For the love of Old School

Hey guys,

If you know me by now, there’s one thing that I absolutely cannot forego and thats comfort. By comfort  I dont simply mean comfortable clothing, but also the little things that keep us in a happy place. Ever since I was a kid, I would go to the Delhi Gymkhana Club and Delhi Golf Club with my parents every weekend and sometimes more often. There’s something about these clubs that lets me eat my cup of tea, yummy chicken sandwiches or even the endless array of sumptuous food {Sunday buffets YUM} without feeling guilty. Both these clubs being a century or less old are quaint and magnificient at the same time. Whether it may be the formal winter lunches, the simple relaxed tea hour or the crazy thursday/saturday nights, I can see my self spending hours there and not keeping any track of time {#truegrannyatheart}

Recently, Madhavi and I decided to visit the Delhi Gymkhana Club {a good place to go when the pocket is a little light}. Though we couldn’t make it for the lunch hour, we decided to sit down in the lawns have some tea with ‘snacks’ {Ofcourse!}. We ordered two cups of tea, my favorite- chicken sandwiches and one portion of cheese balls. Now, we cant go wrong with the former too, but if you’ve had the cheese balls then you know they exemplify addiction+weirdness in a whole. Though they taste strange, you can’t just more than one. Maybe its only me, but I have always felt that way since I can remember.

On an ideal situation , especially if it was a Thursday, we would have stayed on and moved to the bar by 7 pm, but since time wasn’t really in our favour, we decided to stick to tea and conversations. However, we did manage to go to the bakery (within the club) and pack some bread! {granny moment again} Trust me when I tell you that it’s some of the yummiest bread, ever!

Moving on to the outfit, I kept it as classic as possible with a white midi dress and moccasins. What I loved about this look is it’s versatility.  With a couple of accessories and a bright lip, one could easily transform this look from day-to-night. Now that its getting a little chilly, I can also imagine my self adding a leather jacket {to make it a  little edgier} or adding a blazer to keep it formal! A midi dress such as this should definitely be on the list of top 10 must haves. The moccasins on the other hand need no introduction. Yet another classic pair, you just cannot go wrong with them. Though these particular pair arent everyone’s cup of tea cause of their androgynous element, I just cannot get enough of them.








Details: Dress and Shoes- Zara, Rings- Forever 21, Bag- Found in mom’s closet.

Yellow feat Blue Print Coleccion

Hey guys,

Let me begin by saying that I am so sorry for not uploading a post on the blog for a while! Though I have a really fun Instagram contest featuring India Circus running right now  {YOU MUST ENTER!}, I really miss blogging, taking photographs and sharing my experiences with you all! Now that this haitus is over, I am finally back and here’s what I wore on Diwali!

Diwali at my house isn’t a large formal affair and as usual, I love being as comfortable as possible. Recently, I received this gorgeous yellow jacket from Blue Print Coleccion by Divya and Navya Niranjan   and as soon as I saw it, I knew my outfit has to be styled around this beauty. What I love about this piece is how versatile it is. I can see my self wearing it to college with a pair of ripped jeans and high tops and completely change the look! Blue Print Coleccion also has tons of other indo-western pieces that are perfect if you want to take a break from the overdone Anarkali.

Further, the next element of my outfit that I just had to wear were my floral print pants [Oh, so comfy]. Now that I had these two vibrant pieces, to balance them I chose this perfect off white Kurta that toned down things perfectly. I really this outfit gives your some inspiration to experiment a bit this season! By changing the cotton Kurta to a gorgeous silk one and adding heels, this outfit would be perfect for a casual Sangeet too.








What I am wearing: Kurta – Suvasa, Jacket- Blue Print Coleccion, Pants- Zara (last season), Earings- Thrifted, On my lips- Sweet pink by Nyx

Travel with me feat BrownBoy

Hey everyone!

Today, I have something extremely exciting for you! If you have been following me on Facebook, you would have seen me talk about a contest that I would be posting on my blog: It’s finally here! {All the details would be at the end of the post }

I am constantly on the look out for comfortable yet chic outfits and recently, tshirts have been a big YES for me. I love wearing printed T-shirts which are perfect for summer since I can dress them up if I want to or simply lounge in them all day.

A while back I came across the website BrownBoy while online shopping (proven guilty). I instantly fell in love with every single item but what stood out the most for me was their New York Tshirt. The minute I saw it, I knew I had to have it in my closet.

brownboyfeatureThough I haven’t spent too much time in New York, there’s something about that city that makes me so happy each time I visit. This year (till now) has been extremely dull for me on the travel front but nonetheless, the wanderlust bug wouldn’t let go and all I can think about is planning my next trip. Whether it may be while I’m traveling or otherwise, the key element of all my outfits has to be comfort. For me personally, I don’t think I can enjoy my self doing whatever it is if I don’t feel comfortable in my skin.

