Lets rant- My pet peeves

Hey guys! I was in a mood to share more about my self with you so here the things that truly tick me off!

PS: they aren’t meant to offend anyone and I won’t  hate you if you do some of these things, but you know, may just judge you a little hehe

So lets begin,

1. People who are rude to servers in a restaurant, flight attendants, nurses, or even domestic help at home. This has got to be the biggest turn off in the world. If you can’t learn to respect someone who is offering their services of care, then shame on you.

2. People who are texting on their phones while walking, pooping, eating, drinking, bathing. STOP. I am on my phone, A LOT and some of you may say “ Oh, that’s hypocritical” but honestly, people grow up and I have. DO NOT sit with me on the dinner table and check your phone for instagram updates cause I am pretty sure my life’s feed is more exciting than your newsfeed. Also, if youre walking and texting, it would be nice of you to look up every 10 seconds to see that you don’t walk into someone. Or, how about moving aside and standing in a corner while you finish the oh, so important conversation

3. PR companies that contact bloggers and expect work to be done in return for a free meal. Next time you need to pay your rent, I will send you a little burger. May the juicy lucy satisfy your landlord.

4. People who buy/adopt pets with no intention of taking care of them. WHY? No, why would you buy a little doggie and keep him outside for hours. My asshole of a neighbor does that (I hope he reads this). It’s absolutely inhuman to torture a pet like that. If you can’t take care of a dog, don’t get one! When you have kids, would you tie them at the gate with a leash in delhi heat? I HOPE YOU DO.

5. This one is a little tricky and I don’t know if it ticks off other people but I clearly get really irritated when I invest a lot of time, effort and energy in a blog/ instagram post and receive comments from random people (mostly new bloggers from across the world) which are mostly like this:

“wow! ”
“nice, check my page”
“great! Check my page”
“check my page”
“AWSOME! Check my page”
“love your feed. Check my page”

Worst part? The picture is probably about me ranting about how my blog posts got deleted and im sad. WHY WOULD YOU COMMENT SAYING “WOW!”

6. When you walk by a corridor/street and see someone you met just the other night and smile but they don’t smile back. Why? Did you tell me your entire life history only cause of the free tequila, last night?

7. When I’m trying to find something particular online while shopping and finally get a hold of it only to see that its not available in my size. FAIL

8. When one is standing in que at the airport and everyone is required to show their passport to security but the person infront of you has conviently kept the document in their 10th pocket of Mary Poppin’s bag till the last second. So, when its their turn, instead of quickly showing the passport and moving on, you waste time and slow down the que cause you couldn’t hold ONE little document in your hand for 5 seconds? People do this in the metro station too. You know you need the token/card to get through the gates. Why would you start searching for it when you reach the gate and have to swipe the card?

9. When people think its okay to listen to music on loud speaker in a public space- in a bus/metro etc. I don’t want to listen to Katy Perry roar so can you please stop?

10. When I go for waxing and I’m all done and happy and then 2 days later I realise that there’s a whole patch of hair that hasn’t been removed. Now, I officially have a hairy spot on my leg which will have a different growth rate when compared to the rest of my leg. The battle begins.

Do you relate to any of them? What are your pet peeves?

Mélange of Musings is a blog by Sara Suri. She's currently pursuing a Masters in Sociology but through this blog that shares her gastronomic adventures, travel tales, Delhi diaries and fashion & beauty takes.


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