Lets rant- My pet peeves

Hey guys! I was in a mood to share more about my self with you so here the things that truly tick me off!

PS: they aren’t meant to offend anyone and I won’t  hate you if you do some of these things, but you know, may just judge you a little hehe

So lets begin,

1. People who are rude to servers in a restaurant, flight attendants, nurses, or even domestic help at home. This has got to be the biggest turn off in the world. If you can’t learn to respect someone who is offering their services of care, then shame on you.

2. People who are texting on their phones while walking, pooping, eating, drinking, bathing. STOP. I am on my phone, A LOT and some of you may say “ Oh, that’s hypocritical” but honestly, people grow up and I have. DO NOT sit with me on the dinner table and check your phone for instagram updates cause I am pretty sure my life’s feed is more exciting than your newsfeed. Also, if youre walking and texting, it would be nice of you to look up every 10 seconds to see that you don’t walk into someone. Or, how about moving aside and standing in a corner while you finish the oh, so important conversation

3. PR companies that contact bloggers and expect work to be done in return for a free meal. Next time you need to pay your rent, I will send you a little burger. May the juicy lucy satisfy your landlord.

4. People who buy/adopt pets with no intention of taking care of them. WHY? No, why would you buy a little doggie and keep him outside for hours. My asshole of a neighbor does that (I hope he reads this). It’s absolutely inhuman to torture a pet like that. If you can’t take care of a dog, don’t get one! When you have kids, would you tie them at the gate with a leash in delhi heat? I HOPE YOU DO.

5. This one is a little tricky and I don’t know if it ticks off other people but I clearly get really irritated when I invest a lot of time, effort and energy in a blog/ instagram post and receive comments from random people (mostly new bloggers from across the world) which are mostly like this:

“wow! ”
“nice, check my page”
“great! Check my page”
“check my page”
“AWSOME! Check my page”
“love your feed. Check my page”

Worst part? The picture is probably about me ranting about how my blog posts got deleted and im sad. WHY WOULD YOU COMMENT SAYING “WOW!”

6. When you walk by a corridor/street and see someone you met just the other night and smile but they don’t smile back. Why? Did you tell me your entire life history only cause of the free tequila, last night?

7. When I’m trying to find something particular online while shopping and finally get a hold of it only to see that its not available in my size. FAIL

8. When one is standing in que at the airport and everyone is required to show their passport to security but the person infront of you has conviently kept the document in their 10th pocket of Mary Poppin’s bag till the last second. So, when its their turn, instead of quickly showing the passport and moving on, you waste time and slow down the que cause you couldn’t hold ONE little document in your hand for 5 seconds? People do this in the metro station too. You know you need the token/card to get through the gates. Why would you start searching for it when you reach the gate and have to swipe the card?

9. When people think its okay to listen to music on loud speaker in a public space- in a bus/metro etc. I don’t want to listen to Katy Perry roar so can you please stop?

10. When I go for waxing and I’m all done and happy and then 2 days later I realise that there’s a whole patch of hair that hasn’t been removed. Now, I officially have a hairy spot on my leg which will have a different growth rate when compared to the rest of my leg. The battle begins.

Do you relate to any of them? What are your pet peeves?

My Workout Essentials: Gym bag, active wear, tech accessories and more!


Hey guys!

If you follow me on Instagram , you’d know that I have re-started my fitness journey! I post regularly on all my social media pages tons of healthy meal ideas under hashtag #MMFitnessJourney . Along with eating healthy, going to the gym or working out in any way is equally important! The gym and I share a love hate relationship where I don’t really like the idea of actually going to the gym but once I am there and start working out, I LOVE IT! It’s all about pushing my self to take that step and reach the gym. Once I am in, I always have a great time! So today, I am going to be sharing with you my Gym Bag essentials!

Unless I am going to the gym from somewhere else directly, 99% of the times, I change from home so don’t need to carry a set of gym clothes or a towel with me (The health club provides  the towels). So lets begin!
IMG_3615When it comes to gym wear, it’s extremely important that you wear breathable clothes which are high quality. The idea is to wear something that is not too flimsy but neither is it going to make you feel like you’re going to choke cause of how tight it is! My Gym clothes are from a whole range of brands and if I start talking about each of them, it can take forever.


In this post, I am simply showing you some of my favorite pieces of clothing that I absolutely cherish. My workout leggings are by Reebok and they are from the PLAYDRY range. They are honestly the comfiest leggings in the world. If you know me, you have probably seen me wearing these outside the gym too with formal shirts etc! Yes I am that person. They are full length (I don’t particularly like the kind that cut off mid calf!). These leggings also have a little pocket inside the waist band to keep your phone/ipod! ITS LIKE MAGIC.

My tee on the other hand is by Forever21 and its from their Basic Collection. Quite surprisingly, I do love their basic/active wear collection.These T-shirts and camisoles are very reasonably priced and are a must buy! For more active wear clothes, you must check out Gap, Lulu Lemons and Nike! IMG_3618

For sneakers, I SWEAR by Nike. I have tried Puma, Reebok and Adidas as well, but honestly nothing beats Nike. Yes, these pair of sneakers are neon orange and I know they might be everypne’s cup of tea but I absolutely love them. I have a really big foot size (41 Europe), so finding stuff in the Women’s Section in India can be pretty painful! I have always ended up buying black boring sneakers cause I usually dont get too many options. However, when I went sneaker shopping last time, I got my eyes on these babies and they were in my size! WOOOHOO! I just couldn’t be happier to go in for a colour other than black.


When I workout in the winter, I most definitely wear a jacket (DUH), but I prefer wearing a lightweight jacket during the summer too. If I am working out outdoors, then ofcourse it is not needed. But if im going to the gym which is deeply airconditioned, I find that wearing jacket like this  this really helps me build a sweat. It also protects me from getting a exposure. Gyms can get really cold and if you’re sweating, chances are that you might catch a  chill! I love how thin and light this Adidas Jacket is. It doesnt intervene in my workout and infact helps me sweat more which is always a good thing!

One of the most essential things for girls/women are SPORTS BRAS! YOU MUST NEVER WORKOUT WITHOUT WEARING THEM. I cannot possibly emphasize this enough. Wearing a sports bra is extremely important while at the gym. I get all my Sports Bras from Marks and Spencers. Right after shooting this post, I hit the store again and ended up buying really cute ones! I have uploaded a picture on Instagram so go check it out there 🙂 Wearing a normal bra to the gym which doesn’t offer support is really bad not only for your breasts but also your back! Please make sure that you invest in at least 2 sport bras (depending on the number of times you work out).


