Sweeteners aren’t good for you and we all know that. Trying to avoid sugar is a major battle for must of us and hence we try to go towards these sweeteners. If you can’t resist sugar, have honey, brown sugar or stevia!

3) Detox Diets:  Any diet that involves no carbs at all, no natural sugars, no salt and only fruit is just NOT worth it. These diets are absolutely pointless as even though they make give instant results, the weight loss will NEVER be permanent/steady. Your body weight is bound to fluctuate with such diets along with making you sluggish and not feeling happy!

4) Looking at Weighing Scale: This ought to be the most important tip in this entire post. THERE IS NO POINT LOOKING AT THE WEIGHING SCALE if you want to “lose weight”. If you’re working out regularly and are doing weight training, it is highly likely that you may not lose as much “weight” as you would have anticipated. That is simply because MUSCLE IS HEAVIER THAN FAT. So, the muscle percentage in your body has increased, its likely that your weight may have fluctuated but you may have a massive INCH loss. So more than checking your weight, check your inch loss if absolutely needed.

Some Healthy Snacks

Since I love food and I just cant imagine being on a starvation diet of any sort, rather than reducing any food quantity, I just try to eat healthier snacks during the day to keep my metabolic rate high. Most of these snacks are really easy to carry with you to work and office as well!

1) Chila – 2 thin portions made out of Besan (gram flour)

2) Peanut Butter and Apple Slices


3) Hummus with Carrots and Celery

4) Dark Chocolate for a Sugar Craving. The higher the Cocoa, better it is.,


5) Soya Milk

6) Mixed/Assorted Nuts – Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts


7) Seasonal Smoothie- Here’s how I make my favorite Smoothie (For one Glass)

One seasonal fruit (Mango/Banana/Musk Melon)
Soya milk (plain)/plain curd/almond milk/double toned milk/coconut milk (1/2 glass)
Stevia/brown sugar/honey (1 teaspoon)
Flax seeds (1 teaspoon)
Chia seeds (1 teaspoon)
Alovera gel (1 teaspoon)
Aamla juice (1 teaspoon)
Oats (1 tablespoon)
Crushed Ice
Add one scoop of Whey protein if you’re having this smoothie after a workout

8) The healthy yummy sandwich – Multi grain bread, Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard, light cream cheese, boiled egg whites and a really lean meat if you’re craving for some.

9) Coconut Water


10) Vegetable Juice (For one glass)

Tomatoes – 3
Carrots- 3
1 inch piece of ginger
Alo Vera gel (1 teaspoon)
Aamla juice (1 teaspoon)
Pomegranate quarter cup
No salt

11) Bananas, Multi-grain toast and Peanut butter – This is deal for breakfast but also as a good snack to curb your hunger for a while!


12) Roasted Makhana or Euryale ferox


13) Popcorn available at street vendors (No oil/No butter)

Books to read

As I said before, I’m not a fitness expert at all but I do love reading books related to the same. I highly recommend reading these three books by Rijuta Diwekar.

1) Women and the weight loss tamasha

2) Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight

3) Don’t lose out, work out

I really hope this post was useful in anyway! If it was, please share with your friends and family! Incase you want me to do more fitness related posts, do let me know on my Facebook page/ Instagram/Twitter or comment right here.