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Debasree and I are back with another post in our How to Blog series. This time we talk all about Instagram! Check out Debasree’s post to see how you can get followers, how to schedule your posts, finding your niche on  Instagram and sticking to a theme.

In this post, I am finally sharing with you some of my tips to click and edit Instagram photos. A lot of you have asked me previously about the equipments that I use and to be very honest, I stick to my Iphone. When I have more time on my hands, I use my trusty Sony Alpha a5000 which is amazing for Instagram photos! I do have a tripod but don’t use it for Instagram since I usually just post one picture about a certain product. If I have to click photos for my blog post, I make use of the tripod since it’s less tiring and easier to experiment with angles. I don’t use any other external lights at all! I have two white boards that I use for flat lay pictures, along with experimenting with wooden flooring, tiles, textures etc! It’s all about capturing moments and being as creative as you can when it comes to capturing the perfect photograph.


1. Natural light
I cannot begin to emphasize on how amazing natural light is! It’s definitely the perfect lighting you can ever have your photographs. The best lighting is 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset- The golden hour! Pictures look flawless taken during this time of the day and require no editing at all. When the light is too harsh in the middle of the afternoon, you would notice the pictures may be too warm or may have too many unflattering shadows. If you have tunsten bulbs (yellow lights) in your house- NEVER have them on when youre taking a picture. They give off the ugliest yellow effect. Switch off all lights and try using only natural light as much as possible. If you’re taking a picture at night, white light is the way to go {The light that is emitted from tube lights}
2. Top Angle
If you follow a lot of photographers/bloggers on Instagram, you would have seen tons of pictures shot from the top angle. That is because, it offers a really interesting perspective. It takes some practice and hard work since you may have to stand on a chair to click us pictures. What I love about this type of photography is that the background too plays an important role rather than the primary products being in focus. If you want to experiment with such photos, start with taking clicking photographs of your food!
 4. Proportions
It’s not necessary that all the products in your picture are fully in frame. Experiment with proportions What’s important is what the image is trying to convey. If you get the feel of me travelling in Italy even though half of the pizza is in the frame- the job is done! . Just remenber, every picture tells us a story so play around with the composition and don’t fret if all those pretty things may be cut off!
5. Prints and textures
Though a lot of Bloggers stick to a black/white background for their flat lays but I love experimenting. Whether its using hard wood flooring or a faux fur throw, I love seeing how different colours and textures compliment each other. Have a scarf that you love? Use it as a base or background for your photograph!
6. #OOTD
Though I don’t take too many convebtional OOTD’s, when I do, I try keeping the background as simple as possible! A white wall, a solid coloured wall or even a wooden gate like this is just about the amount of crazyness I like in my daily ootds. However, having said that, if you’re wearing a monochrome outfit, go all out with a crazy background with graffiti! It’s all about finding that perfect balance. When clicking ootd’s, tell the photographer to take your photos bottom-up- you’ll look taller. Thank you.
Processed with Moldiv
One of my favorite fashion related shots are #FromWhereIStand. I love these photographs since I click them on my own rather than getting someone else to do so. When experimenting with such photographs, make sure you have a couple of accessories- a watch/bag/statement pants/shoes. Since what shows is basically the bottom half of your outfit, think about proportions here too. I try taking such pictures on different flooring/tiles/streets especially if my outfit is not that crazy! fwis
7. Focus
If you’re taking a picture of a drink/ice cream {very popular travel picture} raised in the air, make sure you focus! I used an Iphone to click this picture and focused it using the little box that Iphone camera uses for focusing. It does a decent job! Focusing needless to stay is very important in every picture but when you have a single subject like this, it is absolutely crucial.
If you have taken pictures in natural lighting, excessively editing photographs is absolutely unnecessary. I edit all my pictures on my phone since I find the apps that I use very efficient and easy as compared to using photoshop which is a tedious process.
I don’t know why people don’t talk about Instagram’s internal editing software. It has everything you need- from changing the brightness, contrast and increasing clarity of a picture. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that all my pictures are very bright and vibrant. Unlike most bloggers, I don’t have a faded filter on my pictures. I do increase the saturation, lux and contrast quite a bit on every picture for it to match my profile’s theme. I NEVER use a filter. EVER. I just dont like the way they look- I am not too sure why. I like the natural colours of the pictures to be highlighted and thats why I don’t use any popular cool tone effects either.
2. VSCOCam
Most people use Vsco cam for it’s plethora of filters that usually give a photograph a cooler tone/fader effect. I on the other hand use vsco cam to decide what my photos will look on my profile. Vscocam has a feed of it’s own that looks identical to that of Instagram. Before uploading a picture on Instagram, I upload it on VSCOCAM (not to edit it haha)but to simply see if it will even match the picture next to it.
3. Snapseed
This app is the closest that it can get to photogshop. I use it for editing flat lay photos. Lets say you you took a photograph infront of a window and only one half of the photograph is well lit and the other half is pretty dark. This app has a selective brightness feature which is amazing! You can selectively pick what portions of the picture you want to edit rather than editing or over-exposing the entire picture.
4. Facetune
Before you make any assumptions, let me tell you that this app is very, very handy to smoothen out pixelated pictures. If you have a certain part of the picture that you want in focus- it even has a sharpen tool. I also use this app to adjust the whites in my pictures. Often the colour white in photographs may come off as a little yellowish, so the whitening feature is amazing!
I can go on and on with more photography and editing tips, but I will stop for now! If you guys would want more tips, I’ll surely write another post 🙂 If any of these tips helped you, please do let me know!

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  1. a very very nice and super super informative post!! I am a new bie blogger…can’t tell you how hard I have struggled for the info of domains, hosting and things like that…with no one to help or explain!!! I am glad and super thankful to you for atleast giving a thought and doing a wonderful series like this!!
    pplease throw some light on how to create logo, how mark the water line on pictures effectively on blog pictures and how to label products on picture using different text.

    once again thank you to both of u wonderful people!!

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