Now lets move on to what I usually carry in my Gym Bag itself. My Bag is from H&M and thought it’s pretty old, it’s absolutely perfect for going to the gym or a swim The bag has a waterproof texture and that really helps incase you want to carry a wet swimming suit/towel. It is also spacious enough to carry an extra change of clothes incase I plan to have a shower at the health club itself.

My workout vary from day to day (You can check out the post where I discuss my detailed fitness routine here). Though I do cardio on a daily basis, I do really enjoy functional training and using weights. For that reason, wearing gloves becomes pretty important for me. My skin is pretty sensitive and if I lift weights or use any sort of machinery while working on my arms, I seem to get blisters , hence investing in a good pair of gloves was a must! These are really good quality and offer an amazing grip as well. They are avaialble in any sports store such as Lodi Sports in Delhi.

I do have a tendency to get light headed while working out especially if I have not taken any pre workout drink/snack with me so I ALWAYS have a Smart Shaker with me. This tumblr usually have some water infused with lemon in it that I can sip on during the workout OR sometimes, I make a post-workout smoothie and carry it with me so that I can have it right after working out (If I know I wouldnt be going back home directly).

Wearing deodrant and carrying a body mist or any sort of perfume/scent/deo is unsaid! Before going to the gym, when I get ready I put on some deodrant! However, in my bag, I carry this body mist which isnt as strong as a deodrant but does the job! Ill use it once mid workout! Better safe and sorry, right?
IMG_3624Finally, I carry my tech accessories! Coincidently, just after shooting this post, I also ended up buying a new pair of headphones. Shown  in this picture are my trusty Skull Candy white headphones that worked really really well. I loved how the wire was rubbery which restricted it from getting knotting onto itself. The new headphone I have bought are the Sony MDR XB450 in White (Check out the picture on Instagram). They are very affordable and are absolutely amazing! They really remind of the Frendz headphones at a fraction of the cost.

Along with my headphones, I have an arm strap that I can strap on to my arm (GENIUS). This accessory is really, really helpful specially if you’re doing body workouts and don’t have any pockets in your leggings/track pants! An iphone/Ipod fits in perfectly and I can change the songs through the plastic sheet as well! So thats a plus point! The velcro on the strap works amazingly well so the phone doesn’t budge at all and this strap doesn’t slide or slip. I got this from Gafaar Market in Karol Bagh but I am sure it’s easily available in any Sports Shop!

BONUS: I thought I would share with you some of my favorite workout songs too! If you like, I can do a more elaborate list and even make a playlist of Youtube/8 tracks or Spotify! Let me know if you’re interested.

1. Kygo feat Conrad – Firestone (Kream Remix)

2. Kygo feat Parson James – Stole the Show 

3. Flo Rida – GDFR

4. David Guetta feat Sam Martin- Dangerous

5. Robin Schulz feat Jasmine Thomposon- Sun goes down

6. Klingande – Punga

7. Calvin Harris feat John Newman- Blame

8. Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding- Outside

9. Animals- Maroon 5

10. Tiesto – Red Lights

So here it is guys! These are my workout essentials! If you have any queries, you can email me at melangeofmusings@gmail.com or comment here! I will surely reply 🙂 What are your essentials? I hope this post motivated you even a little to go ahead and start your fitness journey!

Love you all xx


Lately Lusting {Valentines Day Gift Ideas}

Heyy guys!

I have been lusting over a lot of things lately and infact the list just grows! I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the products I really want to buy! I have mentioned a diverse list of thing which include fashion items, home stuff, accessory and makeup! These are things that I have had my eyes on for a while but have just not gotten around getting them for some of the other reason! If you own any of these things, PLEASE do write to me or comment on Instagram ( I reply to every single comment), telling me how you find that product to be!


What: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

Why: Known to give a falsies effect, this baby has been raved about by almost every beauty blogger! I have never used false eye lashes before and for some reason, I am scared of applying them. So this Mascara seems like a perfect dupe for the same

Where: It’s available in Sephora Stores across India!

How much: It retails for approximately Rs.1450 in India (the last time I checked)

What: Bioderma sensibo H20 , Makeup removing micellar solution

Why: I have been on the lookout for the pefect makeup remover and still haven’t found one. Though I use baby oil to wipe of my eye makeup ( it doesn’t hurt at all), it leaves my face oily untill I apply some rose water succeeding that. I want an all encompassing product that this the job for me quickly and this product seems like it is worth trying out!

Where: It’s available on nykaa.com 

How much: Rs. 850 for 250 ml {Precisely the reason I haven’t bought it yet}


What: Freds Taylor Headphones

Why: Rose Gold. Enough said

Where: They’re available on nastygal.com which ships to India.

How much: Rs. 12,394


What: Dangler Choker

Why: I don’t own any choker necklaces since I wasn’t sure if I could carry them off. These necklaces always reminded me of the 90’s {not a good thing} haha! However, this piece with this pearl and crystal detailing is absolutely stunning! It will work well with a basic cardigan or even a button up denim shirt.

Where: It’s available on stylefiesta.com {LOVE IT!}

How much: Rs. 699


What: Plimsolls

Why: Do I really need to give a reason? Just look at these babies. They are the epitome of versatility! These shoes will go with possibility anything! They look super comfy too.

Where: They’re available on asos.com 

How much: Rs.2000 minus the customs
image1xxl (2)

What: Full circle Midi Skirt with Pleats

Why: I am pretty tall {5 10 or so) and I feel I can carry this skirt off! The skirt is a perfect length if you don’t want to show too much skin. It’s also extremely feminine and flattering!

Where: It’s available on asos.com

How much: Rs. 1500 minus customs

What: Whistle while you work Tackle Box

Why: I am a stationary hoarder. I absolutely LOVE new stationary and when I saw this set, I just couldn’t help my self from falling in love

Where: It’s available on katesspade.com

How much: Rs.2500 approx

naked on the run

What: Urban Decay Naked on the run palette

Why: I don’t own any Urban Decay products since I find them a bit too steep. This palette looks like a good way to try out a range of products by the company in one go! If I like the products, I can think about investing in more! Plus, it seems like the perfect palette for a full makeup look on the go!

Where: I am not too sure where this palette is available in India. However, it’s available on the Urban Decay website

Price: Rs.3300 approx

RECORD PLAYERWhat: Portable turn table

Why: I have always wanted a turntable! They are such classics and I am sucker for vintage items. It will make for a super cute decor piece too

Where: Available on nastygal.com

How much: Rs.6197



What: Philips Hand Mixer

Why: I have started baking a lot more often and even though mixing by hand makes for a good arm workout, having an electronic mixer will really help!

