Lets rant- My pet peeves


  Hey guys! I was in a mood to share more about my self with you so here the things that truly tick me off! PS: they aren’t meant to offend anyone and I won’t  hate you if you do some of these things, but you know, may just judge you a little hehe So lets begin, 1. People who are rude to servers in a

My Workout Essentials: Gym bag, active wear, tech accessories and more!

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Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram , you’d know that I have re-started my fitness journey! I post regularly on all my social media pages tons of healthy meal ideas under hashtag #MMFitnessJourney . Along with eating healthy, going to the gym or working out in any way is equally important! The gym and I share a love hate relationship where I don’t really like the

Lately Lusting {Valentines Day Gift Ideas}


Heyy guys! I have been lusting over a lot of things lately and infact the list just grows! I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the products I really want to buy! I have mentioned a diverse list of thing which include fashion items, home stuff, accessory and makeup! These are things that I have had my eyes on for

Celebrating India with India Circus by Krsna Mehta


Hey guys! Happy Republic Day I wanted to do something special for you all today so I got together with none other than India Circus to celebrate India! When one thinks of elegant & carefully crafted decor, intricate designs inspired from the Mughal Era, the first name that comes to my mind is India Circus. With a range of products from electronic accessories, home and

The Indian Film Hub

the indian film hub

If there’s something I’m a sucker for, it’s got to be success stories made from scratch. Today, I wanted to share with you a really interesting platform that I am a part of on Facebook. Crowd sourced platforms on Facebook, especially related to food such as Food Talk India  have been popular for a while now and this is one such group that has gained it’s

Review & Haul: The Kirana Shop


Meherchand Market has been a favorite for a while now! Though, it doesn’t replace Khan Market for me, I do find my self visiting this hub more than ever. On visit visit to Meherchand, I came across this pretty mint colour board named The Kirana Shop. {Anything mint will definitely capture my eye!}. Having seen it’s presence on social media and heard about it through

Getting Inked: 101


 Hey guys! As many of you may know, I have a tattoo behind my neck and got it done when I was in college a couple of years ago. I have always wanted a tattoo {at least as long as I can remember} but I must admit that I wasn’t always too sure as to what I really want inked on me, permanently. I decided

My favorite Youtube Channels {Beauty, Food, Fitness, Decor, Fashion & Vlogging}


Hey guys! Having been struck my the flu, I have been in bed binge watching television shows and youtube channels so I decided to share so some of my favorite YouTube Channels currently {Food, Fashion, Fitness, Vloggers}. I have been watching YouTubers (religiously) for a couple of years now and in fact they have played a huge part to inspire me to start my very

Let it Rain: Monsoon Favorites {Featuring Sugar & Spice by Radhika}

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Hey guys! I am so glad that the rains are finally here! Delhi really needed the weather to change.I have a love-hate relationship with the Monsoon season. Even though the temperature does cool down considerably, it’s gets to be extremely humid & sticky (sigh). Today, I share with you  how I try and make the best out a rainy day.  Having followed Radhika’s blog Sugar n Spice by

What’s in my bag?

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Heyy guys! This tag has been extremely popular on YouTube over the years and I can’t be more excited to upload my own What’s in my bag post! The stuff in my bag changes more or less depending on the season (other than a few essential items which are always there no matter what). Here’s what’s in my bag that I have been using over the