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Cyber Hub in Gurgaon has become an instant favorite for not only for those working in Cyber City but also for people living in and around Gurgaon. This ‘hub’ has numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs/bars to choose from and is the ideal place to hang out for a long laid back evening or even a quick meal. Since, it’s an open air complex and most restaurants have outdoor and indoor seating, it’s absolutely perfect during Delhi Winter. Some of the places that I cannot help but repeating in are Dhaba by Claridges (Love their innovative cocktails or tharras), Wine Company (more for the wines than the food) Soi7 (they have GREAT beer!)  and Sodabottleopenerwala (A Mumbai & Parsi food restaurant). I have talked about it here –

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Since I live pretty close by, I decided to try out the Olive Bistro which opened up on the 26th January and hence is only 5 days old. Keeping up to it’s name, Olive Bistro (OB) is gorgeous with it’s vintage yet casual decor. The food menu is definitely is limited sticking to a section of eggs, appetizers, mains, desserts and non alcohol drinks. In terms of it’s pricing, it’s much cheaper as compared to it’s counterparts in Mehrauli and Chanakya Puri. A meal for two will cost no more than Rs.1500.


Revolving around the garden theme, there are tons and tons of flowers at every nook and corner of this bistro giving a very pleasant and romantic vibe.


I absolutely loved the quirky accents in the indoor sitting area that made your use pastel colours sticking to white, blues or florals. Whether it may the chandelier of plates, the little hot air balloon decor pieces or the vintage bath tub with a shower watering plants, this little cafe is extremely charming at it’s first site.


Coming to the food ; we ordered the classic Chicken Caesar’s Salad, crispy fried prawns (appetizers) and the OB special Pepperoni Pizza. I had no complaints from any of their dishes other than the fact that serving size could have been a bit bigger. The food was served at the perfect temperature and was yummy too. All the dishes were just right but not spectacular. The service was good as well! Sadly, we wanted to have the chocolate fondant for dessert but they weren’t serving it then.

Two things to keep in mind : 1. Olive Bistro doesn’t have a liquor license yet and should be getting it in about 2-3 months. 2. They day I visited the Bistro (28th Jan’14), they were facing issues with their credit card terminal and hence were accepting Cash only. 3. They don’t take any reservations.

Overall Verdict : You must try it out! Olive Bistro is not disappointing for the price you’re paying for the meal. It definitely not as great as the Olive Bar and Kitchen at the Style Mile but it’s ambience gives it very high points!

photo (9)

Two more places the same evening were Soi7 and the Wine Company. Soi 7 is typically a bar which catches your eye for it’s beautiful wooden rustic ambience and dim lighting. During the day it’s perfect for a few beers before you head out for a meal at CPK or Sodabottleopenerwala. Soi7 is known for it’s self-brewed beer, lovely cocktails, good music and occasional boxing matches which are really fun to watch! This bar is a favorite amongst the Cyber Hub frequent visitors and hence most likely you’re going to find it full! They do take reservations so it’s best to book your self a table especially during peak hours (Wednesday/Friday/Saturday evenings). The service depends on how full it is and hence that may be a downside to the experience. I am not particularly a fan of the food there, but their Slow cooked chicken is definitely their best dish! It’s decently priced  costing about Rs.1500 for two (for alcohol and appetizers). They also have corporate discounts during the day where their Lunch Buffet is Rs.550+ taxes.IMG_3533





Slow Cooked Chicken – photo 5

The last place we visited was The Wine Company which is known for it’s good collection of wines and  inviting ambience.  I didn’t get try out the food here that night but we did  have a glass of Sangria each. Both, the red and white wine sangrias were lovely and  were priced at Rs.280/glass. A regular White/Red wine glass would cost you around Rs.180 which is not bad either. Ordering Wine by the bottle (Indian/Imported) would be a smart thing to do here as it’s pretty cheap compared to a lot of places in Delhi. I did want to try out the ‘pizza by the slice’, however it was unavailable. Unlike Soi7 they open up at 7 pm which may be a disadvantage for those working in and around the area and may want to go directly after office.

photo 3

They also have an Unlimited Sunday Brunch which offers Unlimited Prosecco or Martinis for 1500/head.
photo 4

photo (8)
Sorry for the poor quality photographs at The Wine Company. My camera didn’t cooperate much and hence the photographs were taken using my phone.
Hope you enjoyed the post!
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