Where: It’s available on Amazon India

How much: Rs. 1789


If you enjoyued this post, Ill make sure to continue with this series and include different sorts of products into my lusting list! I’ll also try my best to add as many affordable products as possible. Let’s hope we get our hands on any of these goodies 😀


Celebrating India with India Circus by Krsna Mehta

FullSizeRender_4Hey guys!

Happy Republic Day 🙂 I wanted to do something special for you all today so I got together with none other than India Circus to celebrate India! When one thinks of elegant & carefully crafted decor, intricate designs inspired from the Mughal Era, the first name that comes to my mind is India Circus. With a range of products from electronic accessories, home and dining decor, fashion, to mounted wall art, this website truly has it all.

Winter for me is all about comfort and being cozy in a cute pajama set with a nice hot cup of tea, reading. {AND watching back to back television shows. Lets not lie!} The India Circus products are point on from the quality of the products while being reasonably priced. All the products that I got my hands on are so vibrant and make me happy each time I use them. I haven’t taken out the fierce tiger cover off my phone the day I got it! The folder on the other hand is perfect for me since I need to carry tons of readings for which are in the form of lose papers that are easy to misplace otherwise. Finally, me being a mug hoarder couldn’t stop my self from picking up this beautiful tiger print mug. 

With a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones, that represents India, these products transcribe colorful experience into contemporary and sophisticated styles. If you want to get your hands on any of these products or hundreds more, there’s a Republic day sale on for today! I wont go on much, but will let the pictures speak for themselves.




FullSizeRender (11)












The Indian Film Hub

If there’s something I’m a sucker for, it’s got to be success stories made from scratch. Today, I wanted to share with you a really interesting platform that I am a part of on Facebook. Crowd sourced platforms on Facebook, especially related to food such as Food Talk India  have been popular for a while now and this is one such group that has gained it’s share of recognition in no time.
photo (75)
indian film hub
The Indian Film Hub, to put in a nutshell is a is a self sustaining two pronged platform for film discussion, Film appreciation and Film  criticism all from the perspective of the viewer.What struck me most about this group, other than it’s ever growing self sustained user based content (of course) is it’s growth! With 500 members in 5 days, 5000 members in 20 days and approx 9000 members in 50 days, this platform has got to be one of the fastest growing forums I have come across.

The CEO, Gautam Raj Anandwith Operations being handled by both him and Karan Adam Jain, gave me  some interesting insights as to why he started his group in the first place. 
“Being a film lover all my life , I could never shake off the irony and contradiction in the fact that films, being possibly the most democratic entity in existence , where a film will only do well if people go and watch it had no voice in this country for those hold stake in its success. All we are subject to are reviews and points of view from the eyes of the maker instead of the viewer , which from our perspective comes across as – 
1. Not relate-able –  Truth be told, only 1% of us actually care whether the lighting and landscape cinematography within a film are good 
2. Condescending and  patronizing – We are almost made to feel bad for not being on the same wavelength of a film maker and their point of view
3. Unreliable –  Since a film like ‘Kick’ can simultaneously get 4 stars and 1 star on different platforms solely based on which one has been bought out. 
 With the intention of seeing whether more people felt the same way as I did , I ( soon after joined by Karan Adam Jain) decided to start a Beta test Facebook group with 50 people and named it The Indian Film Hub.”
Being a film lover my self, I am constantly on the lookout for new films to watch. With a universe of films varying across all genres, I must admit that I often get confused as to what to start with. Though Websites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes do help to an extent, they don’t give responses that I need there and then. Since a platform like IFB is user generated, not only does one get reviews of films immediately, but also multiple opinions on the same post along with other options that you didn’t even think of in the first place.
Having gotten a viral a few weeks ago, I was glued on to my bed and hence watching tv shows and films were my source of constant entertainment. All I simply did was write down my query, and BOOM, within a couple of minutes, I got responses from so many people 🙂
the indian film hub
Other than user generated the content which range from tv shows/film reviews, recommendations, queries, articles, the admins Gautam Raj Anand and Karan Adam Jain too keep posting reviews, trailers and fun film games! {this has got to be my favorite bit}
With their ever growing group, the admins have now decided to make the forum more fun and interactive, by launching their very  Indian Film Hub Show named ‘The Little Red Garage’. The show will be casual coffee table or a bar like discussion, in a  democratic setup, consisting of six panelists where they discuss  a particular film from the perspective of the things you actually  care about. What makes this entire concept interactive is that any member of The Indian Film Hub who is in town and feels like being part of a particular show is most welcome and just needs to write in to write to the admins of the group.
So, if you’re not a part of this platform and love watching films/tv shows, I highly recommend you consider joining 🙂 Till then, here are some films that should keep you sorted over the weekend! Have a filmy weekend everyone!
If you would like me to do more posts like these where I talk about the things I’m browsing on the net or currently loving, do let me know 😀
PS: This is NOT a sponsored post. I happen to love films and find this forum really helpful. All opinions are my own.

Review & Haul: The Kirana Shop

Meherchand Market has been a favorite for a while now! Though, it doesn’t replace Khan Market for me, I do find my self visiting this hub more than ever. On visit visit to Meherchand, I came across this pretty mint colour board named The Kirana Shop. {Anything mint will definitely capture my eye!}. Having seen it’s presence on social media and heard about it through a couple of friends, I decided to check it out and boy, was I surprised! The Kirana Shop as the name suggests houses all your basic groceries, but with a twist of course! In a time of fast-paced lifestyles, where processed food and chemicals seep into our habits, we  need a little help from Nature itself. This shop is basically a one-stop shop for everything organic and healthy! In a way, its a go-to for those committed to a wholesome lifestyle. Well-stocked shelves that have on display minimally-processed foods, organic produce, natural beauty products and nutritional supplements; The Kirana  has something in store for everyone.

The Store

The store in itself is very well organized with organic staples, detox foods, beauty products all segregated making life simpler for any shopper. It really does give a person space to browse around and take their time to go through different products and brands. If you’re lucky, youll find the same product in multiple brands giving you more options to choose from!





