New Room! // Room Tour 2016

Hey guys,

Let me begin by apologising for being MIA! I am so, so sorry but my health has not been by my side at all recently! Nonetless, I wish you all a really, really HAPPYY NEW YEAR! <3

So here’s a post that I knew quite a few of you have been waiting for.As much as I would love to do this post in a video format, I wanted to make sure I post it up as a blog post. Better late than never right?

For all of you who didn’t know, my room before it was completely re-done was bright orange and hot pink since this colour combination was my absolute favorite in my teenage years. I grew up over the years and hence going in for all white bright room this time around was a no brainer for me. Though most of the furniture is not new, it looks really different since it was dark wood that’s been painted white!



Full Study Console with the chest of drawers: Alex Davis (The Indi Store)

Flowers: Home Centre

Frame: All from London-Covent Garden

All Candles: Home Centre

Buddha: Im not sure!




(PS: the open drawer in the first picture was killing me so clicked  another one. Little did I know the chair would decide to rotate itself. Oh well, hope you get a thorough idea now!}

Bed, side tables- Alex Davis (The Indi Store)

Lamps: Kapoor Lamp Shades

Chair: Furniture Wala

Standing Lamp: Furniture Wala



Vanity/Dressing table with the mirror: Home Centre

White Side Table: Home Centre6


All cushions: Good Earth

Chandelier: Good Earth

Bag Rack: The Indi Store (Alex Davis)


Incase you want to know about any specific pieces in my room or have any queries about it, please email me or comment on my Instagram and Ill surely reply!

untill next time

love youuu <3

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  1. Hey! Loved the interiors! I too am planning to do a little makeover of my room…if you don’t mind could you please share the details of the paint type(any specific brand or quality) that can be used over wood ply!

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