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Makeup 101: Winter Makeup Routine {Full face}

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Hey guys,

Today I want to share with you a list of products along with a full face makeup routine for winter. I recently got into using makeup and find it so much fun exprimenting with products and creating new looks. In this post I have mentioned at least one product for each part of your face. Please do note that this is NOT my everyday makeup routine and infact I don’t even wear makeup daily in the first place. This step by step product list + routine is a full proof guide for all those who want some ideas for an event, winter brunch, wedding or a day out where you’d want to dress up. This post should also help you if you’re absolutely new to makeup and want to go on a makeup spree but are not sure as to what products to buy. You can keep this list in mind and eliminate/add the products as you like 🙂 I have not explained the exact technique as to how to apply each product and I would love to do that in multiple posts in the future. I will also talk about makeup tools and non-makeup beauty products that are a must have in future posts! Please do let me know if you’re interested.

For some really smart and easy makeup tricks, go ahead and check out Shirin Rai Gupta’s blog post – Confessions of a Makeup Junkie. I learnt so much from it too! She talks about makeup tools, makeup removals, quick tips for eye shadows , her favorite makeup vloggers and lots more!

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I must be honest and admit that I started used a primer fairly recently. Initially I wasn’t sure of what purpose it served but once I got my hands on Maybelline’s Pore eraser, there is no going back. Primers basically create a canvas on your face erasing or diminishing all pores that make sure your makeup stays on all day. Just take a pump and apply on your face (like moisturiser, especially focusing on the parts that have pores).

Products I love: Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore eraser

Benefit’s Porefessional

NYX Studio Perfect Primer


Having created a base for the makeup, next go ahead and apply foundation, BB cream or CC cream evenly all across the face. You can use a damp makeup sponge, a buffing brush or even your clean fingers. I’m personally okay with using my fingers to apply BB cream, so long as one takes enough time to blend it in the skin. The good part about the BB cream I use is that it gives a decent amount of coverage and can be built up for full coverage. In case of the the Rimmel BB cream, one doesn’t need a concealer too since the BB cream does the job well.

Products I love: Rimmel’s BB cream (Matte)

Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation


Though the BB cream does the job, and equalizes the skin tone across the face, if you must, use the concealer to brighten up the under eye area prone to dark circles or conceal any zits that my skin may have. For this, both the concealers do an amazing job! Just make sure that you don’t tugg on the under eye area and use your clean ring finger to apply the concealer. You can also add the concealer/highlighter on the fore head and the side of the nose to brighten up these areas.(see image below)

Products I love: Rimmel’s Wake me up Concealer

Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Concealer


Maybelline’s Dream Matt Powder works as a dream to set the foundation and concealer in itself place. Use a powder brush to apply this powder, focusing on the T-zone area. This powder ensures that your skin remains matt throughout the day and the foundation doesnt budge from its place


The main purpose of contouring and highlighting is to bring in shadows and highlights on to your face, where the light would naturally fall. For those all you need is a bronzer or try improvising by using a matt eye shadow color that is a little darker than your skin colour.Use a contour brush for this or any brush that will give you a certain amount of precision. Apply the darker colour as shown in the image below. The darkest brown shade is the bronzer, lightest shade is the concealer, the pinkish shade is the blush and the glitter as shown in the image is an illuminator or the highlighter. For highlighting, you can use a highlighter or simply a lighter eye shadow that can pass of as on- something neutral ofcourse. Apply it right above your cheek bones, on the forehead and upper the lip as shown in the picture Apply the Blush on the apples cheeks on an upward motion as shown in the picture.

Products I love: Blush: Rimmel’s Lasting Finish soft colour mono blush

Revlon’s Photo ready cream blush 

Bronzer: Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer 

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder

Highlighter: Revlon Photoready Skinlights

NYX Illuminator







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EYE LID: To create a neutral yet fun look, I used the MUA  romantic efflorescence palette and the Revlon  Colour Stay 16 hour Eye Shadow quad.  On the light, apply shade 1 (as shown in the image). What i love about this shade is that though it;’s glittery, it stays on for the whole day and doesn’t budge at all. CREASE: In the crease of your eye, apply shade 2 to darken the look. Make sure you blend it extremely well so that no harsh lines show. EYE BROW HIGHLIGHT and NNER CORNER HIGHLIGHT: Apply shade 3 (Revlon’s Quad) to highlight the inner corner of your eyes and the eyebrow. If you don’t want to invest in eyeshadhow paltettes curently, I highly recommend Maybelline’s  24 hour Colour Tattoo. These single eye shadows are absolutely AMAZING. You simply need to apply this one shade on your entire eyelid and that’s all you need.

2.EYE LINER: Apply a winged eyeliner (Ill be happy to do a turtorial on the same). I use the Loreal Super Liner.

3. WATER LINE: I cannot go out without applying Kohl. I apply Kajal on the water line focusing it on the outer half of the waterline and not in the inner corner. Focusing it on the inner corner will  make your eyes look smaller.

4.  EYE BROWS:  #Thebrowgame is so, so important. Make sure you fill in your brows either with an eye shadow that matches your brow shade or use an eyebrow pencil. Rimmel’s Brow pencil is so inexpensive and does a brilliant job. I also swear by Benefit’s Brow Voluminizing Fiber Gel.

5. MASCARA: Apply atleast two coats of Mascara to add volume and lengthen your eyelashes. I swear by Maybelline’s The Falsies. It’s handsown the best drugstore Mascara available. You can also check on Benefit’s They’re Real which is known to do wonders.FullSizeRender (7)



I love a good pink lip and using two shades works wonders to create the perfect tone. I use the Rimmel Chubby stick  (Lasting Finissh Colour Rush)  all over the lip followed my Maybelline’s Colorsensational lipstick in light pink focused on the centre of the lips.


That completes a full face makeup routine! If you have any queries when it comes to the products (exact shades and specifications), their availability, techniques, tools  etc, you can email me on or comment on Instagram and I will surely answer your questions. Im so sorry for not being able to go in depth with how each product needs to be applied as this post would never end! I really hope this post gave you some basic information on the products I love using. 99% of the products here are drug store products and hence are extrmely reasonable. There’s no need to spend too much money on makeup especially when you’re a beginner. Most of the products can be used for multiple purposes as I talked about it earlier throughout the post 🙂

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