The Haul

My visit to The Kirana Shop turned out to be more fruitful than I expected! I picked up quite a few times to try out or re-stock in the Kitchen. I have really started using all natural beauty products too so obviously couldn’t resist picking up these. I got a lavender soap, Just herbs face pack trio , organic kajal {I really needed this since my eye water way too easily} and my favorite- chocolate body wash! I really recommend you try out the Just Herbs treatement pack – its UHAMAZZINGG. Next I went in for the Sulai Honey, Rose Herbal Mint Tea and Nippat. Sulai Honey is perfect as a replacement for sugar and works really well with pancakes too {trust me!}. Mint tea on the other hand is full of antioxidants and is really, really good for you to kick start your day. I love spicy food so when I saw the Bhoot Jolokia bottle, I just coudn’t stop my self! I had to pick it up. {This is EXTREMELY spicy so if you do buy it, make sure you use it wisely}. If you’re like me, you probably feel hungry every two hours {hides face} but still want to snack healthy! A snack like Nippat is amazing if eaten in the right proportion with your favorite pickle. I picked up the Ginger Pickle by the Kirana Shop itself and its divine! Ginger is not everyone’s cup of tea but I absolutely love it. Now, coming to the really healthy stuff- I bought Acai Powder, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Museli, Palm Jaggery and brown rice.All these products have SO many healthy benefits and work is brilliant substitutes in every day cooking. To be honest, all of these products are still not that easily available, so I must admit I was really excited to see them all stacked in one store! If you’re in to smart eating and no fad diets, visiting this little store can surely make you really happy. Having asked the sales lady, I was told that they also deliver around the area {which really helps all those who can’t by themselves}.








Verdict: The Kirana Shop has a great variety of products under one roof which are really worth checking out. As mentioned earlier, that was a huge plus point for me since sourcing different products from different shops across the city can be pain. From Cacao nibs to Aachar, you have it all! I personally loved the quality and packing of the Kirana Shop products themselves! Yes, some of the products are definitely not very budget friendly but others are really worth the buy!

The Shop: The Kirana Shop131 Mehar Chand Market, Lodi Colony, New Delhi, India

Getting Inked: 101

 Hey guys! As many of you may know, I have a tattoo behind my neck and got it done when I was in college a couple of years ago. I have always wanted a tattoo {at least as long as I can remember} but I must admit that I wasn’t always too sure as to what I really want inked on me, permanently. I decided to get my nani’s name tattooed and absolutely love it! I plan on getting my second tattoo {hopefully} and couldn’t think of a better time to do this post! For all those of you who are confused, scared or simply inquisitive as to how to go ahead with this decision, I really hope this post helps you!

PS: In NO way am I a tattoo expert and know everything about getting inked. This post is simply all my research that really helped me before getting inked.

tattoo2The Guide

  • The Design: Be SURE of what you’re getting done. Now, I know some things are just instinctual and you may want to live in the moment #YOLO but not when it cost of having to stick with it till you’re 80. {We’ll come to the tattoo removal bit in a bit }. It’s important that you really think of what you want by your own. Sometimes, taking advice from family and friends may help, but YOU are the one getting inked, so it’s important that you love what you get. Though browsing the internet may get you inspired, my personal opinion would still be: Stick to your own gut! 
  • Proof read: If you’re more into letter tattoos or want a phrase tattoo which is not in a language you can read/write/understand, make sure you proofread the stencil before the session begins.  You surely wouldn’t wanna get a phrase that translates to “douche”, the joke would be on you. 
  • Where: Tattoos age just like us so will that flower around the navel look the same 30 years down the line?  Also keep in mind that the sun accelerates the aging process of tattoos just like it does for skin, so delicate, colored tattoos should be placed somewhere covered by clothing to prevent rapid fading.
  • Know your body: If you have a medical problem such as heart disease, allergies, diabetes, skin disorders, a condition that affects your immune system, or infections — or if you are pregnant — ask your doctor if there are any special concerns you should have or precautions you should take beforehand. 
  • When: Most of us keep waiting for the ‘right time’ but sometimes that may but worth waiting for, however, if you’re ready and you know what you want, just go with it! The longer you delay, the more confused you may get. While talking specifically about Delhi, I’d recommend getting a tattoo between the months October- December. The less exposure your skin gets to the elements, the better off your tattoo will be to heal. Sweat can aggravate a new tattoo and so can the sun. During the winter, your body isn’t exposed to these things as much and tattoos can heal much more quickly without as much chance for infection.
  • Expense: Tattoos are definitely not cheap and the price range may differ from place to place. Approximately however, it will cost you at least Rs.1500 as a base price and Rs.500/Rs.750 per square inch. Make sure you have the money saved up while being mentally prepared to shell out that amount.
  • The Tattoo Parlour: This is extremely important. Getting a tattoo is almost like a small medical procedure and you really want to make sure that you get it done from a safe, hygienic and reliable tattoo parlor. I got mine done from Funky Monkey in highly recommend it. Keep in mind that it’s not only the art that must be of good quality, but the safety precautions need to be high too. After all, we are talking about needles here. 

Funky Monkey:  
Gurgaon and Delhi; 0124-4015194, 011-41042860

Devil’z tattooz:
GK 1 and Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057; 09810364801

Before getting a tattoo

  • Don’t drink Alcohol: Drinking a little bit to take the edge off might sound like a good idea, but don’t do it. Alcohol thins the blood, making you bleed more during the tattoo process. This blood pushing out makes it more difficult to push the ink in.
  • Don’t take Painkillers: Just don’t. Yes, it’s not rocket science that the easiest way to relieve your self from pain is to take painkillers, but not when it comes to getting a tattoo, painkillers like  aspirin, ibuprofen and anesthetics may possibly cause cause problems like increased bleeding, which are just not worth the risk. 
  • Don’t get a tattoo if you’re feeling Unwell: Don’t get a tattoo if you’re sick. You need your immune system to be strong to heal the tattoo. It’s also important that you don’t go in for a tattoo if you’re feeling down and out and haven’t eaten all day. Make sure your’re well fed and hydrated before the procedure. 
  • Wear comfy clothes. You might need to sit down or lay in the same spot for a couple hours. You may need to partially undress to expose the area you are getting worked on so wear clothes that make this easy for you and the artist. 
  • Time Flexibility: Make sure your schedule is flexible so you don’t end up reaching the tattoo parlour and tell the artist ” Oh, can you hurry up! I need to go for a meeting in an hour!”. Tattoos regularly take longer than originally estimated, so don’t be surprised if your appointment gets a little delayed. The artist is doing his/her best and the last thing they would want is you annoying them!
  • Take a friend + headphones + magazine/book along: This helps to divert your attention from the pain. You can take to the friend during the procedure which really helps. Listening to music is also a good idea since the sound of the tattoo machine may get exhausting to hear after a point. 

