My Hair story, hair analysis & Happy Hair Challenge featuring Garnier Fructis

IMG_2850Hey guys!

Many of you have asked me about my hair and what I do to care for it! So, in this post I will be doing a little analysis of my hair and also answering some of your frequently asked questions.

My Hair Story

As a child I’ve always had straight hair, but over the years my hair started to become wavier by the day and I am not too sure why! I was always really fond of straight hair and hence made the choice to get it re-bonded once and smoothened twice. Luckily though, unlike most cases, my hair didn’t face any damage and even after these three treatments, it still remained more or less the same in the health department. However, what did change was the fact that my hair turned from being straight as a child to completely curly! Each time the effect of smoothening or straightening wore off, my hair become curlier than what it was originally. This hair re-bonding/smoothening phase of mine ended by the time I graduated school and entered college (thankfully).


It was then that I decided to really take care of my hair and so I began a proper hair care routine. I won’t go into too much detail of every single product I used but will simply share with you the steps of my hair care routine.

My Hair Routine

1. Hair Oiling: I make sure I oil my hair once a week. Since I can remember, I having been using the hair oil and hair tonic by this lady in Delhi called Kamini Jha, or popularly known as Kamini Aunty! Kamini Aunty’s hai products are magical and that’s the best way I can put it. The reason I didn’t end up damaging my hair inspite of all the chemicals I attacked it with was all thanks to her products. All the products that she makes are purely organic and have no chemicals in them! Infact, one doesn’t even know the ingredients (other than the ones you can smell and tell that they’re present in the bottle). I highly recommend going to her if you’re in a serious hair crisis!

2. Hair Masks: It is really no surprise that I am obsessed with hair masks made at home. I have written a very detailed posts on some of my favorite hair masks. I use any one hair mask once a week too. I usually oil my hair on Sundays and use a hair mask mid week!ingridients3. Shampoo, Conditioner: I make sure I keep changing my shampoo and conditioner every few weeks since having done a lot of research, it has been proven that one must not use the same shampoo every single day forever! It’s always good to give your hair a change. I shampoo and condition my hair every alternate day! The day I oil my hair or use a hair mask, that day, I don’t need to use a conditioner.

4. Hair Serum and Heat Protectant: Whenever I wash my hair, I make sure I do use a drop of hair serum and a Heat Protectant spray since I do usually blow dry my hair. I try my best to let it naturally dry atleast 80% of the way but I do use the hair drier for the remaining 20%.

My Current Hair Analysis and your questions answered

The pictures that you see on Instagram is what my hair looks like after I have a bath and simply blow dry or air dry my hair. By blow dry, I do not mean style it like how it’s done in parlours, but simply dry it so that it’s not damp. My current texture is wavy but, if I after washing and drying my hair I keep it in a plat for even 10 minutes, I get loose curls as seen in every single picture. I do have frizzy hair and during the monsoon season my hair can be absolutely unmanageable. Unlike most people, I do have to wash my hair every alternate day and sometimes everyday too since it gets oily really easily! Though it doesn’t really look like it, I do get a slight hair fall problem once in a while where my hair looses its strength and it starts falling untill I get it under control! I am constantly on the look out for new shampoos and conditioners that aren’t too harsh on the hair and that I can use often without worrying!

The Garnier Fructis Happy Hair Challenge

I was sent two Garnier Fructis products a couple of days ago to try and take part in their Happy Hair Challenge. These products go by the name: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening Shampoo and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening Conditioner.

With bright yellow happy packaging, these bottles remind me of summer as soon as I saw them! The shampoo is claimed to have the benefits of three of my favorite oils: Almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil and as soon as you open the bottle, you can smell the scent of the shampoo and I love it! It’s very similar to other Garnier products but has a more creamy coconut-y smell and I LOVE that.

I will be using this shampoo and conditioner duo till the 14th of March and will give you and update of my hair then! I really hope this shampoo helps in strengthening my hair and reducing the frizz now that summer is right around the corner. One cannot possibly go wrong with this triple oil combination and I am so, so excited to try these out!

Don’t forget to check out my updated hair analysis on the 15th of March where I will do a detailed review of the products after having used them for these two weeks!



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