What’s in my bag? {Stop Motion Animation}


Hey guys! Here’s a small little project that my friend Madhavi & I did a while back! I am not too sure why I didn’t upload it earlier. But, better late than never, right? To know what’s exactly in my bag and read about all the products shown in the video, check out this post! Meanwhile please do rate the video and give me your

Travelling Solo 101


Hey guys! I am starting a new series (FINALLY!) and I’m so, so excited for it! As some of you may know I went for a Eurotrip and it was AMAZING! I have updated my social media with tons and tons of pictures but I thought that the entire trip deserves a bit more than that. So, here’s a mini travel series where I talk

How to plan a plan a trip abroad

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Hey guys! As many of you may already know, I AM GOING TO EUROPE for my graduation trip (I just got done with my Masters) in three days. I can proudly say that I planned the trip from beginning to end – from travel to accommodation to the itinerary ! Of course my parents were there to give in their inputs, approval and have funded it

What’s in my bag? {Travel Edition}

Hey guys! A super fun blog post is up  What's in my bag// Travel Edition featuring none other than @indiacircus :D Go head and check out what all I carry in my backpack when on a flight ✈️ Part II of this post would be up soon where you'd see something I've never done on the blog before- an animation! Say whaaa 
Thanks @maaadh for shooting this! Couldn't have been possible without you!

Hey guys, I AM BACK! I am so sorry for being MIA for so long. To be very honest, I had too much going on past two weeks, from taking exams, graduating to finally taking a vacation after months. Plus, I faced some serious technical issues and hence couldn’t post for a while and almost reached a point of giving up, until I realised how

Pondicherry: France in India

Hey guys! Im finally here to share my experience about Pondicherry! I have tried my best to keep it short! If you all want more details on the trip, please do let me know History, food {great food}, beaches and Ashrams; Pondicherry has it all. Having visited the backwaters in Kerala last year, I knew that I haven’t gotten enough of the South and Pudducchery/Pondicherry

Charm amongst the Chaos {Shimla}


Chaos. That’s the first word that comes to our mind when we think of Shimla. This hill station, over the years has become synonymous with being overpopulated and hence extremely crowded. Often when asked, “so where are you going for a holiday?”  “Shimla”, one answers, the expression on the questioner’s  face is nothing short of a “WHY?” . Over time, this has simply gotten worse.

Missing Mcleod Ganj


Hello everyone! Mcleod Ganj is definitely one of my favorite hill stations in the country and I really, really miss it right now. Delhi’s summer’s back and nothing seems more inviting than a short trip to the hills. I wrote this teavelogue a while back and it was published in Emaho Magazine. Hope you enjoy it Think Tibet, think dimsums, think McLeod Ganj. There was

Synesthesia: Experiencing Amritsar in a day & a half.


Hello everyone, This travelogue recently got published at Tripoto.com. Tripoto is an amazing platform to discover destinations, read about them and even book your own trip! Once I posted this article there, I couldn’t help but planning another trip to Amritsar. I wanted to share my previous experience with you all, so here’s the post My grandmother, while narrating her stories of Amritsar to me exuberated with emotions and memories about

Wanderlust : Goa

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Hello! I just returned from Goa and was going through the camera roll on my phone! I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the pictures that I took throughout the trip! Be ready to expect a lot of selfies (haha)! Even though we went for five nights, time passed by in a blink. Whether it might be the commercial beach

The Desert Photo Diary – Six things


Hello! I went to this desert-state a few days ago for the holidays this winter. Even though Dubai is really newly developed with its tall buildings not more than a thirty years old, it’s definitely a must visit! I stayed at the Address Hotel, Downtown and its FABULOUS! This emirate has something to offer to everyone! Numerous restaurants from cuisines all over the world, cafes