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Today I am sharing with you my full proof, super cheap and easy way to clean makeup brushes! I got interested in makeup about two years ago and even though I don’t own too many brushes at all, I do find my self loving the ones I own. I will not lie to you and will definitely admit that I did not wash them for a long, long time initially cause no one told me to! I know thats not a good enough reason but it somehow just did not strike me that I should be treating my makeup brushes like hair! haha THEY JUST NEED TO BE WASHED! Since we apply these brushes to our faces, it sounds absolutely gross to not get rid of the dirt,makeup residue and bacteria. Ideally, one should be washing makeup brushes religiously once a week, but I see my self doing it once every ten days #iamhuman {I just edited this post, 4 hours after posting it. If you read it within those 4 hours, you would have read that I wash my brush every two days. THAT WAS A TYPO. Oh, god no. I wish I did. but I dont}

What you will need: 

Olive Oil (for deep cleaning)

Johnsons Baby shampoo/wash (for regular wash)

Luke warm water

Paper towels


Now, if you are planning to clean your brushes for the first time/after a very long time/ have ALOT of makeup that’s really stuck and hardened on the brushes, I suggest you engage in DEEP CLEANING.

Here, instead of simply washing your brushes with shampoo, you will condition them with oil to break down the makeup particles and dirt along with conditioning the brushes- before shampooing. (It is very similar to oiling your hail on a pamper day and then washing them!) This method will also really work to get rid of gel liner from your brush since it leaves a very stiff residue.


1. Take 1 teaspoon of olive oil on a plate and dip your dirty makeup brush in it. The idea is to touch/lightly immerse the brush with the oil which will break the makeup. Don’t drench the brush in oil since it would not be easy to remove

2. Once the brush bristles have some oil in them, massage the brush in circular motions on the palm of your clean hands.

3. You will see the makeup particles break down on your palm.

4. Switch on the tap (Hence, you should be doing this entire process next to a sink/close to warm water supply). Start washing the brush facing downwards. Make sure that the head of the brush (the part that you use on your face) is not facing towards the ceiling and instead should be facing down into the wash basin. You don’t want the water to enter the shaft or the metal part since the brushes can start loosing their hair over time and become weaker, if that happens!

5. Once most of the oil is rinsed off, time to shampoo the brushes. Pour in some baby shampoo/soap in a little bowl or plate and dip the brush into it. Be fairly generous since you want to get rid of any bacteria and excess oil. Massage the brush in circular motions in the centre of the palm, again. Once you feel the makeup is completely out, you will get to know as the brush will start showing its original color anyway.

6. Time to re-wash the brushes. Just like last time use luke warm bottle to get rid of the shampoo/soap making sure that the brush (application part) faces downwards. The brush would be absolutely clean when the water running down from the tap and brush is clean! (Initially while washing the brushes, the water dripping down would be the color of your makeup)

7. Your brushes are squeaky clean now and need to be left to dry! For this, place 2-3 kitchen towels at the edge of a counter/table. Lay your brushes on the paper towels as I have seen in the picture. DO NOT wash your brushes and immediately place them in your brush holder/jar standing straight upright! The water will enter the metal part and you don’t want that. Hence, after washing the brushes, squeeze out the excess water and lay them flat!




Some tips: 

If you are very regular with brush cleaning you don’t need to go the whole 9 yards and skip the olive oil step. I like oiling them irrespective since it makes them feel very soft after they dry. However, this step is skippable if you’re feeling lazy and the brushes aren’t too dirty.

Anything that is on the handle of your brushes is being passed to everything else you touch. To clean the handle of your brushes, pour rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and rub over the handle of your brushes. This will not only clean but disinfect the handles as well. (This tip is from MakeupGeek)

Always dry your blushes flat on a surface or facing downwards. You can roll up some paper to create a little cylinder. Place the handle of the brushes on that while the head of the body lays on the counter like this. 


I really hope this post helped you! I also wanted to THANK YOU all once again for 5000 followers on Instagram. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU mean so, so much to me. Your messages, support and love is what keeping me going. I love blogging and will never stop cause you all have made it so special.

PS: I have updated my blog’s About Me section so that you all can know a bit more about me 😀 I  have answered some super frequently asked questions on topics like what camera I use, my fitness journey and about my education/career plans!FullSizeRender_4

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  1. Fantastic recipe. I use almost the same. But instead of Johnsons Baby shampoo I use homemade detergent. my husband insists to use only natural ingredients at home. That’s why I tried to use homemade cleansers for my brushes. It was risky but it works! Greetings!

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