Quaker Oats: Healthy, Vegan Indian Recipes

Hi guys! A new post is up on the blog! (Link is in the bio) My two new recipes that I created in collaboration with Quaker Oats. Trust me when I say this: they're to die for! They're both indian, vegetarian and healthy! Full of masalas, aromas and the spices that we have grown up enjoying with a twist, ofcourse! Here's a picture of one of them: Oats aloo tikki! (Oh, and they pretty much have NO oil! ) www.melangeofmusings.com

Hi guys! I am back again with some exciting news and a really helpful post! To begin with, I am shifting to New York! I haven’t talked about this much (or, at all) and I thought today would be a good day to do so. I wouldn’t go into too many details since I do intend to hold a Q&A session, but I will be

Chocolate Banana Nice Cream


Hey guys! Have you ever wondered how to to make those stunning acai bowls or nice creams that are flooded on Instagram? I have a delicious  recipe for you today where you can create your very own personalized nice cream without spending a bomb in any fancy cafe or health food store. Nice Creams are huge in the food and health world right and for

To Be Healthy:: Overnight Oats, Acai Summer Smoothie & more!


Hey guys, Let me begin by saying, thank you. Thank you if you’re reading this post. If you’re a new reader, welcome to Melange of Musings! If you’ve visited this site before, thank you for coming back and sticking with me. Before going in to the post, I do want to take a minute to apologize. I am really sorry from the bottom of my

Healthy Protein Energy Bites


Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a recipe of these super yummy peanut butter and chocolate protein bites. If you have sugar cravings very often or have no clue what to eat as a snack post your workout, here’s a good option! These no-bake bites are really as easy as it gets! Just mix together all the ingredients and you’re done! I

Eggless Nutella Cake in a Mug


Hey guys! Canola India contacted me recently regarding trying out Canola oil! Though I was aware of the health benefits of Canola oil, I thought it would be fun to post a recipe using the same and introducing the product to you all! Canola oil is definitely one the best oils to cook with as it contains very high levels of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, which lower bad

Mango Ice cream without Ice cream maker/electric whisk


Hey guys! I have been wanting to upload a post like this for so long and it’s finally here! This was my first time trying to make ice cream at home and if I may so myself, it was a massive success! I don’t have an electric stand mixer and neither do I have an ice cream churner so I was always sceptical of most

Kale Chips : Healthy snack idea


Hi guys! As many of you may know I have my final exams of my Masters’ going on! (YAAAAASS ALMOST DONE!). Just like a lot of people, I love snacking while studying. Some books can get so boring *yawn* that snacking feels an appropriate attention diverter My most favorite snacks include: Apple slices with Peanut Butter, home made Hummus with Celery, home made Guacamole with pita

Healthy & Refreshing Summer Coolers

Summer drinks

Hey guys! Today, I will be sharing with you not 1, not 2 but FOUR drinks that you can make for your self this summer! By switching up the ingrdients that I used, while keeping the recipe the same, you will have an endless array of options to keep you hydrated {without piling on sugar and preservatives}. I must admit that I am a tad

Guilt free dark chocolate brownies {No sugar. No butter. No eggs}


Hey guys! Im back with a new recipe and….. website today! woohoo! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you would have noticed a complete revamping. I have wanted Melange of Musings to look like this for the longest time, but it’s finally come to be and I cannot be happier! If you’re new here, then HELLO! Hope you enjoy reading the blog.