The outfit that I have worn here defines my perfect ‘Travel in a city’ outfit. This is exactly what I would wear while exploring town all day. The t-shirt is really casual but I absolutely love the font and of course the text itself. On the other hand, the skirt adds the glam element on the outfit. Initially I wasn’t too confident about the length of this skirt, however, it falls beautifully and even though it’s sheer, the slip attached is of the perfect length. I usually never wear heels but these flatforms are perfect to add some height in spite of being as comfortable as wearing fat sandals.









Outfit details: New York T-shirt – BrownBoy , Flatforms – Clarks, Sheer Skirt – Sher Singh (, Belt- From mom’s closet, attached midi rings – Forever21, Watch- Michael Kors Rose Gold Runway Edition, Specs- Thrifted from new york! (By Madhavi Singh!)

I really hope you liked this post! All the credit goes to Madhavi Singh from conceptualizing to photography! She’s brilliant, isn’t she? 🙂

photo (58)


Now coming to the fun bit! BrownBoy and Melange of Musings has come together to bring to you a super fun contest!

Since this New York Tshirt reminds me of my favorite city (New York!) and brings a smile to my face each time I put it on, we want YOU to take a photograph one something/someone that reminds you of your favorite city! Whether it may be a picture of bhel puri reminding you of Bombay or Fish and Chips reminding you of London!

Upload the picture on INSTAGRAM and simply do the following:

1. FOLLOW @melangeofmusings and @brownonyou

2. TAG @melangeofmusings @brownonyou in the photograph you upload

3. TAG ATLEAST 2 friends on the same photo you upload

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PHOTOGRAPH TO UPLOAD, DONT WORRY! YOU CAN USE A PHOTOGRAPH THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN UPLOADED ON INSTAGRAM! If you think that’s appropriate and reminds you of your favorite city, simply go ahead and tag 2 friends, tag us and follow us! 🙂

This contest is open till Next Monday (28th of July, 5 pm)

The prize: The NEW YORK TSHIRT! {that I’m wearing in this post}

{Open all across India}

What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin!

What’s in my bag?

Heyy guys!

This tag has been extremely popular on YouTube over the years and I can’t be more excited to upload my own What’s in my bag post! The stuff in my bag changes more or less depending on the season (other than a few essential items which are always there no matter what). Here’s what’s in my bag that I have been using over the summer! {Especially during my summer vacations where I spend a lot of time exploring the city and spending long days outside}.

photo (54)

The bag that I have been using lately is the Louis Vuitton Never full (GM) and l absolutely adore it. I use this tote when I’m travelling as well since it can store so, so much {As the name suggests}. I must however admit that I wont carry all of this stuff just to do errands or even a night out!

What’s in the bag?

Wallet: To begin with, my wallet is one essential that I carry with me at all times. This one’s a gift from many years ago but I still can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect size and though it’s simple, it’s got an elegant glossy finish to it which makes it look really special.

Sunglasses: One word- Cat eye. These have got to be one of my favorite pair of sunglasses. They are from Style Fiesta and hence weren’t too expensive either! I love having a good versatile pair in my bag at all times and this pair definitely fits the bill!

Specs: Just like my sunglasses, I have to carry my specs at all times too. I need my specs for driving or watching television and since I can be pretty careless, I don’t like spending too much on a pair. These ones are from Dayal Opticals.

Book: No matter where I go and for how long, carrying a book is absolutely imperative. I love reading and I find some to be the best time to catch up to my wish list! I just began reading Metamorphosis after having read so much about it. I must say, though I haven’t gone through, I highly recommend it! You can buy your copy here.

Portable Charger cover: My phone undoubtedly has the worst battery life ever and not having a charger with me can be extremely inconvenient for if I have to get through to anyone. Sometimes, carrying a normal charger defeats the purpose for it can get extremely tough to find a plugpoint and that’s where this portable charger from Puro comes into handy. It’s a really pretty white and gold cover which has a battery installed within it. As soon as I put the cover on and switch on a button, my phone starts to charge! I got this one from Dubai so not sure if it’s available here in India but is worth checking out.

Chewing Gum: Whether it may be mint or gum, you’ll always have a pack with me. I prefer the bottle packaging way more since it’s easier to find while I’m searching for it in the bag. Oh, and it lasts longer!

Tea Bag: However strange it sounds, I find my self carrying some sort of sachet of tea or coffee. This one is the TWG Waterfruit Green tea and its SO good! I’m absolutely obsessed with it and drink it every single day. Since I’m interning, I carry these in my bag for office #shameless.

