Italy in ten: Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Capri #MMTravelDiaries {Part II}


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I am back with another Europe travel diaries post. I know this post is way too delayed and I really apologise about the same. For some strange reason, I just don’t know why I never ended up writing this part. If you have been reading my blog lately you would have seen I have started posting really consistently and I can promise you that I won’t slack the way I did. I suppose one of the reasons I did’t end up writing this PART II is because I shared so many pictures of my travels on Instagram that I wasn’t sure if you were interested in reading this post in the first place. However, I have received queries about this post recently, so here I am, better late than never!!!

As the title of the post suggests, this is the PART II of my Italy Travelogue. To read part I click here. It will give you a better idea of the trip 🙂 In this post I will talk about DAY 5- DAY 10


Leave for Sorrento// Spend the day in Sorrento


Day trip to Capri Island


Leave for Naples from Sorrento // Lunch in Naples // Train to Rome same evening


Rome Full day


Rome Full day


Leave from Italy

Rather than writing the post as a travelogue, I thought I jot down a my MUST do’s if you plan to visit Rome and Southern Itlay.


ONE : Get your history cap on

When in Rome, be prepared to walk. There would be tons of people especially if you visit in the summer so don’t get intimated by the number of tourists and long lines. You are visiting one of the most historical cities in the world so be get ready for some long but super interesting history lessons. Since I was in Rome alone, I decided to take a walking tour which was absolutely amazing and worth the money. We checked out the marvellous Colosseum and the grand Roman Forum in a few hours. This little history walk was just the right amount of history I could take in as a tourist and be super interested at the same time.

TWO: Eat as the Romans do 

I was living in an airbnb apartment in Rome which had a fully functional kitchen so I would eat my breakfast at home or at least have a small snack with a cup of coffee before leaving for the day. Rather than having 2-3 large meals, stick to 5-6 very small meals. It would lead you to try out tons of food options. As it is fairly obvious, STICK TO ITALIAN FOOD. I would try and find little pizzerias in the by-lanes of a main square. Eating at the Pantheon for example can be really expensive and the food might just be overhyped. Instead, I chose to eat close to Pantheon but yet not right in the centre. My favourite meal was spaghetti with black truffles and olive oil! nom nom

THREE: Hit the Markets

I knew I wanted to do something different rather than only visiting historical monuments so I searched up for the best flower and farmers markets in the city. Since I had to just visit one Market, I decided to go to Campo di’ Fiore. This piazza hosts undoubtedly the most famous open air market in the city- with flower shops, fruits and vegetable vendors sprawled across selling fresh products.

FOUR: Geltao Time

Make sure you always have room for Gelato. No matter what I ate, the little glutton in me had to complete a meal with a new gelato flavour. My favourite gelato spot in the city has got to be Giolitti. I was so obsessed with this ice-cream parlour that I would see my self walking miles from another end of the city just for the ice-cream. BUT SO WORTH IT.

FIVE: Do Nothing

One of the most lovely things about the city is that it gives you the scope to do nothing. Just spend time sitting in your favourite piazza, the pantheon or the Spanish steps and engage in some people watching. You could also grab a classic cappuccino and simply enjoy the beautiful skyline and sunset across the ancient architecture.





SIX: Truly Unwind

Unlike Rome with its walking, exploring and crazy tourist vibe, the Amalfi coast can be describe by true luxury and relaxation. Since I went to Southern Italy with my parents, we did stay at the Hilton in Sorrento which is one of the most stunning properties EVER. Located exclusively on a little hill it offers some of the most mind-blowing views of the Coast.

SEVEN: Capri Island

We weren’t sure if Capri Island should be on our must visit list or not but I am so, so glad that we made the plunge and decided to visit the island for a day trip. Offering some of the most stunning landscape views, Capri is a little isle of luxury. Unlike Cinque Terre and its rustic vibe, Capri is all about the yatchs, mimosas and sun dresses. It is a heavily populated island basically full of tourists so a day trip is definitely more than enough. With almost every single luxury shop you can think of, Capri makes everything fancier. There are ferries and hydrofoils that head from Sorrento and Amalfi daily to and fro from the island.

EIGHT: The Amalfi Drive

If you’re not car sick, go for the drive of your life. The Amalfi drive will be the best road trip of your life. Cliffs on one side and water on the other, the Amalfi drive is definitely not overhyped when it’s labelled as one of the most spectacular roads across the world. You can rent your own car or even take a private tour – whatever it is, there is a price tag- but it worth it!







Once again, I really really apologize  for not posting this on time but I hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂 If you have any queries make sure to comment here/email me or ask me on Instagram!

Until next time, love you!!

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