The pain

This has got to be one of the most asked questions by all those who really want to get the tattoo but aren’t sure about the pain. So let’s not beat around the bush: TATTOO’S HURT and there are no ways around it. Yes, what may differ is the intensity of pain. So for you, it may be a case of uncomfortable itching, but for someone else it may be unbearable pain. Hence, each individual’s pain endurance does really matter! Just to break it down for you- there may be three broad stages: The initial shock when the tattoo begins (it will hurt), the stage where you’re used to it (you’ve gotten used to the pain and are now just waiting for it to end), impatience ( the tattoo process is now annoying. The sound of the machine is messing with your brain cells and you really need this to end. This is also probably the part where the colouring bit is happening which was more painful for me than the outline itself). So, if you’re really worried about the pain, ask your tattoo artist about locations where the tattoo will hurt the least and make sure its a tiny one to start with!

After getting a tattoo

  • Aftercare: Needless to say, follow all of the instructions the studio gives you for caring for your tattoo to make sure it heals properly. Also, keep in mind that it’s very important to call your doctor right away if you see or feel any signs of infection such as pain, spreading redness, swelling, or drainage of pus. 
  • Tattoo Removal: Most dermatologic surgeons caution that complete tattoo removal is not possible. Tattoos are meant to be permanent, so removing them is difficult and hence only few surgeons guarantee complete removal. Having said that, there are several methods of tattoo removal which have proven effective. Although there are procedures like Dermabrasion, Cryosurgery and Excision, Lasers (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) have become the standard treatment for tattoo removal because they offer a bloodless, low risk, effective alternative with minimal side effects. Something to think about BEFORE you get that tattoo is the fact that having a tattoo removed is much more expensive than having one put on. Laser tattoo removal can get expensive depending upon the size, type and location of the tattoo and the number of visits required.


My favorite Youtube Channels {Beauty, Food, Fitness, Decor, Fashion & Vlogging}

Hey guys!

Having been struck my the flu, I have been in bed binge watching television shows and youtube channels so I decided to share so some of my favorite YouTube Channels currently {Food, Fashion, Fitness, Vloggers}. I have been watching YouTubers (religiously) for a couple of years now and in fact they have played a huge part to inspire me to start my very own blog. The YouTubers I have mentioned here are the only ones I enjoy but instead are the ones that I have been watching way more than the others for over a year. If you all like this list, I could go ahead and write another one! Trust me, there are over hundred channels that I really love watching.


  • When it comes to Beauty, I really watching channels that aren’t too technical. Instead, I do prefer channels that go beyond the tutorials and instead do fun tags as well. My favorite beauty channel that I have been watching for about 2 years now is  Essiebutton. Estée is a canadian youtuber who lives in London with her boyfriend (Aslan) and dog (Reggie). Though her channel primarily is a beauty channels and she claims to know nothing about fashion, I absolutely love her chic style. She also has a really great sense of humor which comes out in her beauty videos too, adding a fun element. If you have ever watched her channel, you’ll know about #DACLIP. Other than her beauty channel,  Estée also have a blog and a Vlog channel. If you’re new into YouTube or want to start watching channels, you should definitely go ahead and start watching her Vlog channel! She updates this channel pretty often with her usual day trips to a Sunday Market or simply her spending time with Reggie (#reggieCam).  She tops my list for one of my favorite vloggers as well.

First video to watch: Weekend Morning Routine

Channels: https://www.youtube.com/user/essiebutton (Beauty)

https://www.youtube.com/user/essiebuttonvlogs (Vlogs)

Blog: www.essiebutton.com


(image source: www.essiebutton.com)

  •  Sweet, bubbly and down to earth are some of the words that describe the YouTuber Tanya Burr. Through her videos she comes across as a lovely person! Having reached a point where she as her own lipgloss and nailpolish collection, her videos haven’t dropped down in quality one bit. If you like watching makeup tutorials (celebrity inspired) but don’t want the videos to be too technical and she’s one YouTuber who you must start watching! Burr also uploads some fun recipes once in a while which are really fun to watch too! Finally, if beauty videos are not your deal then watch Tanya Burr for her vlogs where she takes you around a day in her life. Oh, and her fiance Jim Champan does some love vlogs as well!

First Video to watch: My Night Out Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pixi2woo

Blog: http://www.tanyaburr.co.uk/?blog=

burr(image source: www.tanyaburr.co.uk)


Handsdown, my favorite Fashion youtuber has got to be EvelinaFrom perfect styling, shooting and Editing, though Evelina’s videos are mainly about fashion, she has a lot to offer a youtuber! Her short fashion films are such an inspiration for anyone who wants aspires to enter the world of Fashion. She also does a series called Evelina’s Fashion Cafe where she simply sits in front of the camera with a cup of coffee and talks to her viewers about a specific topic whether it may be body image or styling tips.

First video to watch: Getting Ready:: Evelina Style

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Evelinicutza (Fashion)

Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/EvelinaBarry (Life with Evelina)

Blog: http://evelinasfashioncafe.com/ 


 image source: evelinasfashioncafe.com

Décor and DIY

  • Though I discovered the channel LaurDIY only recently, I can confidently say that each of the videos are worth trying out. From Kimonos, unique halloween costumes (Loofa, for example), Lauren proves her self in each project! The instructions are really crisp and for some videos and she even draws the DIY for you for clarification!

First Video to watch: DIY: Easy Kimono

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LaurDIY

Blog: http://desireandinspire.com/


  •  Though Andrea from AndreasChoice does all sorts of videos which range from Beauty,Haircare to fashion, my favorite has got to be her DIY videos. Her DIY hair masks, lip scrubs and basically all her videos where she teaches simple tricks related to all things beauty are worth checking out! The frequency of her uploads isnt too high, but each of her videos is worth the wait!

First video to watch: Pinker lips: 10 different ways 

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AndreasChoice


  • Okay, so if you’re like me, you probably browse through boards and pins related to decor and interior design on Pinterest. Leah and Mary are two individuals who make all this fun decor come to life! With the most fabulous room makeovers to simple tips on how to amp up any space, A fab Life is one channel that you need to watch if you’re obsessed with Design. They also have tons of organization tricks for all of those working with smaller spaces.

First Video to watch: How to Create an Easy Gallery Wall

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FabulousonaBudget

Blog: http://afablife.com/

a fab life


Image source : http://afablife.com/


  • Four British men, mouth watering food and an entertaining videos ; is there anything else you can ask for? Sorted Food is an extremely fun channel where the boys teach you the easiest way to make the most fabulous looking dishes. Whether you’re a beginner or a master chef, this channel will get you hooked. A little warning: If you intend to watch their #EyeCandy playlist, make sure you’re not sitting on an empty stomach! All the recipes with exact quantities and ingredients are posted on their blog which is accessible by simply clicking a link in any video you’re watching.

