Summer: Favorites of the season {Food, Drink, Fashion & Beauty}


Summer, though awaited at the other ends of the world is absolutely dreaded here, in Delhi. With temperatures rising to a 47 degrees (c),the thought of getting out of the comfort of a cool room makes us sweat. There are however some things that in spite of the scotching heat, I’m loving this season. In fact, these are precisely the things that have kept me

Fitness 101: Workout & Eat Clean


Hello everyone! Now that summer is here and we finally don’t feel the perpetual need to be tucked into our winter cozy beds, I thought it would be fun to do a fitness post.  In this post I’m going to share my favorite health tips, some quick snacks and basic workout that I LOVE to follow. A little disclaimer: In no way are these ‘expert’

Life Hacks you simply can’t ignore.


Hello! I wanted to share some of my favorite life hacks which solved so many petty problems which I’m sure we all face! Some of them might already be well known but they definitely do work and couldn’t stop my self from including them from this full proof list! If you all like this post, I’ll go ahead and makes this a series and do

The Comfy Night-In : Film Guide


Hello! With the week having just started , there’s nothing more that I’m looking forward to than a ‘night-in’. Due to our stressful work or study schedules, we barely get time for our selves to simply lie down at home in our comfy beds and enjoy a movie marathon or even enjoy reading a book . I do know that sometimes even though we have

Christmas Eve


Hello! Merry Christmas everyone I really wanted to give you all and insight into my Christmas Eve traditions that my family follows for generations. My mom has always made sure that more than anything, Christmas is about giving. So then what’s better than being Santa for little kids who really look forward to the small things which they may not be able to buy on