My Workout Essentials: Gym bag, active wear, tech accessories and more!


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If you follow me on Instagram , you’d know that I have re-started my fitness journey! I post regularly on all my social media pages tons of healthy meal ideas under hashtag #MMFitnessJourney . Along with eating healthy, going to the gym or working out in any way is equally important! The gym and I share a love hate relationship where I don’t really like the idea of actually going to the gym but once I am there and start working out, I LOVE IT! It’s all about pushing my self to take that step and reach the gym. Once I am in, I always have a great time! So today, I am going to be sharing with you my Gym Bag essentials!

Unless I am going to the gym from somewhere else directly, 99% of the times, I change from home so don’t need to carry a set of gym clothes or a towel with me (The health club provides  the towels). So lets begin!
IMG_3615When it comes to gym wear, it’s extremely important that you wear breathable clothes which are high quality. The idea is to wear something that is not too flimsy but neither is it going to make you feel like you’re going to choke cause of how tight it is! My Gym clothes are from a whole range of brands and if I start talking about each of them, it can take forever.


In this post, I am simply showing you some of my favorite pieces of clothing that I absolutely cherish. My workout leggings are by Reebok and they are from the PLAYDRY range. They are honestly the comfiest leggings in the world. If you know me, you have probably seen me wearing these outside the gym too with formal shirts etc! Yes I am that person. They are full length (I don’t particularly like the kind that cut off mid calf!). These leggings also have a little pocket inside the waist band to keep your phone/ipod! ITS LIKE MAGIC.

My tee on the other hand is by Forever21 and its from their Basic Collection. Quite surprisingly, I do love their basic/active wear collection.These T-shirts and camisoles are very reasonably priced and are a must buy! For more active wear clothes, you must check out Gap, Lulu Lemons and Nike! IMG_3618

For sneakers, I SWEAR by Nike. I have tried Puma, Reebok and Adidas as well, but honestly nothing beats Nike. Yes, these pair of sneakers are neon orange and I know they might be everypne’s cup of tea but I absolutely love them. I have a really big foot size (41 Europe), so finding stuff in the Women’s Section in India can be pretty painful! I have always ended up buying black boring sneakers cause I usually dont get too many options. However, when I went sneaker shopping last time, I got my eyes on these babies and they were in my size! WOOOHOO! I just couldn’t be happier to go in for a colour other than black.


When I workout in the winter, I most definitely wear a jacket (DUH), but I prefer wearing a lightweight jacket during the summer too. If I am working out outdoors, then ofcourse it is not needed. But if im going to the gym which is deeply airconditioned, I find that wearing jacket like this  this really helps me build a sweat. It also protects me from getting a exposure. Gyms can get really cold and if you’re sweating, chances are that you might catch a  chill! I love how thin and light this Adidas Jacket is. It doesnt intervene in my workout and infact helps me sweat more which is always a good thing!

One of the most essential things for girls/women are SPORTS BRAS! YOU MUST NEVER WORKOUT WITHOUT WEARING THEM. I cannot possibly emphasize this enough. Wearing a sports bra is extremely important while at the gym. I get all my Sports Bras from Marks and Spencers. Right after shooting this post, I hit the store again and ended up buying really cute ones! I have uploaded a picture on Instagram so go check it out there 🙂 Wearing a normal bra to the gym which doesn’t offer support is really bad not only for your breasts but also your back! Please make sure that you invest in at least 2 sport bras (depending on the number of times you work out).


Now lets move on to what I usually carry in my Gym Bag itself. My Bag is from H&M and thought it’s pretty old, it’s absolutely perfect for going to the gym or a swim The bag has a waterproof texture and that really helps incase you want to carry a wet swimming suit/towel. It is also spacious enough to carry an extra change of clothes incase I plan to have a shower at the health club itself.

My workout vary from day to day (You can check out the post where I discuss my detailed fitness routine here). Though I do cardio on a daily basis, I do really enjoy functional training and using weights. For that reason, wearing gloves becomes pretty important for me. My skin is pretty sensitive and if I lift weights or use any sort of machinery while working on my arms, I seem to get blisters , hence investing in a good pair of gloves was a must! These are really good quality and offer an amazing grip as well. They are avaialble in any sports store such as Lodi Sports in Delhi.

I do have a tendency to get light headed while working out especially if I have not taken any pre workout drink/snack with me so I ALWAYS have a Smart Shaker with me. This tumblr usually have some water infused with lemon in it that I can sip on during the workout OR sometimes, I make a post-workout smoothie and carry it with me so that I can have it right after working out (If I know I wouldnt be going back home directly).

Wearing deodrant and carrying a body mist or any sort of perfume/scent/deo is unsaid! Before going to the gym, when I get ready I put on some deodrant! However, in my bag, I carry this body mist which isnt as strong as a deodrant but does the job! Ill use it once mid workout! Better safe and sorry, right?
IMG_3624Finally, I carry my tech accessories! Coincidently, just after shooting this post, I also ended up buying a new pair of headphones. Shown  in this picture are my trusty Skull Candy white headphones that worked really really well. I loved how the wire was rubbery which restricted it from getting knotting onto itself. The new headphone I have bought are the Sony MDR XB450 in White (Check out the picture on Instagram). They are very affordable and are absolutely amazing! They really remind of the Frendz headphones at a fraction of the cost.

Along with my headphones, I have an arm strap that I can strap on to my arm (GENIUS). This accessory is really, really helpful specially if you’re doing body workouts and don’t have any pockets in your leggings/track pants! An iphone/Ipod fits in perfectly and I can change the songs through the plastic sheet as well! So thats a plus point! The velcro on the strap works amazingly well so the phone doesn’t budge at all and this strap doesn’t slide or slip. I got this from Gafaar Market in Karol Bagh but I am sure it’s easily available in any Sports Shop!

BONUS: I thought I would share with you some of my favorite workout songs too! If you like, I can do a more elaborate list and even make a playlist of Youtube/8 tracks or Spotify! Let me know if you’re interested.

1. Kygo feat Conrad – Firestone (Kream Remix)

2. Kygo feat Parson James – Stole the Show 

3. Flo Rida – GDFR

4. David Guetta feat Sam Martin- Dangerous

5. Robin Schulz feat Jasmine Thomposon- Sun goes down

6. Klingande – Punga

7. Calvin Harris feat John Newman- Blame

8. Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding- Outside

9. Animals- Maroon 5

10. Tiesto – Red Lights

So here it is guys! These are my workout essentials! If you have any queries, you can email me at or comment here! I will surely reply 🙂 What are your essentials? I hope this post motivated you even a little to go ahead and start your fitness journey!

Love you all xx


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