Lately Lusting {Valentines Day Gift Ideas}

Heyy guys!

I have been lusting over a lot of things lately and infact the list just grows! I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the products I really want to buy! I have mentioned a diverse list of thing which include fashion items, home stuff, accessory and makeup! These are things that I have had my eyes on for a while but have just not gotten around getting them for some of the other reason! If you own any of these things, PLEASE do write to me or comment on Instagram ( I reply to every single comment), telling me how you find that product to be!


What: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

Why: Known to give a falsies effect, this baby has been raved about by almost every beauty blogger! I have never used false eye lashes before and for some reason, I am scared of applying them. So this Mascara seems like a perfect dupe for the same

Where: It’s available in Sephora Stores across India!

How much: It retails for approximately Rs.1450 in India (the last time I checked)

What: Bioderma sensibo H20 , Makeup removing micellar solution

Why: I have been on the lookout for the pefect makeup remover and still haven’t found one. Though I use baby oil to wipe of my eye makeup ( it doesn’t hurt at all), it leaves my face oily untill I apply some rose water succeeding that. I want an all encompassing product that this the job for me quickly and this product seems like it is worth trying out!

Where: It’s available on 

How much: Rs. 850 for 250 ml {Precisely the reason I haven’t bought it yet}


What: Freds Taylor Headphones

Why: Rose Gold. Enough said

Where: They’re available on which ships to India.

How much: Rs. 12,394


What: Dangler Choker

Why: I don’t own any choker necklaces since I wasn’t sure if I could carry them off. These necklaces always reminded me of the 90’s {not a good thing} haha! However, this piece with this pearl and crystal detailing is absolutely stunning! It will work well with a basic cardigan or even a button up denim shirt.

Where: It’s available on {LOVE IT!}

How much: Rs. 699


What: Plimsolls

Why: Do I really need to give a reason? Just look at these babies. They are the epitome of versatility! These shoes will go with possibility anything! They look super comfy too.

Where: They’re available on 

How much: Rs.2000 minus the customs
image1xxl (2)

What: Full circle Midi Skirt with Pleats

Why: I am pretty tall {5 10 or so) and I feel I can carry this skirt off! The skirt is a perfect length if you don’t want to show too much skin. It’s also extremely feminine and flattering!

Where: It’s available on

How much: Rs. 1500 minus customs

What: Whistle while you work Tackle Box

Why: I am a stationary hoarder. I absolutely LOVE new stationary and when I saw this set, I just couldn’t help my self from falling in love

Where: It’s available on

How much: Rs.2500 approx

naked on the run

What: Urban Decay Naked on the run palette

Why: I don’t own any Urban Decay products since I find them a bit too steep. This palette looks like a good way to try out a range of products by the company in one go! If I like the products, I can think about investing in more! Plus, it seems like the perfect palette for a full makeup look on the go!

Where: I am not too sure where this palette is available in India. However, it’s available on the Urban Decay website

Price: Rs.3300 approx

RECORD PLAYERWhat: Portable turn table

Why: I have always wanted a turntable! They are such classics and I am sucker for vintage items. It will make for a super cute decor piece too

Where: Available on

How much: Rs.6197



What: Philips Hand Mixer

Why: I have started baking a lot more often and even though mixing by hand makes for a good arm workout, having an electronic mixer will really help!

Where: It’s available on Amazon India

How much: Rs. 1789


If you enjoyued this post, Ill make sure to continue with this series and include different sorts of products into my lusting list! I’ll also try my best to add as many affordable products as possible. Let’s hope we get our hands on any of these goodies 😀


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