Camera: Being a blogger and in fact simply having a passion for documenting things around me, I carry a camera with me wherever I go. Though I use my phone camera a lot but I do have my SLR handy whenever needed! Here, since I shot these photographs using the DSLR, I placed my cute little Instax Mini instead. I don’t carry this one everywhere I go but do like to have it to me on a date or a girl’s day out!

Earphones: If I have my phone, I have my earphones. These ones came with my phone itself and are really convenient to carry and are an absolute must when I’m travelling in the metro! Though I prefer listening to music over headphones, I don’t carry them every where I go (other than while I’m travelling or working out).

Wipes: This is one summer essential I just cant do without.These cool cucumber cleansing wipes are such a day saver. They cane be used for numerous purposes- whether it may be removing makeup on the go or simply cleansing away all the oil or dirt of a long day. They have a really nice cooling effect and feel refreshing when used in the soldering heat. They are available at New U stores.

Makeup: I do NOT carry makeup with me on a daily basis but these pack was lying in my bag since I carried it previously! One will find makeup in my bag if I know that I have a long day, followed by a long evening with no time to go back home in between. Carrying different items can be extremely inconvenient so nothing beats the Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive Makeup Kit (available at Duty Free). I just find it much easier to have all the products that I need for a simple day to night summer look in one place neatly packaged rather than creating my own travel makeup kit, which can be a time consuming process. If I am going to be carrying the kit, I would most likely also have my Maybelline Lip Gloss with since the kit comes with a dull nude lipstick that looks stunning with a gloss layered on!

Perfume: Another summer essential has got to a perfume. The one currently in my bag is Dior Addict. I love the scent for it’s the perfect balance of cranberry, orange and sweet musk.The size of the bottle is really convenient to carry around too!

Sunscreen Spray: Having a sunscreen with us is extremely important especially if we are outdoors all day! I hate how most sunscreens are so sticky on the skin and so I’m glad I found the sprays in the market. This sheer body mist sunscreen pray with SPF 50 is extremely light on the skin and does the job too.

Hair brush: No one likes to be sweaty tangled hair and a hairbrush is of course a must! I really want a tangle teaser too so if you know where I can get one, please do let me know!

Mirror: Though my phone has a front camera, I just love carrying this cute little ‘Bitch Please’ pocket mirror. It has a sturdy rubber lining and yes, its pink! (I got it from Happily Unmarried.)

Other items: Other things that weren’t there in this bag (SURPRISINGLY) are receipts, tons and tons of receipts. I happen to be a receipt hoarder and each time I buy some thing, I have a tendency to shove them in until they there reaches a point that I can’t find anything else in the bag.

I also carry my laptop with a diary if I have to work from somewhere and have a meeting. These two things though I don’t like tagging along with me until absolutely necessary.

Next, I have a magazine or a newspaper on me to keep me entertained during the metro journeys when I don’t have the patience to enjoy my book in peace.

I love my food so one will usually see my carrying a snack. Whether it may be a ziplock pack of almonds and walnuts or a tetrapack of Soy Milk (You would definitely find this in my bag! 😉 ), I like keeping my self hydrated and fed throughout the day.

photo (53)

photo (55)

photo (5)I really hope  you enjoyed browsing through what I like to carry with me during an ordinary summer day! I would love to hear from you of what you carry in your bags! Since its a tag, I tag ALL OF YOU! 🙂

If you have any queries, you can email me at

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all fun updates too 🙂

DermatConnect Initiative : Ask the experts! {Skin & Hair care}

Hey everyone!

Having posted the DIY: Hair Masks and DIY: Summer Glow posts, I got tons of readers asking me specific skin and hair care questions! Since, I am no expert at all, I thought it would make more sense to get you all in touch with experienced dermatologists. I know that taking appointments with the best dermatologists can be extremely tough and sometimes may pinch the pocket too, so here’s the perfect solution.  MyDermacy is an online community where people can come and ask our expert panel of dermatologists any questions they have around skin or hair care. The panel currently includes dermatologists from Delhi and Mumbai but it is continuously growing. What I like about MyDermacy is that  it’s own personal skin care expert where the doctors give unbiased opinions for all skin and hair types. It’s extremely important that we don’t mindlessly follow all ‘beauty’ trends and instead make informed choices that guide us towards a healthy  and happy lifestyle.


I must admit that even though I try to make use of my DIY treatments to keep my skin and hair healthy, just like anyone else, I have been facing a couple of issues over time and decided to send my questions across to MyDermacy. I got a really prompt reply so I thought I’d share the answers with you all! I’m sure it will help all those facing similar problems.

1. Even though I don’t get acne too often, I do breakout right before I get my period. What’s the best way to handle these breakouts which seem uncontrollable?

