Hi! My name is Sara Suri and I am a 24 year old living in Delhi, India. I have a bachelors and Masters degree in Sociology as I have tremendous passion for the learning about the world around me. I love documents things I see whether through its writing, photography or videography. Travel, food , fitness and beauty is where my heart lies. Through this blog, I want to share my gastronomic adventures, travel tales, fashion & beauty takes.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What camera do you use for clicking photographs?

I use multiple cameras and lenses for clicking photographs. When it comes to Instagram, my photographs are clicked using an Iphone 6s and Sony Alpha a5000. My blog post pictures however are shot using my Canon 70D  and Canon 500D SLR Cameras. The two lenses I use are 50mm prime lens, 18*135  and 18*200 zoom lens’.

Q2. What editing apps do you use to edit your Instagram photos?

I use the built in Instagram photo editor! *surprise!* yes, that is my favorite app and I hate using any filter. I never use filters and simply around with lighting! If need be and the photograph needs some serious editing, I use Snapseed or VscoCam.

Q3. How did  you manage your studies and blog side by side?

I was pursuing my Masters in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics, India and graduated in 2015 (May). Blogging is something that really relaxes me and it’s something that I absolutely love doing. When I started my blog in the First year of my Master’s Programme, it was a way for me to express my creativity while I was so deeply invested in academics. Blogging is what gave me a balance in life and hence taking time to work on a blog post is what I enjoyed doing in my study breaks. I really think that one can manage both things at once if a proper schedule is created before hand. If I knew I have to study for some tutorial or term papers, I would out one weekend and shoot multiple posts at once! I have also realised that it is much easier for me to work on posts where I don’t have anyone else to coordinate shoot timings with. If I am working on my own, I can shoot and write a post in the middle of the night or early morning!

Q4. Is blogging your full time job?

I was working in NDTV GoodTimes till May 2016 to get some experience in the TV industry. Currently I am blogging full time but will be moving to New York in August 2016 to study Media Studies at New School.

 Q5. You have often mentioned about your fitness journey! Details please 

I have a love hate relationship with my my body which is what makes me very human! I was never really ever “thin” while growing up and it was when I was 17 that I realised that I must do something about it and start my fitness journey. I was always clear about the fact that my goal is to be FIT. Though using the weighing scale is a complete NONO, to give you a rough idea, I lost 25 kilos or so. I felt so much healthier, lighter and happier. I managed to get rid of a few medical hitches too! Though I am not my fittest right now, I do understand how important eating clean and working out is! I would be a completely different person inside and out if I wouldn’t have taken that step towards the better.

Most of the recipes on my blog are healthy so you can go check them out if you want to see what I love eating! I have also uploaded a fitness routine and my fitness essentials on the blog.

Any more questions? Ask me and I make sure I’ll answer them!

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