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The Blogger Confessions Tag used to be fairly popular a couple of years ago and I really enjoy reading other bloggers’ blogging experiences so I thought why not do one too. Maybe it helps you all know me better! I decided to add a couple of more frequently asked questions and basically tweak the tag a little just so that it’s not too drab to read. If you’re a blogger, I would LOVE it, if you do this post too.

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Have you had any past online presence (Youtube,Other blog)?

Before starting my blog, I did have another blog in the past when I was 13-14 years old but I never updated it while I tried my hand on poetry/expressing my “teenage thoughts”! Now that I think of it, it was fairly embarrassing and I am sort of glad no one knew about it haha. Other than that, I’ve had a Facebook personal account and used Instagram on and off!

When did you start your blog?

I started a blog: on December 17th,2013 where I uploaded 2-3 posts in the first week. Within 2 weeks, I set up my own domain and transferred those posts to this blog itself. So, officially speaking, I started in January 2014.

What was your first post?

My first post was a 6 things Photo Diary post where I mentioned 6 little things that stood out for me in Dubai. Looking back at the post, I am definitely not proud of it since it’s not really too helpful to someone who may actually want to visit Dubai! I was thinking of re-working on it and writing more details. How does that sound? 

Why did you start a blog?

I’ve always considered my self as a fairly creative person and have read blogs/watched youtube for many, many years. Before starting my blog, I would post tons of pictures on my social media and would write small little posts here and there. It was then that I realised, why not compile all my photographs and writing pieces systematically and start a blog! I wouldn’t lie by saying that it just happened one fine day. I did take a couple of months to think over it {no clue why!} but I am so glad I started.

 Where do you see yourself in a year?

 Hopefully I see the blog growing and our blog family becoming bigger. I should also have  Youtube channel by then, so I really wish to work hard on my content across all platforms! 

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?/What motivates you to blog?

The most rewarding thing about blogging has got to be the emails I receive from you guys.There have been quite a few times that I’ve considered quitting cause things just wouldn’t go the way I’d expect them to and lets face it, we all are human after all. It’s when I see your comments and emails that I realised how much love and respect you all give me. In fact, just today itself I received a lovely email from one of you that almost got me in tears. It’s just really satisfying and makes me so happy to know that there are some of you who appreciate and read my content so regularly. Even if I can help one person with each post I upload, nothing can stop me from blogging! Though it sounds super cheesy, but it’s the absolute truth.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?

The most discouraging thing has got to be the number game. The blogging world is changing so rapidly and it’s no where close to what it was even 2 years ago. It can get a little discouraging when some  brands and companies only focus on numbers rather than looking at content , experience and blogger engagement. It’s not too hard to get numbers since it’s no secret that followers can be bought. But what is often ignored is- can a real and honest following be bought? Can real people who tryuly appreciate, and relate to your content be bought? No. 

How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts?

There’s really no fixed time for me writing or editing posts since each post requires a different amount of work. Some mosts need at least 2-3 hours of writing and some may take no time at all. However, photographs in themselves, do take time to click and edit. At an average, I’d say I take at least 8-10 hours a week blogging.

 Who is your favorite blogger?

 This is a tough one and naming an all time favourite blogger is almost impossible! However, if I just have to pick one, it would have to be “A Beautiful Mess”. This is one of the most beautifully done up blogs that I have ever come across. It’s by two sisters Elsie and Emma who share their photography and blogging tips, DIYS, style, food, beauty stuff, craft ideas and lots more. It’s definitely one of the most informative yet interesting and fun blogs out there.

Who is a blogger hat you read who deserves more subscribers than they have?

 A blogger who I have been following for a really long time now and deserves thousands of more subscribers has got to be Anushka from Bombay Bubble. She has such a stunning well curated personal style blog that I really look up to. Every single post is so well thought out and the outfits really reflect who she really is, which is what’s so important while blogging about personal style. I don’t particularly blog on fashion but do enjoy reading other blogs: hers being my favorite. She’s definitely one of the bloggers that even inspired me to start my blog in the first place!

Does anything tick off you about blogging?

There’s nothing really that ticks me off about blogging itself but just like any other profession, blogging has its ups and downs. It can get frustrating when you work really hard on a post that you love, but it doesn’t get the response that you expected. Or, even someone pretty much lifts up your content- copy pastes it and acts like it’s theirs.

Share a blogging secret

 Clicking food pictures is really not easy and “natural” as it seems. I would admit that food shots are often staged and styled. Let’s face it, who sits with their sunglasses for every meal? Also, to get a picture right from the top does require you to stand on the chair which may also mean that the food may cool off. sigh. #TheStruggle

That’s it for now! If you’re a blogger, do give this a shot! 🙂


  1. Sara, I am a big fan of your efforts and your blog. I have something to say abt the the Dubai post. Don’t edit it, because its kind of nostalgic to go back to one’s old posts (unless they are embarrassing), if you feel its not informative , you can also consider writing a new one as a follow up 🙂 just something I felt 🙂

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