First Video to watch: Best Cooking Show Ever: SORTED

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/sortedfood

Blog: http://sortedfood.com/



  • These channels over a wide range and sicne they can’t be grouped into only beauty or fashion, I have simply categorized them under the broad spectrum of Lifestyle. One YouTuber  that covers all ground ranging food, fashion to beauty is  missglamorazzi by Ingrid Nilson. Ingrid, just like Estee displays a variety of videos other than technical tutorials (which to be truthful really bore me). Her videos too are beautifully shot and edited extremely well! I love watching monthly favorites which are extremely helpful to those who are on the lookout for trying out new products! Oh, and she’s obsessed with donuts.

First Video to watch: TMI tag

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/missglamorazzi

Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGridMonster


  • If you’re a hard hard Aeropostale fan, then you’ve most likely heard of Bethany Mota. ‘Beth’ is one of the most popular youtubers with a whopping 6.8 million subscribers. With some of the cutest outfit ideas {back to school/summer/halloween} Bethany’s talent is clearly visible through her videos. If you also happen to invest some time recreating tumblr-ish room decor, I highly recommend you watching her Roomspiration playlist!

First Video to watch: Summer Girls Night Party

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Macbarbie07

Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BethanysLife

Bethany Mota.

  •  Zoella j A,K.A Zoe Sugg from the U.K, just like Bethany is not far behind with 5.4 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos range from fun YouTube Channels to Chatty videos about anything and everything! Her monthly favorites are really worth watching along with her vlogs which are always fun! Oh, and she’s writing her own book too.

First Video to Watch: Cotten Wool Ball Challenge 

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390

Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MoreZoella

Blog: http://www.zoella.co.uk/



  • If you’re new to working out and don’t know where to begin: you should start watching Blogilates. With tons or various pliates routines, dance workouts (these are lots of fun) and super healthy recipes, this channel has you covered to get fit! You can do Pop Cardio workouts or body focused ones while it all being fun. I have used tons of the workout routines my self and guarantee you that they really, really work!

First Video to watch: 5 minute Fat Burner

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates

Blog (For all recipes, meal plans, videos) : http://www.blogilates.com/


 Vlogging Family

There are tons of families that daily vlog on YouTube and watching them is exactly like watching a daily soap opera! If you’re a reality TV buff then watching Vlog Channels would be right up your alley!  The Sacconne Jolys is handsdown my favorite Vlogging Channel. Based in London (recently shifted from Ireland), the family consists of Jonathan Joly, his wife Anna Sacconne Joly, their daughter Emilia, son Eduardo (not in the picture) and SIX maltese doggies! They upload an episode everyday at 6 pm GMT.

If you love watching the family- Anna and Jonathan have their own channels too, which are worth checking out.

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LeFloofTV


 Other channels that I absolutely LOVE watching;

Fleur DeForce


Meghan Reinks

My life as Eva

Scherezade Shroff 

It’s Grace

Jim Chapman

Tess Christine

Thats Heart



Byron Talbott

It’s Judy’s Life







Let it Rain: Monsoon Favorites {Featuring Sugar & Spice by Radhika}

Hey guys!

I am so glad that the rains are finally here! Delhi really needed the weather to change.I have a love-hate relationship with the Monsoon season. Even though the temperature does cool down considerably, it’s gets to be extremely humid & sticky (sigh). Today, I share with you  how I try and make the best out a rainy day.  Having followed Radhika’s blog Sugar n Spice by Radhika for a while now, I can confidently say that I am in love with every single recipe she has posted till date. I wanted to bring the best possible recipes for you to enjoy while sipping a hot cuppa coffee and who could be better than Radhika herself to share some her favorites. If you love these recipes, go on to her blog and see more food magic happen!  Moving on, I have also shared some of my fashion and beauty favorites for the season! From bags, shoes to hair masks, I have all my staples covered.  Finally, I want to thank each and everyone one of you for following me on Instagram! We have crossed 1,000 followers and I can’t even begin to describe how much that means to me! Please do spread the love 🙂


photo (56)

1. Transparent Bag: Come monsoon and I bring out my transparent bag to use when I’m going out for a quick errand. Since this bag is quite little I can carry only a couple of my essentials (Click here to see what’s in my bag ) but nonetheless, it works really well to keep things from not getting wet. I also love the hint of noon that literally brightens up a dull gloomy day. I got this one from Metamorphosis last year! They do have some really nice Monsoon totes this year so can’t wait to get my hands on them.

2. Jelly Flats: I try my best to ensure that most of my accessories are waterproof and hence another set of items I am loving are Jelly sandals. Though I absolutely love Rain boots, especially The Hunter Boots, for Delhi rains, jelly sandals to the job well! Both the pairs (Hot pink with gold details and Transparent with Pearl details) are from River Island. To be really truthful, I love wearing these on a non rainy day too! 

3. Waterproof Mascara: When it comes to my beauty and hair care routine, I try and keep it as simple as possible. The main problem I face around this time is frizzy hair and dry skin. For makeup too, I try keeping it minimalist sticking to waterproof products. Currently, I am absolutely obsessed with Maybelline’s The Falsies Volume Express Mascara. I don’t know how this Mascara works but it’s absolutely magical! Not only is it volumnizing and waterproof, it’s totally clump free as well! It really lengthens the lashes without making them look spider like. 

4. Soap & Glory Body Wash: For skin care, I’ve been using Soap & Glory’s Foam Call (Dual use shower and Bath Body Wash). This is handsdown one of the best body washes ever! Foam Call is formualted with M-SUDS moisture system molecules and grapeseed EFAs to reduce the drying effects of your daily soap up. Along with this body wash, I like using the Butter Yourself Body cream. It basically is a ludicrously fruity blend of super smoothing Shea Butter, orange waterjuice, fig pulp extract amd almond, mango and moringa oils. It is specially formulated to soothe and soften even the driest skin; it works wonders on rough elbows, bumpy upper arms and flaky lower legs – boosting hydration and richly nourishing the skin with melt-while-you-massage. Both these products are available across Sephora India stores.

5. DIY Hair Mask: Frizzy hair is one of my pet peeves and I try my best to avoid the same. My first trick is to cold rince my hair after shampooing and conditioning it. This smoothens the hair cuticles and prevents humidity from causing any catastrophic effect. Also, never ever leave the house with your hair damp—anything short of absolutely dry hair tends to frizz up quickly. As you all know, I love my home made Hair masks and of course, I couldn’t restrain my self from sharing one more with you all. For this hair mask, all you will need is a small cup of olive oil ,half a cucumber chopped and one egg. Mix all these ingrdients in a bowl and leave them on for atleast 2 hours. Rinse it once with green tea cooled down (This really works!) and then shampoo your hair like you normally do!

