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Let me begin by thanking you on so much love you have given me on my last few posts! I am so glad that the website is back in action after the haitus! Since so many of you found my previous makeup post helpful, I couldnt stop my self from writing one more immediately.  In this super quick post, I want to share with you how I store my makeup. Though I am not that new beauty products and did own some in the past, I never really used them and stored them away in multiple pouches that were picked up only for weddings, functions or parties. Recently, I have started wearing makeup more often and hence the makeup bags were just not working for me. I am not the most responsible person and hence magically I would lose something or the other from these pouches which became a pain.

I then decided that I need some sort of storage where I can see all the products that I own infront of me rather than being tucked away in bags. What further led me to this decision was the fact that I had started forgetting about products that I owned cause I never saw them infront of me. As you can see in the picture below, I have numerous nude lipsticks of a similar shade not because I need all, instead, I wasn’t too sure I owned that shade since it would be hidden somewhere in some pouch in some bag in some cupboard. I was aware of the fact that if I have these products displayed infront of me on my dressing table, the chances are that I will actually use them regularly without feeling the need to buy more and more.

I then decided to search for acrylic makeup holders after looking at tons of youtube videos and talking to Shirin! I decided to try my luck on AMAZON INDIA  and boy did I get lucky! 😀 I found a lipstick stand with 24 slots for Rs. 689 . There were some other holders to going all the way till Rs.3000 so this felt like an absolute steal. Then, I got two more holders with multiiple slots of different shapes where one I use for products related to the eyes  and another for face/base products. 


I wasn’t too sure whether to arrange the lipsticks according to color or brand and decided to go with the brand! There wasn’t any particular reason for doing this since most of the shades I own are pinks and nudes.lipsEYES & BRUSHES: 

Though this makeup organizer has a mix of products, I tried my best to keep the vertical stand for my brushes, liners, mascaras and kajals. On the right, I have an eye lid primer, a blush and my setting powder which fit perfectly in that slot.  If you have more brushes, I highly recommend a different holder all together so that things aren’t too crowded! Those are available on Amazon India too! I would love to get more creative and DIY one though. It can make for a fun weekend project 😉





This organizer is amazing too since it holds all the little tubes of BB creams, concealers and a couple of my lip glosses too. In the bigger flat compartment, I have all my blush and contouring palettes. Since I love blushes and highlighters, I can see my self buying one more of these so that the palettes are placed easily without piling them all on top of each other.





I have a couple of palettes that I love and have been using for a while. I store these along with my foundation, powder brush and bronzing powder in this spacious makeup bag from forever 21 india (online). The bag is water proof was works perfectly for travel too 🙂



I am giving one 24 slot Lipstick Holder &  One Brushes + Eye tools organize to one lucky winner! The contest will be held on Instagram. If you’re not on Instagram, follow all the steps on FACEBOOK instead.

1. Follow @melangeofmusings on Instagram

2. Upload a picture of your favorite makeup item. Please dont tag me in a previously uploaded photograph.

3. MENTION (not tag) atleast 3 friends in the caption of the picture along with #makeupXmm

4. Tag me in the entry! (@melangeofmusings)

5. The contest will end on 26th Jan 2015 at 6 pm. The winner will be announced on 27th of Jan.

{THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I have bought brand new makeup holders for the giveaway with my own money}


NOTE: In no way is the post to brag or show off my makeup. I found these amazing organizers and really wanted to share them with you! I do honestly believe that it will help all those who are new to makeup but not sure as to how store your new products. If you have been a makeup lover for a while, then this post should give you a little bit information on the current deals on amazon (hopefully! 🙂 )

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