Review & Haul: The Kirana Shop

Meherchand Market has been a favorite for a while now! Though, it doesn’t replace Khan Market for me, I do find my self visiting this hub more than ever. On visit visit to Meherchand, I came across this pretty mint colour board named The Kirana Shop. {Anything mint will definitely capture my eye!}. Having seen it’s presence on social media and heard about it through a couple of friends, I decided to check it out and boy, was I surprised! The Kirana Shop as the name suggests houses all your basic groceries, but with a twist of course! In a time of fast-paced lifestyles, where processed food and chemicals seep into our habits, we  need a little help from Nature itself. This shop is basically a one-stop shop for everything organic and healthy! In a way, its a go-to for those committed to a wholesome lifestyle. Well-stocked shelves that have on display minimally-processed foods, organic produce, natural beauty products and nutritional supplements; The Kirana  has something in store for everyone.

The Store

The store in itself is very well organized with organic staples, detox foods, beauty products all segregated making life simpler for any shopper. It really does give a person space to browse around and take their time to go through different products and brands. If you’re lucky, youll find the same product in multiple brands giving you more options to choose from!





The Haul

My visit to The Kirana Shop turned out to be more fruitful than I expected! I picked up quite a few times to try out or re-stock in the Kitchen. I have really started using all natural beauty products too so obviously couldn’t resist picking up these. I got a lavender soap, Just herbs face pack trio , organic kajal {I really needed this since my eye water way too easily} and my favorite- chocolate body wash! I really recommend you try out the Just Herbs treatement pack – its UHAMAZZINGG. Next I went in for the Sulai Honey, Rose Herbal Mint Tea and Nippat. Sulai Honey is perfect as a replacement for sugar and works really well with pancakes too {trust me!}. Mint tea on the other hand is full of antioxidants and is really, really good for you to kick start your day. I love spicy food so when I saw the Bhoot Jolokia bottle, I just coudn’t stop my self! I had to pick it up. {This is EXTREMELY spicy so if you do buy it, make sure you use it wisely}. If you’re like me, you probably feel hungry every two hours {hides face} but still want to snack healthy! A snack like Nippat is amazing if eaten in the right proportion with your favorite pickle. I picked up the Ginger Pickle by the Kirana Shop itself and its divine! Ginger is not everyone’s cup of tea but I absolutely love it. Now, coming to the really healthy stuff- I bought Acai Powder, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Museli, Palm Jaggery and brown rice.All these products have SO many healthy benefits and work is brilliant substitutes in every day cooking. To be honest, all of these products are still not that easily available, so I must admit I was really excited to see them all stacked in one store! If you’re in to smart eating and no fad diets, visiting this little store can surely make you really happy. Having asked the sales lady, I was told that they also deliver around the area {which really helps all those who can’t by themselves}.








Verdict: The Kirana Shop has a great variety of products under one roof which are really worth checking out. As mentioned earlier, that was a huge plus point for me since sourcing different products from different shops across the city can be pain. From Cacao nibs to Aachar, you have it all! I personally loved the quality and packing of the Kirana Shop products themselves! Yes, some of the products are definitely not very budget friendly but others are really worth the buy!

The Shop: The Kirana Shop131 Mehar Chand Market, Lodi Colony, New Delhi, India

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