6. BOOK: Often rainy days are spent sitting at home and relaxing. My perfect day would be to sit in a cozy spot with a hot cup of coffee, a yummy snack and a fun gripping book! After having heard so much about #GIRL BOSS by Sophia Amoruso, I finally decided to give in and buy the soft copy. The hardcover copy is a tad bit expensive and since it’s imported it takes a while to reach India! The kindle edition however is extremely convenient and a lot cheaper too. This book is a MUST-READ for every girl! Though it’s a simple read it definitely does shout out to you and connect to you, especially if you’re a young entrepreneur. Read this interview with Sophia Amorosue on Elle Magazine to know more about the book and the author herself!

7. TV SHOW: Okay, I admit it. I am absolutely obsessed with binge watching TV shows. This season, I have been watching Vampire Diaries, religiously. I don’t understand of how foolish I could be to not have watched this show earlier. It was probably my hate for Twilight that kept me away from anything Vampire related. This show however is my new favorite since Gossip Girl ended (which was long, long ago). From mindless drama, love triangles to some serious vampire fiction, this is the perfect show to watch if you’re into additive teen-flicks. Though it’s not a really ‘intelligent’ show, it’s actually a lot of fun! 




FOOD (Recipes by Sugar & Spice by Radhika)

1. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread “Moist, fluffy, subtly sweet..this Chocolate Chip Banana Bread has many fans! This banana+chocolate combination is sinfully delicious..try this recipe to taste a piece of heaven! “Despite their name, Banana breads actually don’t taste like breads at all. They’re more like sweet, moist cakes that are amazingly fluffy. Why they’re called breads is beyond my understanding, probably because they’re ideally made in a loaf tin giving it that “bread” look.. but who cares what they’re called as long as you can get a piece with some hot coffee. Absolutely perfect for a rainy day.” – Radhika

banana bread 1 INGREDIENTS

  • Flour, 2 cups
  • Baking Powder, 1 teaspoon
  • Salt, 1 teaspoon
  • Softened Butter, 1/3 cup
  • White Granulated Sugar, 1/2 cup
  • Eggs, 2 (at room temp.)
  • Overripe Bananas, 3, mashed into a paste
  • Buttermilk, 2 tablespoons (you can substitute it with yogurt)
  • Vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon
  • Chocolate Chips, 3/4 cup (plus extra to sprinkle on top)


In a bowl, sift flour, salt and baking powder and keep aside.

In a separate bowl whisk together butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 2-3 minutes. Add in the eggs and whisk gently for a minute. Please make sure the eggs are at room temperature. Cold eggs won’t mix properly. Add in the mashed bananas, buttermilk and vanilla essence.

Now add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients little by little until everything is properly mixed and a thick batter is formed. Do not over mix the batter or your bread will turn tough and rubbery. Fold in the chocolate chips until evenly distributed.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.

Transfer to greased loaf tin (9×5 inches) and bake for 45-50 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius or until a skewer comes out clean. I normally take out the banana bread and cover it loosely with foil paper after 20 minutes and then continue baking to avoid heavy browning on top. For best results keep checking your bread every 5 minutes by inserting a skewer after 40 minutes. Stop baking once the skewer comes out clean with a little chocolate and crumbs.

Transfer bread and cut into pieces once it has cooled down a bit. Serve for breakfast or with evening tea! I gobble it up as a late night snack too.. its perfect everytime.

banana bread 2

banana bread 3

banana bread 4

 2. Corn Fritters with Simple Red Chili Salsa  ” A cup of tea with these Vegetarian Corn Fritters is all you need to comfort you on a rainy day! Perfect for this season..these fritters are bite sized and taste great with fresh Red Chili Salsa. Monsoons are here and all you need is a cup of tea and a few pakoras to comfort you but what if I told you there’s a way to jazz up your good ‘ol pakoras in no time? My corn fritters are crispy and flavorful, basically comfort food at its very best! If you’re on a diet now is the time to look away because they’re deep fried (as if your pakoras are not :p)  and I have no intention of changing that. Deep fried food has its own charm..yes its unhealthy..yes its fattening..but lets just reserve that argument for some other day. Because right now all I want to do is marvel at these mini crispy balls of sweet corn fritters aka modern corn pakora.” – Radhika fitters1 Serves: 2-3      Time: 15 minutes


For the Red Chili Salsa

  • Tomato, 1, skin peeled off
  • Red Chili, 1
  • Garlic Cloves, 3-4
  • Salt to taste

For the Corn Fritters

  • Onion, 1
  • Fresh Red/Green Chili, 1
  • Garlic Cloves, 4-5
  • Coriander, a handful
  • Canned Sweet Corn, 1 cup (Please Note: 1 cup = 240 ml)
  • All Purpose Flour/Maida, 3 tablespoons
  • Corn Flour, 1 tablespoon
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Oil for Deep Frying


Make your red chili salsa by grinding all the ingredients under “for the red chili salsa” with a little water until you form a smooth salsa dip.

For the fritters, grind together onion, red chili, garlic cloves and coriander in a blender with a little water until everything is smooth and paste like.

Add in the sweet corns, flour, corn flour, salt and pepper to it and mix. You should have a thick batter that’s not watery at all.

Heat oil in a pan and when its hot drop bite sized amount of batter into it. Take out the fritters when they’re golden and crispy.

Serve with the red chili salsa immediately. They turn soggy when cold.

The Corn Fritters recipe has been adapted by Rak’s Kitchen. The Red Chili Salsa is Radhika’s mom’s recipe. 


3. Crunchy Caramel Popcorn “These crunchy butterscotch-ey caramel popcorns are the real deal! They are ready in a jiffy, take zero effort and taste divine! You’re never going to buy caramel popcorn again after reading this.” – Radhika


INGREDIENTS Makes: 2 regular sized popcorns    Time: 10 minutes

  • Butter, 100 grams
  • Caster Sugar, 125 grams
  • Clear Honey, 2 tablespoons
  • Plain Popcorns, 2 packets (without salt) (I’ve used Act II ‘Natural’ popcorns)

METHOD Start with making your popcorns as per the directions on the packet. Once the popcorns are done leave them to cool in a bowl while you prepare the caramel. For the Caramel: In a pan on low flame, melt butter, caster sugar and honey until the sugar dissolves completely. This will take a few minutes. Once the sugar has melted and the mixture appears a little foamy, increase the flame to high and boil the caramel for 2-3 minutes or until it reaches a golden color. Keep stirring constantly and scrape off the bottom ever so often. Switch off the flame once the caramel reaches a golden color and pour it all over the popcorns. Using two spoons mix the popcorns while coating the caramel onto them. Transfer them onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and line in a single layer to let them cool for 15 minutes. Once the caramel has cooled and popcorns are crunchy break them up into individual popcorns (they will most likely stick together because of the caramel). Enjoy these crunchy caramel popcorns with your favorite movie! Store these popcorns in an air tight container for up to 3 days. For the best crunch, consume the same day. Radhika’s TIP: To get rid of the caramel from the pans and bowls, simply fill them with hot water and leave them for some time. The caramel will come off on its own. Repeat if necessary. popcorn2


Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any queries, email me at sarasuri@gmail.com and I will get back to you 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook & Instagram. PS: An extremely exciting collaboration & giveaway will be up on the blog super soon, so stay tuned!

