Little Stories


Hi everyone, During my time here at the New School, we have had to engage with numerous innovative and experimental concepts while doing our assignments and projects. Today, I wanted to share with you one such series of photographs that I did for my Media Design class. When it comes to street photography, photographing close ups of faces of people on the streets with snippets of

Brunchin’ at Tamra | Review


Hey guys, If you have been followig me on social media, you would have seen that I visited Tamra at Shangri-La Hotel, Delhi a few months ago. I was extremely keen to do a review then itself  but I got diagnosed with Gasteritis and hence couldn’t go ahead with it! Now that I am back to blogging, lets jump right into it! The lovely people

A Spring Brunch at Fio Cookhouse // Review


Hey guys! Today, I wanted to share with you one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had in Delhi after a really long time. I started my fitness journey fairly recently and one could say that this was one of my last few meals outside! Delhi ,during winter is absolutely perfect for a nice sunny brunch and I do see my self going out during the

For the love of Old School


Hey guys, If you know me by now, there’s one thing that I absolutely cannot forego and thats comfort. By comfort  I dont simply mean comfortable clothing, but also the little things that keep us in a happy place. Ever since I was a kid, I would go to the Delhi Gymkhana Club and Delhi Golf Club with my parents every weekend and sometimes more often.

Eidi {Photo diary}


We all have a bucket list and experiencing Eid at Jama Masjid was a part of mine. Though I have lived in Delhi all my life and have been to Jama Masjid multiple times, I just never managed to go there on Eid. This year however, I kept my commitment and headed to the Walled City with a friend of mine. Both of us were extremely