Premenstrual acne occurs under the influence of hormones called androgens (especially testosterone).

In case, your PMS acne is severe or is associated with any of the following features – irregular periods, excessive hair on face, hair fall etc. get your hormonal profile checked ( DHEAS, testosterone, LH, FSH etc. ) and an abdominal Ultrasound done to rule out polycystic ovarian syndrome.

If your hormonal profile shows any irregularity, you need to consult your dermatologist about taking hormonal treatments (antiandrogen medicines, oral contraceptives etc.). In case, it’s regular acne, treatment in the form of antibiotics and retinoids would suffice to help you get rid of the problem. (benzoyl peroxide cream in morning and tretinoin at night).

 2. What percentage of SPF should I use in my sunscreen lotion once college resumes and I’m back to the grind in the Delhi heat?

SPF (sun protection factor) 30 gives 97% protection from UV rays whereas SPF 50 gives 99% protection. So choose either SPF 30 or 50 (above this it’s nothing but marketing gimmick) depending on how much time you spend in sun. It is more important to use it liberally and regularly for it to give you adequate sun protection. Apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before moving out in sun since it takes 20 minutes for the sunscreen to get absorbed into the skin and start working. One needs to reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours for any sunscreen as it works for 2 to 3 hours only. It’s better to club it with other sun protective measures like an umbrella (one with silver coating inside gives adequate sun protection), sunglasses, etc. to get adequate sun protection.

 3. The crown of my scalp is oily as compared to the rest of my hair which is normal/towards the dry side. If I use a cream based shampoo rather than a clear shampoo, the crown gets even more oily than before. Is there any solution to this? 

The basic texture of your scalp and hair cannot be changed. At the most, you can just use the products which compensate for the problematic textures. Say for instance, if your hair gets drier at the lower end, make it a habit to use a conditioner every time you was your hair. Detergent in the hair strips it of moisture leaving it dry. The moisture can be replenished by the conditioner making your hair soft again. (Squeeze out the water from your hair ends, apply conditioner, leave it for ten minutes and wash it off. Don’t apply conditioner on hair dripping with water or the conditioner won’t get absorbed). You can also use leave on serums at the hair ends after washing your hair (Tango hair serum, Lo’real hair serums)

Oiliness of the crown should not be a much of a problem. But in case the oil production is so much that it makes your hair sticky, stop using a cream based shampoo which further aggravates the problem. Use a clearing shampoo instead. You can also try using curd, which not only controls excess oil production from your scalp but makes your hair smooth and silky as well.

 4. What exactly are black heads? I have some scattered on my nose and what to know the safest way (of course the least painful one) to get rid of them. 

Oil glands deep in the skin produce oil which is secreted to the skin surface through the connecting channels opening at the skin surface. When the opening of these channels get blocked at the surface either due to excess dirt, sweat or dead skin cell accumulation one gets black heads.

Use a salicylic acid based face wash (Speelac face wash) twice a day. Use Tretinoin cream at night over the nose (apply only a peanut sized amount of cream, not more than that). You can also opt for a few sessions of salicylic acid based peels done fortnightly at any good aesthetic clinic. In case the blackheads are large enough to be squeezed out with a comedone extractor, your dermatologist can do that in the same session too. It just takes ten minutes per session. Walnuts scrubs used at home at weekly intervals would help too. Don’t worry, none of them hurt.


Now that you have read the answers provided by the experts themselves, here’s where it gets fun!  MyDermacy is offering a week long session for all of you wherein their  panel of dermatologists will be available to answer any skin related questions you may have. You can post all your questions in the comments below and the dermatologists will reply to your query as soon as possible. You can also send in your questions on the Melange of Musings Instagram Page (comment on the DermatConnect Initiative picture) / on the Melange of Musings Facebook Page (comment on the DermatConnect Initiative picture) or simply tweet your questions!

mydermacy-banner2Some simple rules to follow

1. Make sure you are follow  Mydermacy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2. Follow Melange of Musings on Facebook, Instagram and  Twitter

3. Post your queries in the comments below. You can post as many questions as you like.

4..You can post your queries on the campaign picture posted on Instagram and Facebook or tweet me your questions! I will pass them on to the doctors.

5. Ask specific questions and include any enough details to prescribe personalized solutions.

6. If the question is too personal, feel free to message me on Facebook, and I will reply back with the answer maintaining  your anonymity!

7. If you are not on any form of social media, don’t worry! You can still leave in your question and the doctors as soon as possible.

8. The doctors will be available the 3rd of July, so make sure you let all your friends know!

Spread the love 🙂

Disclaimer: All anonymous posts are authentic. The readers have sent in their queries via email/Facebook message/text message since they are not comfortable with posting their information online. If you have a query too, go ahead and message me!