How I organize my makeup


Hey guys! Let me begin by thanking you on so much love you have given me on my last few posts! I am so glad that the website is back in action after the haitus! Since so many of you found my previous makeup post helpful, I couldnt stop my self from writing one more immediately.  In this super quick post, I want to share

Makeup 101: Winter Makeup Routine {Full face}

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Hey guys, Today I want to share with you a list of products along with a full face makeup routine for winter. I recently got into using makeup and find it so much fun exprimenting with products and creating new looks. In this post I have mentioned at least one product for each part of your face. Please do note that this is NOT my everyday

His-Her featuring Radhika Agrawal


  Hey guys, This is my favorite time of the year! I absolutely love the holiday season for the amazing food, winter fashion and of course, CHRISTMAS! Since I am pursuing my Masters Degree, I do get “winter holidays” and trust me, I cherish them each and every year! This is the time of the year I really get to express my style and the

DIY Winter Skincare: Face Masks, Body Scrubs and Hair Masks


Hello everyone! As many of you may know that I have my exams going on so getting out of the house has drastically reduced. Since I spend most of my time at home studying or procrastinating, I feel the need to ‘invest’ time in pampering my self once in a while. Now that winter has finally set in, for the majority of us our skin

For the love of Old School


Hey guys, If you know me by now, there’s one thing that I absolutely cannot forego and thats comfort. By comfort  I dont simply mean comfortable clothing, but also the little things that keep us in a happy place. Ever since I was a kid, I would go to the Delhi Gymkhana Club and Delhi Golf Club with my parents every weekend and sometimes more often.

Yellow feat Blue Print Coleccion


Hey guys, Let me begin by saying that I am so sorry for not uploading a post on the blog for a while! Though I have a really fun Instagram contest featuring India Circus running right now  {YOU MUST ENTER!}, I really miss blogging, taking photographs and sharing my experiences with you all! Now that this haitus is over, I am finally back and here’s

Review: Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Travel Kit


Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a photograph that I uploaded of my new Kronokare Carribean Ginger Travel Kit, a while ago! I wanted to review these products as soon as I tested them but realized that a true review would only be possible once I use all these products for a prolonged period of time. It would then

Travel with me feat BrownBoy


Hey everyone! Today, I have something extremely exciting for you! If you have been following me on Facebook, you would have seen me talk about a contest that I would be posting on my blog: It’s finally here! {All the details would be at the end of the post } I am constantly on the look out for comfortable yet chic outfits and recently, tshirts

DermatConnect Initiative : Ask the experts! {Skin & Hair care}


Hey everyone! Having posted the DIY: Hair Masks and DIY: Summer Glow posts, I got tons of readers asking me specific skin and hair care questions! Since, I am no expert at all, I thought it would make more sense to get you all in touch with experienced dermatologists. I know that taking appointments with the best dermatologists can be extremely tough and sometimes may