Crème brûlée {Caramel Custard} featuring Urban Dazzle


Hey guys! Hope youre enjoying the long weekend and the festive season! This is one of my favorite times of the year not only cause the weather begins to change in Delhi {thankfully} but also cause of all yummy food in the Ram Lila Maidans, Durga Puja Pandals or even our very homes!  I must admit, I am not a sucker for mithai and never

The Ultimate Breakfast {Part II} French Toast two ways : Sweet vs Savory


Heyy guys! About a month ago I did a really simply post on my version of the Ultimate breakfast pancakes. I received a lot of a love from you all so decided to do a part two of my breakfast series. We all have certain dishes that we associate with our childhood and for me French Toast has got to be one of them. {French

The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie: Summer Edition

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Hey everyone! I shared a Mango Smoothie picture on my Instagram and Facebook accounts a couple of days ago and promised to share the recipe with you all! So here it is  This Smoothie is really simple to prepare and exceptionally healthy! It is in fact a complete nutritious meal in itself. Before moving on to the recipe, I wanted to list down some of

Bernado’s {Goa in Delhi}


Hey Everyone! Now that I’m done with my first year Masters’ exams, I realized that even though making a quick trip to Goa would be ideal, it is highly unlikely! What could then be better than having Goa just a few minutes away from home? Bernado’s, a humble little restaurant in Supermart Market (Gurgaon) clearly did the trick and made me fulfilled my Goan food

Bake with me {Dark Chocolate Cake}


Hey everyone! I guess I couldn’t stop my self from writing my weekly post! It was my dog- Pluto’s birthday on the 1st of May and like every year, I decided to bake him a cake! Baking is definitely not my forte but I do love trying my hand at it! I used a recipe from but added my own twists to it (especially by

DIY: Momos and Thukpa at home


Hello Everyone! My exams are around the corner and going out and eating out has drastically reduced for me.  I decided to indulge in a home cooked meal of Thukpa and Momos recently and thought it would be fun to write about the recipe of how we make the meal at home. Thukpa and Momos are definitely two dishes that I just can’t get enough of and

Cooking with Cookfresh


Hello! Recently, I had posted a short review about Cookfresh on my Facebook page when I ordered from them for the first time. I have been cooking quite a bit lately and hence I decided to call them again for another meal! (I just couldn’t resist). I was extremely content about my experience this time as well and decided to blog it Before I move onto my experience,