A Spring Brunch at Fio Cookhouse // Review

FullSizeRender_1Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to share with you one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had in Delhi after a really long time. I started my fitness journey fairly recently and one could say that this was one of my last few meals outside! Delhi ,during winter is absolutely perfect for a nice sunny brunch and I do see my self going out during the day way more often. (AKA piling up the fat) Now that winter has bid us goodbye, the thought of sitting outdoors is scary  but at the same time, letting go of those long fiesta afternoons also seems really hard! This is where a charming place like Fio Cookhouse and Bar enters the game. I have gone to Fio (at Nehru Place) numerous times but quite ironically only on a Friday/Saturday night when this cute little restaurant transforms itself into one of the most happening nightlight spots in the city. This time, I decided to take the leap and visit Fio during the day on a spring afternoon for a classic brunch. I didn’t know what to expect since the only thing I had ever tried before were their cocktails. MANY COCKTAILS! Food here however, was new to me.


As we (my boyfriend and I) arrived, I was very surprised to see how stunning the place is! Having been there only at night, with the dim lighting I could never really appreciate the intricate details of the place itself. A wall for for books (that spells heaven there), wooden panels and lots of greenery, this place transports you into a different world all together. There’s so much thought put into every little corner, which is extremely pleasant to see. We sat indoors since it was too hot to to be seated outdoors  but the large window by our side made up for the ample light brighting things up!


For the sake of convenience,  I thought writing down everything we were served would help! I will not deny that the both of us finished everything listed her and I’m definitely not proud of that! If you do happen to visit this restaurant, I highly recommend you ordering these dishes and you just wouldn’t go wrong! If I start talking about every single dish, this post could work as my Masters’ thesis, so lets keep it short here, yeah?

The Salads:

Duet of Smoked Salmon Salad {White onions, capers, baby green, cherry tomatoes, ricotta herb dressing)

Fio Cookhouse Salad {Goat Cheese, tomato quenells, snow peas, corn, green apple, baby greens, fig dressing)

If you know me, you’d know that I am a huge salad fan. I am the kind of person that orders salad out of choice! I love the freshness and the burst of flavours, especially during summer. These salads defined perfect for me.  As one can see with the ingredients itself, both these salads are so different from each other with such unique flavours offering the perfect balance of sweet and savory!


Spit Fired Grilled Chicken {Chicken with stone ground sun dried tomato pesto)

Grilled Fish Chilli Lime

Both these small plates were perfectly sized with pieces of chicken and fish anchored on toothpicks {a brilliant idea if you order these with your drinks}. The fish absolutely stole the show! I absolutely love the Lime and Chilli combination and this dish did complete justice to it!

Pizza: (Half and Half)

Smoked Chicken, Zucchini,Red Onion, Cilantro Pizza

Basil Pesto Cream, Bell Pepper, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Olive

Now that we were already two courses down, it was time for some Pizza! We knew we really wanted to try out their mains so decided to go in for a 50/50 pizza. We were recommended that we try out the smoked chicken and zuccini pizza and I am so glad we did! The chicken was smoked perfectly and the vegetables were fresh! The pizza base was nice and thin while having a lovely flavor of it’s own too! Every now and then, I love my “green” pizzas and hence couldnt resist ordering the basil pesto cream pizza! This one has no tomato sauce base which is the most popular sauce for pizzas! Instead, the sauce is a pesto sauce and if you’re a fan of that, ORDER THIS! Though Im a sucker for non vegetarian items, I must admit that this pizza was one of the best I’ve ever tried. The sundried tomatoes added that perfect sweet and sourness along with the olives to cut through the creaminess of the pesto!


Cappelletti stuffed and twisted, turkey ham and cheese

Olive Crusted Sea Bass

Phew. We are almost here! If you love your ham and cheese, the cappelletti stuffed with turkey is your best bet! it’s extremely rich and creamy so be prepared! I am not a white sauce person but I think this dish may have just converted me! The Olive crusted sea bass on the other hand was definitely my cup of tea! After all the food we had, this was the perfect main! The sea bass was cut perfectly the jalapenos couscous added the burst of flavour to the fish! If you’re looking at something really healthy to order, this dish is perfect for you


Tiramisu Jar

What’s a good meal if it doesn’t end well? And it our case it really did! I really thought we would have no space left in our stomachs at all but once we saw Tiramisu on the menu, there was no running away! I am a tiramisu junkie and this dessert was to the tee! With the perfect amount of alcohol and richnes,  one couldnt have asked for a better ending! Oh, and it was served in a jar! Cookie points for that


Bellini Martini

El gringo jito

The drinks at fio need no introduction and we found our selves having two drinks each! Since it was a warm spring day, we decided to stick to refreshing cocktails were El gingro jito stole the show for me. It’s basically silver tequilla with fresh oranges and mint! YUM.





FullSizeRenderAny cons, you ask?

Yes. It is expensive. There is no running away from the fact that Fio Cookhouse in spite of not being in a hotel and thus charging 5 star taxes is an expensive place to dine at. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a long afternoon at for a special meal such as a birthday or anniversary, this restro bar is absolutely perfect for you! On a normal day however, it may pinch the pocket. Though I have NO complaints with the food whatsoever and every single dish was delicious, I would admit that the prices weren’t extremely exciting. A “normal” meal for two would cost your around Rs.4000. They do have a Sunday brunch which is around 2300 + taxes per head but I’m not too sure so don’t quote me on it! Would i visit it again? DEFINITELY! I would save it for a birthday or any other special occasion but will visit it again for sure! When it comes to going to Fio for a weekend night, that would be more often!

Disclaimer: All photographs are taken by and hence belong to me. If you intend to use them, please email me at melangeofmusings@gmail.com for permission :)I did not pay for this meal and it was very kindly on the house. Each and every opinion is my own. My sole purpose is to share honest reviews with you that can really help you while you eat out!  My tummy doesn’t lie 😛


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