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Now that I’m done with my first year Masters’ exams, I realized that even though making a quick trip to Goa would be ideal, it is highly unlikely! What could then be better than having Goa just a few minutes away from home? Bernado’s, a humble little restaurant in Supermart Market (Gurgaon) clearly did the trick and made me fulfilled my Goan food craving.

I went to Bernado’s on Mothers Day and did expect to find it packed, which it was. Once you enter the little restaurant, there’s a sign that reads ‘ We’re open! Please come in’. You need to knock on the door and someone will open the door for you. (This is done for purely practical purposes so that the warm draft of air doesn’t enter sabotaging the air conditioners cooling) Nonetheless, it’s almost like visiting a family friend’s house for lunch which gives such a warm feeling. Moving in, one will see about five tables with pretty vintage floral tabling cloths and glassware. I simply loved how this placed spoke so much for it’s self without being pretentious in anyway. It was no fuss and all food. Bernados’ is run by a couple, Mr and Mrs Fernandez that’s precisely one of the reasons why the experience is just so real and cozy. The decor, lighting and music is really minimal but truly does have a charm to it.

As soon as we entered we were guided to the only empty table by the window where we took ours seats. Mr Fernandez himself came to take the order and asked us if we want to try something particular. I was in moods for Prawns and hence our first starter was Prawn Recheado ( 8 pieces of Prawns filled with spicy and tangy recheio masala – red chillies and spices ground in goan vinegar and shallow fried). Along with this, we also ordered the Peixe Frito (Fillets of fish smeared with spices and shallow fried). Both the starters were truly spectacular where the seafood was perfectly marinated and fried. The prawns had the tangy touch of vinegar but they were fried in butter which gave covered them in a coat of smooth heaven that melted in one’s mouth. The fish fillets were extremely yummy as the skin had the perfect crispy glaze almost shimmering when kept on the table under the sunlight.

For the main course, we ordered the  Vindalho de Parco (Diced boneless pork marinated over night with spices and Goan vinegar  and cooked slowly) and the Caril de Camaro (Traditional Goan Prawn curry cooked with goan spices and coconut flavoured with kokum). I did want to order the Chorizo Sausages but Mrs Fernandez came during our little chit-chat told us that the sausages takes a couple of and they’re available on the menu only once they’re ready. {So, they should be available by Thursday } Along with the Pork Vindaloo and Prawn Curry we ordered a portion of white rice and Pau (bread). They had other rice options as well, from Red Rice to Prawn Sausage Pulao and Goan Sausage Pulao! The main course was really delicious as well but the starters definitely stole the show. The Pork Vindaloo was spicy as promised but the Prawn Curry was a lacked a whee bit of spices. Nonetheless, when eaten with the pau and vindaloo, the flavours really did compliment each other and provided for a balanced meal.

Finally, for dessert we ordered the classic Bebinca.. *slurps*. Bebinca in a nutshell is a cake made out of a rich batter of flour, sugar, ghee, eggs and coconut milk flavoured with nutmeg baked in layers. This dish was absolutely divine and I was definitely transported into a foodie paradise. Having tried Bebinca in Goa, I was expecting certain flavors but Bernado’s really went far ahead of my expectations.IMG_4707




photo (28)Prawn Recheado

photo 4 (4)Peixe Frito

photo 1 (7)Vindalho de Parco

photo 3 (5) Caril de Camaro

photo 2 (7)Bebinca

I highly recommend this little restaurant tucked away in Gurgaon. For all who don’t know Supermart Market, just find your way till Gallaria Market. It’s pretty close from there and is really worth the hunt. What makes this restaurant special is that the food was fresh and cooked with love along with being extremely delicious of course. The food was decently priced where a meal for two can cost you about Rs.1200 or so. Bernado’s is prefect for a summer afternoon lazy wholesome meal post a couple of chilled beers at home. (Make sure: they don’t serve liquor).

I would love to know about your experience at Bernado’s so please do leave a comment below and let me know what all you enjoyed! If there are any other places you want me to review, keep me updated and I’m on it! 😀

Till then, happy eating!

Here’s a lovely interview of the couple by one of my favorites: Little Black Book Delhi! }

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