What’s in my bag?

Heyy guys!

This tag has been extremely popular on YouTube over the years and I can’t be more excited to upload my own What’s in my bag post! The stuff in my bag changes more or less depending on the season (other than a few essential items which are always there no matter what). Here’s what’s in my bag that I have been using over the summer! {Especially during my summer vacations where I spend a lot of time exploring the city and spending long days outside}.

photo (54)

The bag that I have been using lately is the Louis Vuitton Never full (GM) and l absolutely adore it. I use this tote when I’m travelling as well since it can store so, so much {As the name suggests}. I must however admit that I wont carry all of this stuff just to do errands or even a night out!

What’s in the bag?

Wallet: To begin with, my wallet is one essential that I carry with me at all times. This one’s a gift from many years ago but I still can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect size and though it’s simple, it’s got an elegant glossy finish to it which makes it look really special.

Sunglasses: One word- Cat eye. These have got to be one of my favorite pair of sunglasses. They are from Style Fiesta and hence weren’t too expensive either! I love having a good versatile pair in my bag at all times and this pair definitely fits the bill!

Specs: Just like my sunglasses, I have to carry my specs at all times too. I need my specs for driving or watching television and since I can be pretty careless, I don’t like spending too much on a pair. These ones are from Dayal Opticals.

Book: No matter where I go and for how long, carrying a book is absolutely imperative. I love reading and I find some to be the best time to catch up to my wish list! I just began reading Metamorphosis after having read so much about it. I must say, though I haven’t gone through, I highly recommend it! You can buy your copy here.

Portable Charger cover: My phone undoubtedly has the worst battery life ever and not having a charger with me can be extremely inconvenient for if I have to get through to anyone. Sometimes, carrying a normal charger defeats the purpose for it can get extremely tough to find a plugpoint and that’s where this portable charger from Puro comes into handy. It’s a really pretty white and gold cover which has a battery installed within it. As soon as I put the cover on and switch on a button, my phone starts to charge! I got this one from Dubai so not sure if it’s available here in India but Amazon.in is worth checking out.

Chewing Gum: Whether it may be mint or gum, you’ll always have a pack with me. I prefer the bottle packaging way more since it’s easier to find while I’m searching for it in the bag. Oh, and it lasts longer!

Tea Bag: However strange it sounds, I find my self carrying some sort of sachet of tea or coffee. This one is the TWG Waterfruit Green tea and its SO good! I’m absolutely obsessed with it and drink it every single day. Since I’m interning, I carry these in my bag for office #shameless.

Camera: Being a blogger and in fact simply having a passion for documenting things around me, I carry a camera with me wherever I go. Though I use my phone camera a lot but I do have my SLR handy whenever needed! Here, since I shot these photographs using the DSLR, I placed my cute little Instax Mini instead. I don’t carry this one everywhere I go but do like to have it to me on a date or a girl’s day out!

Earphones: If I have my phone, I have my earphones. These ones came with my phone itself and are really convenient to carry and are an absolute must when I’m travelling in the metro! Though I prefer listening to music over headphones, I don’t carry them every where I go (other than while I’m travelling or working out).

Wipes: This is one summer essential I just cant do without.These cool cucumber cleansing wipes are such a day saver. They cane be used for numerous purposes- whether it may be removing makeup on the go or simply cleansing away all the oil or dirt of a long day. They have a really nice cooling effect and feel refreshing when used in the soldering heat. They are available at New U stores.

Makeup: I do NOT carry makeup with me on a daily basis but these pack was lying in my bag since I carried it previously! One will find makeup in my bag if I know that I have a long day, followed by a long evening with no time to go back home in between. Carrying different items can be extremely inconvenient so nothing beats the Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive Makeup Kit (available at Duty Free). I just find it much easier to have all the products that I need for a simple day to night summer look in one place neatly packaged rather than creating my own travel makeup kit, which can be a time consuming process. If I am going to be carrying the kit, I would most likely also have my Maybelline Lip Gloss with since the kit comes with a dull nude lipstick that looks stunning with a gloss layered on!

Perfume: Another summer essential has got to a perfume. The one currently in my bag is Dior Addict. I love the scent for it’s the perfect balance of cranberry, orange and sweet musk.The size of the bottle is really convenient to carry around too!

Sunscreen Spray: Having a sunscreen with us is extremely important especially if we are outdoors all day! I hate how most sunscreens are so sticky on the skin and so I’m glad I found the sprays in the market. This sheer body mist sunscreen pray with SPF 50 is extremely light on the skin and does the job too.

Hair brush: No one likes to be sweaty tangled hair and a hairbrush is of course a must! I really want a tangle teaser too so if you know where I can get one, please do let me know!

Mirror: Though my phone has a front camera, I just love carrying this cute little ‘Bitch Please’ pocket mirror. It has a sturdy rubber lining and yes, its pink! (I got it from Happily Unmarried.)

Other items: Other things that weren’t there in this bag (SURPRISINGLY) are receipts, tons and tons of receipts. I happen to be a receipt hoarder and each time I buy some thing, I have a tendency to shove them in until they there reaches a point that I can’t find anything else in the bag.

I also carry my laptop with a diary if I have to work from somewhere and have a meeting. These two things though I don’t like tagging along with me until absolutely necessary.

Next, I have a magazine or a newspaper on me to keep me entertained during the metro journeys when I don’t have the patience to enjoy my book in peace.

I love my food so one will usually see my carrying a snack. Whether it may be a ziplock pack of almonds and walnuts or a tetrapack of Soy Milk (You would definitely find this in my bag! 😉 ), I like keeping my self hydrated and fed throughout the day.

photo (53)

photo (55)

photo (5)I really hope  you enjoyed browsing through what I like to carry with me during an ordinary summer day! I would love to hear from you of what you carry in your bags! Since its a tag, I tag ALL OF YOU! 🙂

If you have any queries, you can email me at sarasuri@gmail.com

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all fun updates too 🙂